Design & Features

The first thing that came to mind while holding this grinder was, “damn, this thing is solid.” It is larger than it looks in images and feels hefty and well-made. 

Just the like the rest of the PRTBL lineup, the GRYND is manufactured from a solid block of Aluminum, which has several benefits:

Durability: a grinder made from a solid block of Aluminum is likely to be more durable and long-lasting than one made from multiple pieces or other materials. Because it is made from a single piece of metal, there are no weak points or joints that could break or become damaged over time.

Consistency: When herbs are ground in an aluminum grinder made from a solid block, the consistency of the grind is likely to be more even and consistent. This is because the blades or teeth of the grinder are made from the same piece of metal, ensuring that they are all aligned and working together smoothly.

Easy to clean: An herb grinder made from one solid piece of Aluminum is easy to clean because there are no small parts or crevices where herbs or debris can get trapped. This can help prevent bacteria or mold from growing and make cleaning the grinder a quick and easy task.

Aesthetics: Solid aluminum grinders can also have a sleek and modern look, which may appeal to some users. They can be an attractive addition to a kitchen or a smoking setup. 

Ceramic coating

the PRTBL Grynder has a non-stick coating that creates a very smooth surface that makes it difficult for herbs or other materials to stick to the grinder. This can make grinding easier and more efficient, and also makes it easier to clean the grinder afterward.

Ergonomic grip 

The top and bottom have notches that make it super easy to grip and turn the grinder. It makes it easy to firmly place your fingers in the notches and get leverege when turning the grinder. 

This also means that you'll be able to grind more herb in one batch as it doesn't get stuck or becomes hard to turn. 

Sharp Teeth

The teeth are super sharp and have a unique pattern that is able to efficiently and effectively grind the herbs into small pieces. The primary benefit of sharp teeth is that they can produce a consistent grind quickly and efficiently. And again, this can be especially important for users who want to grind large amounts of herbs quickly.

An added benefit of the razor-sharp teeth is that they can help prevent herbs from getting stuck or clogged in the grinder. They can quickly and easily grind even tough or fibrous herbs, which can help prevent clogs and blockages.