Kit and Accessories

  • Rokin Viper
  • Micro USB charging cable

Compatibility: The Rokin Viper is only compatible with pre-filled 510 THC or CBD cartridges.

Design and Features


Rokin Viper Design and Features
Most cartridges used with the Viper can be completely concealed but longer ones will stick out slightly.

The Viper looks just like your typical, unassuming 510 conceal battery at first glance, but with one big exception, a mysterious button on the back that doesn’t control the power or voltage. What’s that button all about anyway? Well, that button is for the feature that sets the Viper apart from all the other 510 batteries. It turns out that the Viper is really serious about the whole conceal battery thing because you can push most cartridges into the Viper without even the mouthpiece sticking out. There is a sliding cover that completely encloses the cartridge when it is fully inserted into the battery. When you want to vape, just slide open the cover, hit the aforementioned button and the mouthpiece of the cartridge pops out.

It’s a very cool design that has a lot of advantages. Discretion is one, of course, since the cartridge stays out of sight until you’re ready to use it. Protection is another one since the cartridge won’t be exposed to the elements. And naturally, there is cleanliness because you won’t have to worry about your cartridge coming into contact with any nasty stuff floating around in your pocket. Reliability and longevity are the big questions about this feature, but I haven’t had any problems with it so far. One thing to note is that not every cartridge will be completely submerged. The tip of the mouthpiece of longer cartridges will stick out a little on the Viper. That doesn’t reduce the convenience of the Viper too much though, since all the positive qualities I previously mentioned are still present, just very slightly reduced.  

Rokin Viper Eject Button
The button located near the bottom of the Viper is used to extend the cartridge, which allows the user to vape it.

Portability is another way that the eject feature is useful, but even without it, you wouldn’t have any problems with the Viper since it’s just three inches tall. There are four big LED lights on the front of the Viper that indicate the voltage setting, with the power and temperature buttons above and below them respectively. The fact that the Viper has a separate temperature button is another nice feature since most 510 batteries just use the power button to adjust the temperature. It means that you just need to click the temperature button once to cycle through the temperatures instead of having to hit it two or three times. It’s a small thing but it really adds to the convenience of the Viper.

The separation of the power and temperature buttons also means that it’s easier to check the battery level since a simple tap of the power button while the device is turned on will let you know the current charge status. That is indicated by the four front lights, with each light representing a 25% charge. So if the bottom light is illuminated, that represents 25%, if the bottom two lights are illuminated, then that is a 50% charge, and so on. One downside to all those buttons on the Viper is that the USB port is on its base, which isn’t ideal from a practicality or design standpoint. The Viper doesn’t look too different from other 510 batteries, but that’s okay. These devices are designed with practicality in mind rather than style, and the Viper is one of the more practical 510 batteries out there.


The ejectable cartridge is the standout feature of the Viper. That is what separates it from all of the other 510 oil batteries available.

How To Use

Rokin Viper How to Use
Aside from the cartridge concealment feature, the Viper is as simple to use as any other 510 battery.
  1. Screw your cartridge into the 510 thread of the Viper and press down until it clicks if you want to conceal it. Press the eject button to make the cartridge pop up.
  2. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  3. (Optional) Press the power button twice to preheat.
  4. Tap the temperature button to cycle through the voltage settings.
  5. Inhale from the mouthpiece of the cartridge when heating is complete.

Performance and Vapor Quality


Rokin Viper Performance and Vapor Quality
The Viper has four voltage settings, which gives users a nice amount of temperature customization.

The Viper doesn’t take too long to get up to temperature regardless of the voltage setting you choose, and it stays cool as well. So, using it is a pretty trouble-free experience.

Vapor Quality

As with even the best 510 batteries, the vapor quality depends on the quality of the cartridge being used with it more than anything else. However, regardless of the cartridge you use, the Viper will do a good job of vaping it thanks to the four voltage settings that allow you to customize your experience.

At the higher settings, the Viper can create some serious clouds while still preserving the flavor of the cartridge. However, if you are all about the flavor, then the two lower settings are your best choice. So, whether you are using Gold Line cartridges or some Hemp Bombs CBD carts, the Viper will do a great job of vaping them.

Battery Performance

The 650 mAh battery is pretty big for a 510 device and it lasts for a long enough time that it won’t need to be recharged until after a few days of moderate vaping. When it does need to be recharged, it will take about two hours.