PCKT Two Review

Published November 8, 2022 Updated April 19, 2023
PCKT Two Review

Review Summary

The PCKT Two is a stylish 510 battery with smart & useful features that improve the vaping experience. It has haptic feedback, five voltage settings, a USB-C charger, and a 660MAH battery that will last days for most users. It breaks the same old 510 battery design and makes it more modern and fun to use.

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MSRP $79


PCKT Two Design

Most 510 batteries have the same simple design and it’s a 510 thread vape pen battery without any special features. Innovation in this area of vaping is unusual, but some brands are coming up with unique functional designs such as the PCKT Two. 

It comes after the huge success of the company’s first product- the PCKT One. The Two is a smart battery with a bunch of features that are speaking to the gadget lover. 

It retails for $79 from PCKT (visit store) and it is compatible with all 510 cartridges. 

Design and Features

PCKT Two 510 Battery

The PCKT Two has a familiar design of a conceal style battery, and the cartridge is fully contained inside the body. There is one activation button on the front and the USB-C charger is at the back. The vape is super small and can easily fit in my palm or my pocket. 

The exterior shell is made from a solid block of 6061 brushed aluminum and feels high-tech and modern. It is similar to the finish of an iPhone or a MacBook. 

It can fit a cartridge up to 11.75mm in diameter, which will fit nearly every standardized cartridge available. The PCKT Two is compatible with both top and bottom airflow cartridges.

The PCKT Two is small and understated, and ultra-portable. The cartridge remains placed even when shaken upside-down because of the magnet and adapters’ strong holding power.

Smart Features

PCKT Two 510 Battery

RCKT 2 Chip: The PCKT 2 Chip’s effective power management results in smoother power output and a longer-lasting battery. The Chip is also responsible for the haptic feedback and the five voltage settings. 

Haptic Feedback: The haptic feedback is a welcomed addition that is rare to find on a 510 vape. It vibrates briefly when starting to take a draw. 

Battery Life: The PCKT Two features a USB-C connection, which is more convenient and also charges the battery more quickly. The 660mAh battery will easily last a couple of days for most users.

PCKT TWO Charging

Smart Power Modes: There are 5 power modes in the new PCKT Two to accommodate every distinct vaping style and cartridge combination. The PCKT Two is appealing to practically everyone who uses an oil cart because of its level of control.

Draw or Button Activated: It also incorporates button and inhalation activation, allowing you to choose between drawing methods on the fly.

Bottom Line


The PCKT Two is a good performing 510 battery. PCKT only made minor changes to the PCKT One to bring it up to date. It feels and appears better, and it also has more features, such as haptic feedback and USB-C compatibility. The interface is simple and intuitive.

This pen is a custom-designed, beautiful device that offers more customization than most 510 batteries, at a reasonable price. If you are looking for something new and innovative with a luxurious feel, this is the place to be. Then this battery will not let you down. In addition, their cartridges are reusable and affordable, with great flavor.

If you’re looking for a 510-threaded battery with outstanding performance, a world-class design, and the ability to last for years, the PCKT Two might be worth a look.


  • Brand PCKT (Homepage)
  • MSRP $79
  • Product Type 510 Battery
  • Compatibility 510 Carts
  • Released DateFebruary, 2021
  • Warranty 1 Year


  • Body Material Aluminum
  • Precise Temp Control No
  • Display LED Indicators
  • Haptic Tech Yes
  • 510 Thread Yes
  • Adjustable Airflow No

Heating Element

  • Temp Settings 5 Levels


  • Battery Type Internal
  • Battery Capacity 660mAh
  • Charger Type USB-C

Overall Score

  • Ease of Use4.8
  • Interface4.1
  • Design4.6
  • Durability4.3
  • Draw Restriction4.6
  • Brand Rep4.7

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