The German company Storz & Bickel is responsible for a lot of great dry herb vaporizers like the Crafty/Mighty and the brand new Volcano Hybrid. However, the Plenty is one of their more unique offerings and one of the more unique vaporizers in general. It looks more like something you would get from Home Depot than a traditional vaporizer. The industrial look might be intimidating but it’s pretty user-friendly. Whether you will want to use it is another question though. Keep reading to find out if it’s worth getting.

Kit and Accessories

Plenty Kit and Accessories
Clockwise from bottom left: Long tubing section, short tubing section, cooling coil and filling chamber, screens, herb mill, drip pad, cleaning brush, Plenty vaporizer.
  • Plenty Vaporizer
  • Cooling coil
  • One long tubing section
  • One short tubing section
  • Herb mill
  • Cleaning brush
  • Three screens
  • Drip pad

Compatibility: The Plenty is compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates.

Optional Accessories

The Plenty has a filling chamber reducer accessory, just like the Volcano Hybrid does, and just like in that desktop vape, it allows you to use a smaller amount of herb without compromising the performance. You can purchase the reducer separately or you can buy it in a pack with a filling chamber. You can also use the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules with the reducer as well. Those capsules are pretty versatile since they can be used with the Crafty/Mighty and Volcano Hybrid as well.

Design and Features


Plenty Design and Features
There’s no mistaking that the Plenty looks a lot like some sort of power tool but it is very easy to hold in your hand while you vape.

Like I alluded to in the background, the Plenty looks quite a bit like a nail gun or a power drill. It has a dial on the front to indicate the temperature range and a light below that to show you when it is heating. The big orange trigger on the handle is used to fire up the heater because the Plenty stops heating after ninety seconds. There is a wheel below the trigger that is used to adjust the temperature intensity. That wheel does not give you precise temperature control, instead, it goes from one to seven and adjusts the temperature intensity.

With the trigger, the temperature dial, and the control wheel, the Plenty has a nice old-school analog look to its design. The cooling coil, which is the coiled metal tube, is the other prominent part of the device and while it might look weird, it is pretty useful. That is because its length helps to cool down the vapor. You can adjust that length slightly using the tubing sections, which serve as an intermediate attachment between the coil and the mouthpiece.

As intimidating as the Plenty might look, it is actually very easy to use because it really only consists of two parts: the main power unit and the mouthpiece. Technically there is the herb chamber—or filling chamber as Storz & Bickel call it—as well, but it attaches to the mouthpiece. A quick twist is all it takes to attach each piece to the other, so assembly is very quick. You can also twist off the cooling coil and attach it to another filling chamber if you need to. Overall, the Plenty straddles the line between a desktop vape and a large portable in terms of both design and vapor quality, but more on that later.


Pretty much everything about this vaporizer is a unique feature, from the way you use it, to the cooling coil. However, what stands out about the Plenty is how it manages to combine a whip-style desktop vaporizer with the functionality of a handheld vaporizer. That is a combination that is unique to the Plenty. 

How to Use

Plenty How to Use
Even though the Plenty consists of many different pieces, it is very easy to assemble and to use.
  1. First, separate the filling chamber from the filling chamber cap, which is attached to the cooling coil.
  2. Fill the chamber with herb and then reattach the cap and coil and then attach those pieces to the body of the Plenty.
  3. Press the power button to turn on the device.
  4. Use the control wheel to adjust the temperature setting.
  5. Once heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.
  6. Once automatic shut off occurs, press the trigger to re-engage the heat.

If you want to use a smaller load and don’t have the chamber reducer, then you can use the included drip pad to tamp down the herb. That will prevent the herb from drifting around when you hold the Plenty at an angle.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Plenty can be time-consuming—though not too difficult—because of all the different pieces. For the filling chamber, wait for it to cool down a little after a session and use the included cleaning brush to wipe away any residue. The cooling coil needs to be completely immersed in isopropyl alcohol overnight and then rinsed out with warm water. The mouthpiece can be cleaned using just soap and water.

Performance and Vapor Quality


Plenty Performance and Vapor Quality
The Plenty delivers vapor quality and cloud production that is on par with the best desktop vaporizers.

The Plenty takes two to five minutes to heat up based on the temperature setting, which is longer than expected. Heat dissipation is great thanks to the cooling coil, so the vapor stays cool, though the coil does get hot at the bottom. Draw resistance is very low so inhaling the vapor is no more difficult than breathing in.

Vapor Quality

The Plenty uses a convection/conduction hybrid heating system that’s mostly convection. The result is a very efficient setup that produces some excellent vapor and some substantial clouds to boot. However, there are some idiosyncrasies that you have to put up with if you plan to use the Plenty. For one thing, there isn’t a precise temperature selection despite the temperature dial on the front of the device. Instead, when you use the control knob, you select from a temperature range. This makes it easy to use for newcomers but experienced users might not like the vagueness of this setup.

Also, once the Plenty reaches the selected temperature, it starts cooling down and you need to press the trigger to fire it up again. The auto-shutoff feature is great for forgetful users but it can be annoying having to press it every time you take a hit. Using the Plenty feels a little odd as well because of its unusual shape, it’s not uncomfortable or difficult but it takes some getting used to. The excellent vapor quality is worth the hassle though because it can get very potent without the harshness that is generally associated with high temperature vaping.