Omura Series 1 is a dry herb vaporizer that uses proprietary dry herb cartridges. It works in a similar way to the IQOS– you insert a hemp or cannabis (dry herb) cartridge into the device, and it heats for around three minutes, or 10-12 draws. 

Design & Features


The Omura is portable with a cylindrical body that looks like a fat pen or large sharpie. It has a brushed aluminum body, one button, and a big hole at the top, where the cartridge (“flower sticks”) is placed. It communicates heat settings and status with three LED lights located under the power button. 

Uses Heat-no-burn technology

The concept was first introduced by the IQOS, which is not owned by Alteria. The idea is to use pre-packed Cannabis or Hemp cartridges that are disposable are can be placed inside the device for hassle-free vaping. 

Typically with dry herb vaporizers, you grind the herb, place it in the oven manually, and you have to empty it at the end of a session and clean the oven. With the Omura, there is none of that. You pop a stick in the vape and can remove it at the end of a session- nothing to clean or maintain. 

Flower Sticks

The cartridges are called flower sticks and can contain hemp, CBD, or Cannabis. Omura sells 100% whole flower and full-spectrum sticks on their website, for $25 for 12 hemp CBD sticks. 

Omura also works with a bunch of premium Cannabis brands such as “Cream of the crop,” “Aster Farms,” and “TSO Sonoma,” as well as others, to produce Cannabis packed heat sticks which are available only in licensed dispensaries. 

Heat Curves

In order to properly activate THC and CBD cannabinoids, you need to use a range of temperatures. Omura has a heat curve that works at low temperatures ( 300°F to up to 430°F) and is automatically applied to allow maximal extraction. The Omura never burns the herb or produce any smoke, which happens at around 500°F.

How to use

As mentioned, the Series 1 is only compatible with proprietary flower sticks that are available from Vapor CBD or from their partners as mentioned above. 

Once you get the sticks, pop one into the oven, hit the power button, and inhale through the cartridge. 


The Omura features a convection heating system that uses heat-curve technology, which heats the plant through a range of temperatures without any combustion.

Since the Omura works at low temperatures, it produces very little visible vapor, especially during the first few puffs. But you can definitely taste the Cannabis and feel the aroma. The minimal visible vapor may be considered as a pro or con, depending on the type of user you are. If you are looking for stealth, then no vapor is a good thing, but if you are looking for big visible clouds, this is not the vape for you (try Crafty+ instead).

The flavor was definitely there, and the flower sticks sold by are very high quality. I think that this is a great choice for medical users that don’t want to mess around with a grinder, herb, and cleaning. It’s a simple point-and-shoot vape that has zero learning curve. Users can start immediately without any prior vaping knowledge. 

But the Omura’s simplicity, which is appealing to many, also means lack of customization of sessions, and of course, you lose the ability to use your own herb. That may or may not bother you, depending on the type of user you are.

Draw resistance– It was very easy to breathe through the cartridge, and inhale the vapor. Some “pod” vaporizers make it harder to pull from, but the Omura has really good airflow and provided a pleasant experience.