Kit and Accessories

  • Pax Era Pro
  • USB-C charging cable

Compatibility: The Pax Era Pro is only compatible with proprietary Pax oil pods.

Design and Features

Pax Era Pro Design and Features
You can tell the new PaxSmart pods from the old pods by the red band just beneath the mouthpiece.


On the outside, the Era Pro looks a lot like the regular Pax Era but there are some subtle differences if you know what to look for. The Era Pro comes in more finishes and has a USB-C charging port on the bottom instead of a micro USB port like in the original, plus it now has haptic feedback. Those changes are great but the real advances are on the new PaxSmart pods and the smartphone app.

The new PaxSmart pods look somewhat similar to the originals, and can even be used on the original Era (the original Era pods can also be used on the Era Pro) but they taper a little towards the tip of the mouthpiece and they have a red band just beneath the rim. What makes them really special, however, is the new PodID feature of the Era Pro and its pods. This allows you to use the smartphone app to identify the strain and potency of the oil in the pod, the lab test results of the oil, as well as the contents of the oil and its overall flavor profile.

That is a lot of info and it’s all a part of Pax’s policy of transparency by giving users as much information as possible about the oil that they’re vaping. The smartphone app also gives users dose control which allows them to set how much of the oil they want to vape. The new features aren’t just for the app and the new pods, the Era Pro has some new tricks as well. You can now choose from four different temperature settings and shake it around to check the battery level. The Era Pro may not have changed much visually, but it is a huge technological leap forward.


The new smartphone app and the podID and dose control features that come with it are the standout features of the Pax Era Pro. Unfortunately, iPhone users won’t have access to the app because Apple has removed all vaping related apps from their iOS store. Pax is working on a web app to replace it but it isn’t live yet. Android users don’t need to worry since the app is available on the Google Play store.

How to Use

  1. Connect the PaxSmart or Era pod to the battery.
  2. Select a temperature setting by popping up the pod and then pushing it back down.
  3. Use the smartphone app to set a dosage limit.
  4. Inhale from the mouthpiece.

Steps 2 and 3 are entirely optional since you can just pop a pod onto the battery and start vaping away. That is because the battery will automatically select the right temperature for each strain of oil if you use a PaxSmart pod. However, temperature control does give you more flexibility.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Pax Era Pro Performance and Vapor Quality
The vapor quality depends on the strain of oil being used, and there are already a good amount of different strains from which to choose.

Vapor Quality

Naturally, the vapor quality depends on the strain being used but so far it looks like Pax has picked a bunch of winners since the flavor I got from all the pods I tried was great. The ability to select your own temperature is great since that is not usually an option that you see on these proprietary oil pods. Normally that’s only something you see with 510 batteries, and speaking of those batteries, while they may have a lot of good things about them, the Pax Era Pro has a few advantages over them. 

The main one is the smartphone app that gives you lots of information about the pod and allows you to adjust its dosage level. Even if you never use those features, the fact that they are there gives the Era Pro an edge over 510 cartridges. Of course, some of you will point out that there is a wider variety of 510 cartridges available than there are PaxSmart pods and you would be right. However, the pods from the original Era can be used with the Era Pro, so this device actually has a pretty big selection of pods to choose from. You won’t be able to use the app with them, but that’s not a big deal.

Battery Performance

The Era Pro can last for a few days of casual vaping before it needs a recharge. When it’s time to recharge, you can expect to wait for just forty-five minutes.