Kit and Accessories

Linx Hypnos ZERO Kit
The Hypnos Zero includes a second glass mouthpiece in its kit in case something goes wrong with the other one.
  • Linx Hypnos Zero
  • Two glass mouthpieces
  • Dab tool
  • USB charging cable
  • Carrying case

Compatibility: The Linx Hypnos Zero is only compatible with wax concentrates, shatter, honey, dabs.

Optional Accessories

If you want big clouds and maximum intensity from the Hypnos Zero, then you can purchase the Hypnos Dio dual quartz coil atomizer from the Linx website. It produces larger clouds and a more intense hit than the ceramic coil included in the default kit. If you want a vape pen with different atomizers already included in the kit, then you can try the Linx Blaze. It comes with a quartz atomizer and a ceramic atomizer, so you don’t need to worry about buying an extra one later on.

Design and Features

Linx Hypnos Zero Design
The Hypnos Zero has a great looking brushed stainless steel finish that gives it an upscale high-end look.

General Design: The Hypnos Zero doesn’t really look like your typical vape pen, mainly because of the glass mouthpiece. Not only does it give it a distinctive look shared with just a few other vape pens, it’s functional too since it helps to keep the vapor cool and pure. 

At a smidge under four inches in height, it is as easily portable as any other vape pen. However, the mouthpiece is always exposed so you run the risk of it getting contaminated if you’re not careful. A cover for the mouthpiece would have been a nice option.  

Build Quality: The Hypnos Zero has a brushed stainless steel finish that gives it a stylish, upscale look. It also makes the Hypnos Zero feel nice and smooth to the touch. The stainless steel finish is also more durable than the plastic finish you see on lesser vape pens.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Atomizer: Remove the mouthpiece and set the Hypnos Zero to its maximum setting to burn off any residue. For more stubborn residue, immerse the ceramic coil in isopropyl alcohol for two hours. Do not submerge the entire atomizer, just the coil. Once time is up, remove the atomizer and wipe it down to make sure that it is completely dry before you use it again.

The Mouthpiece: Dip a q-tip in iso alcohol and use it to rub the inside and outside the glass tube. The filter section should be completely soaked in iso alcohol for up to two hours to clean it.

How to Use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the battery to expose the ceramic chamber.
  2. Load your wax into the chamber and replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Press the power button three times to switch between the preset voltage settings.
  5. When heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece while holding down the power button.

Voltage Settings: The Hypnos Zero has four voltage settings that range from 3.5V to 4.1V. They are indicated by the colored light around the power button. Blue (lowest) | Green | Yellow | Red (highest).

Performance and Vapor Quality

Linx Hypnos Zero Performance
The ceramic dish of the Hypnos Zero produces great vapor but at the expense of really big clouds.

Vape Pen Performance: The Hypnos Zero heats up quickly, as you would expect from a vape pen, and it never gets too hot to the touch even after you’ve been vaping for a while. The auto-shutoff feature is a little weird though. The reason is that, instead of just the atomizer shutting down, the whole unit shuts down, so you need to do the whole startup sequence over again. It’s not too annoying, but it does put a speed bump in your vape sessions sometimes.

Vapor Quality: The flavor from the Hypnos Zero is excellent, which isn’t too much of a surprise. That’s because ceramic chambers always produce great flavor, and when you add the glass mouthpiece, which keeps that flavor cool and pure, you can’t help but get fantastic vapor quality.

I like the lower voltage settings the best, but even the higher settings produce great vapor, as well as bigger clouds to go along with it. Since this is a ceramic atomizer, the clouds aren’t that big, but ceramic is all about flavor anyway. If you want really big clouds, the Dio dual quartz atomizer is available.

Battery Performance: The Hypnos Zero has a 650 mAh battery, which is good enough to last for about a day of vaping before it needs to be recharged. A recharge takes between one and two hours. That’s about average for most vape pens, so the battery performance isn’t too disappointing.