Kit and Accessories

The Starter kit is basic and includes:

  • Phenopen battery
  • Phenopen CBD cartridge
  • Charging cable

Compatibility: The Phenopen battery is only compatible with Phenopen cartridges and vice versa.

After buying the starter kit, the refills are available in a one-pack, four-pack, and twelve-pack, directly from and can be legally shipped to all US states, as well as Canada and Europe.

Quality Tests

Phenopen Performance and Vapor Quality
The full spectrum Phenopen cartridges only come in one flavor, but that one flavor tastes great.

As with any quality CBD product, the oil in the Phenopen is lab tested to make sure that it is completely safe and pure. Phenopen are even taking it a step further and regularly test their oil by third-party labs on a batch-by-batch basis to ensure high production quality.

Here is an example quality report for a recent batch. It shows the contents of 60% CBD with 0.1% THC, and no toxins or heavy metals. Phenopen CBD blend is cold-pressed (using CO2 extraction) from unrefined hemp oil and does not contain PG/ VG/ MCT Oil/ or any other additives. It is 100% plant material and is GMT certified (what is GMT?).

Flavor Selection

Phenopen uses 100% hemp plant material leaving no room for flavor additives. This means that it only comes in one flavor instead of a whole bunch of different ones like you do with other cartridges. But the one available tastes terrific. Draw resistance is low as well, so it’s easy to take a puff whenever you want for as long as you want.


Phenopen Design
The Phenopen is easy to use because the cartridge is magnetically attached to the battery instead of screwed in.

The Phenopen is an oil vaporizer that is compatible only with proprietary CBD cartridges. Most CBD delivery systems are 510 threaded, making the cartridges compatible with an array or 510 batteries. The Phenopen, just like the G Pen Gio (Review | Buy) or the Pax Era (Review | Buy), and only works with proprietary cartridges.

Using 510 carts has it’s pros when it comes to cross-compatibility, but that also means that the vape pen is not necessarily optimized to that specific cartridge. With proprietary pod systems such as the Phenopen, the battery and cartridge are perfectly tuned to work together in the most efficient way. They use the same electric protocols and provide consistent optimal performance.

The design of the Phenopen battery is pretty simple and basic as it’s your typical cylindrical, pen-shaped design. It has a light that indicates when the battery is low and a receptacle for the cartridges on the top of the device. Those cartridges are a little different from what you usually see in CBD carts because they have a glass mouthpiece and they are magnetically attached to the battery.

The Phenopen has haptic feedback that activates every time you take a hit. It vibrates softly to let you know that the pen is firing. There is no button to press and the Phenopen is draw activated.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Phenopen’s approach to CBD oil is unusual because they don’t use any carrier oils or additives, it is 100% hemp. Their oil is made from pure natural hemp with nothing added to it.

Each cartridge contains 500 mg of pure hemp extract, with 300 mg of that being CBD. That means each cartridge is about 60% CBD, which is an impressively high concentration. The other 40% consists of natural plant materials like terpenes and cannabinoids. That gives an awesome full spectrum experience.

The vapor quality of the Phenopen is truly outstanding. With most CBD cartridges, you don’t get that “pure” feeling. With the Phenopen, because there are no artificial additives, the vapor tastes natural and rich. I can describe the flavor like taking a big sniff from a jar of cannabis- you get strong terpenes and cannabinoids scent but in a “vapeable” form. A++ on the vapor quality.