Design & Features

The Nando is a super-sleek 510 battery that is made from Aluminum and feels ultra high-end. It is made by PRTBL, which is relatively new to the game, but it is looking to challenge old-school simple 510 batteries. 

Just like the Ember pipe, the Nando is made from a single block of 6061 aluminum, making it super-durable and scratch resistant. It feels like I can drive over this with my SUV, and it will easily hold up. 

It has rounded edges that make it look modern and easily slide into a pocket or purse. It feels dense and solid while handling or using the vape. 

By the way, it retails for $49, directly from PRTBL


The Nando has a 700mah battery that will easily last a couple of days for most users. One of my favorite features about this vape is its USB-C fast charging. Many 50 batteries use a proprietary charger or an outdated micro USB which makes it hard to find a charger cable. USB-C connection is a lot more modern, and hopefully, more manufacturers will start using it instead.

Temp settings: The Nando has 4 selectable temp settings. It uses a magnetic adapter that connects the tank to the battery itself. 

Compatibility: The Nando has an 11.6mm opening, which makes it compatible with all 510 carts (top/bottom airflow), including CCell, AVD, iKrushers, and many more. 


I've been using the Nando for a couple of weeks now, and I really learned to appreciate the simplicity of the design. It is sleek, modern, and portable, and it was a conversation starter anywhere I walked.

The vapor was flavorful, and I found no need to go over the first or second temp settings, but of course, this is an individual preference. 

Bottom line

If you are out in the market for a sleek and ultra-portable device, the Nando is definitely worth a try. With a fair retail price of $50 it has a place in the arsenal of every cart user, especially ones that like gadgets. You can stay at home or take it on the go, and it is suitable for beginners and pros alike.