Linx Apollo Review

Published March 9, 2021 Updated July 14, 2022
Linx Apollo Review

Review Summary

The Apollo is a well-made, sturdy wax vaporizer/ eNail hybrid that is the best of both worlds. The included glass bubbler is uniquely and artfully designed although not the most discreet. The device features smart heating technology, several pre-set heat modes, and Linx’s signature quartz atomizer, this device allows you to really taste and experience your material – without wasting it.

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MSRP $189


Linx Apollo Device and Accessories

The Linx Apollo is the latest release by the South California brand, Linx Vapor (visit store) the makers of the Linx Eden (review)  and the Gaia (review).  The minds behind the brand sought out to make a product line that is health-centric, and plastic free. All Linx products are made with either medical grade stainless steel or other materials that are heavy metals tested. This tedious attention to health and safety is what’s behind the brand’s promise of a toxin free vaping experience. 

Linx Apollo Wax Vaporizer

Linx Vapor takes a leap forward with the launch of The Apollo- their first device that provides two experiences- as an eNail attachment and as a wax vaporizer.  A relatively compact (when compared to other eNails), yet powerful, and filled with features such as smart heating, pre-set temperature modes, and an inlaid coil within the quartz atomizer. Since this is their first dual – use device, it’ll be very interesting to see how they wade into this new market, especially since Linx is a known brand in the vape-pen field. 

This device also seems like it’s the most “loudly” designed one in their product line- most of their products so far have been mostly sleek and feature a stainless steel finish. The Legacy has an onyx (black) finish and actually resembles a pillar. The spiral design on the bubbler attachment definitely catches the eye and would probably be a pretty addition to a vaporizer attention. 

The device is quite comparable to the G Pen Connect and the KandyPens Session (review).The Connect unfortunately has been discontinued but let’s see if the Legacy can fill this gap in the dual-use vaporizer market. In this review, we compare and contrast the Legacy to the Session and note the ways they might cater to different user’s dab experiences. 

The Kit.

Linx Apollo Case

I was pleasantly surprised with how compact the Apollo is, especially when it’s placed in its low-profile carrying case. Right out of the box, the Linx Apollo kit includes; 

  • 2600mah Linx Apollo base
  • All quartz atomizer
  • Glass bubbler
  • Dab tool
  • USB charging cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Silicone airflow regulator and airflow sleeve
  • Male water pipe adaptor (fits 14mm or 18mm downstem)

Additional accessories

The Linx Apollo fits most 14mm and 18mm, male and female glassware (such as these Rigs from Higher Standards). However, due to its size and weight- you might have a few issues with balancing the Apollo on your rigs. We suggest exercising a bit of caution when using the device as an e-nail. 

Design and Features

It’s no secret that minimalist design and clean lines are the new normal in the vape market- after all, discretion is still an esteemed quality in vaping. Heavy metals certified and made with little to no plastic – the Apollo is a sleek, columnar vape, with well-placed lighting accents. 

Linx Apollo LED Light and Power Button

Equipped with a large inlaid Linx signature quartz atomizer – this makes it possible to put either a large dose of extract for more recreational sessions or smaller quantities for microdosing. The neutral quartz material keeps the flavor pure, heats fast and evenly – maximizing clouds and concentrate. 

The Apollo also features a large capacity 2600mAh battery that charges in about a couple of hours and battery level indicator lights to let you know when it’s time to plug it in.

Dual use

The Apollo can be used in two different modes-

Linx Apollo eNail Attachment
  • As a portable/wax vaporizer- the Apollo is used with the included Glass bubbler. With the bubbler, you get full airflow control- just like you would with a pipe. Combined with the Apollo’s uniquely crafted percolator, less air enters the glass and allows for clouds that are bigger than what you would get with standard portables.
  • As an eNail – The Apollo easily fits into most male and female glassware with 14mm and 18mm downstems. Simply remove the rubber seal and attach it to your rig. Functioning in place of a torch, the Apollo’s Smart Heating technology evenly heats your concentrates to your desired temperature – taking away the risk of overheating/ burning the material. Once the Apollo is plugged in, it’s air-tight. Protecting the glass bong from residual heat and delivering smooth and thicker clouds.

Water filtration

Linx Apollo Water Bubbler

The Apollo includes a uniquely designed borosilicate glass bubbler that’s quite large, and holds more than enough water to produce cleaner and less harsh vapor. The rubber rings on the device ensure a tight seal regardless of whether you’re using the bubbler attachment or using the carb cap (when using as an eNail) 

The mouthpiece on the glass bubbler is much wider and feels a lot like using a traditional bong. So if you’re using the device at high temperatures, prepare for some pretty big clouds coming your way. In the wax vaporizer category, the The Dr Dabber Boost EVO (review), features a more ergonomically shaped bubbler mouthpiece. 

Other than the carrying case to keep the glass parts of the device safe, the glass bubbler material is pretty durable and heat resistant. We’re not saying its not going to break- but it’ll be fine if you’re bringing it travelling. 


Linx Apollo Heating Quartz Coil

Now, a single device that’s able to function both ways isn’t new to the market, we’ve seen that with the KandyPens Session (review) and Dr. Dabber Boost Evo (review). But it’s Linx Vapor’s design mindset and keen attention to the gaps between portable and desktop vaporizers that make the Apollo a novel product in today’s market.

The device has an impressive coil that heats to temperature in 8 seconds and it functions alongside the four pre-set temperature modes and what Linx Vapor calls “Heat Boost”. Heat Boost is an unrestricted temperature boost, giving you full control of how hot you want your vapor to be. The Cloud Chaser is an on-demand increase to the highest heat setting available – making your clouds thicker and larger.

For concentrate purists who are all about flavor, Apollo’s low-temperature settings, paired with the Smart Heating technology are for you. Smart Heating means larger clouds, rich flavor, pure vapor, and all while using less of your material.  The LED ring around the main button are color assigned to each heat setting, simply hold the button for three seconds to toggle between settings. 

Linx Apollo VS KandyPens Session

The Linx Apollo and the KandyPens Session are similar in that they’re both hybrid vaporizers- functioning as both an eNail and wax vaporizer, it made perfect sense to compare the two. 

Based on looks alone, the Session is much smaller, the Apollo is more loudly designed, especially with its water bubbler attached. Features-wise, They both have color-coded heat settings. The Session has a “session” setting that turns on automatic heating for a minute, which makes it a on-demand vaporizer. 

Both devices deliver great flavor and overall vapor quality, although they differ in heating chamber material. The Apollo has a quartz heating chamber while the Session is ceramic, meaning that the Session heats up, slower but produces purer flavor, while the Apollo heats quicker and retains flavor just as well- but also loses its heat quicker. This constant re-heating and dissipation of heat with the quartz atomizer might just be why the Legacy has a much larger battery- enabling for longer usage time. 

These two vapes might have almost similar functions, but what really differentiates them is water. The Legacy features a glass bubbler that needs to be filled with water at each use, while the Session has a smaller mouthpiece attachment. Water filtration does produce bigger clouds, while the Session produces more discreet levels of vapor. 

I would recommend the Session for users who want a handier device that can be attached to rigs and the Legacy for users who want bigger clouds, a flashier design. The water filtration feature on the Legacy is more of a neutral point for me. On one hand, water filtration produces bigger clouds and cooler smoke. Yet on the other hand, having to use water at each turn limits portability.  

Bottom Line

Linx Apollo Dab Vaporizers

Overall, this is a really good product. Though we typically don’t recommend eNails to beginners- we think this device would be a very versatile first if you’re looking to get a device that can do both. It’s a great product with a simple interface, easy and intuitive to use, and comes with a fully equipped kit. 

The Smart Heating function provides great control of the experience and great flavor of the material. The only downside we see is that the device is pretty weighty, so it’s not the most portable When using it as an eNail, it might tip over if you’re using a lighter rig. If you’re in the market for something lighter and easier to bring around – check out the smaller, Vista Mini 2 (review). 

The Apollo is a pretty good first dual use product from Linx, the spiral glass bubbler might be a bold design choice – but this device delivers. Whether you’re just starting out in the eNail category or an experienced user the Linx Apollo is one of the best enails you can buy this year.

Linx Apollo

  • Brand Linx (Homepage)
  • MSRP $189
  • Product Type Portable Vaporizer
  • Compatibility Wax, Dab
  • Warranty 1 Year


  • Body Material Metal
  • Mouthpiece Material Glass
  • Precise Temp Control No
  • Display LED Indicators
  • Mobile App No
  • Haptic Tech No
  • 510 Thread No
  • Sesh Mode No
  • Adjustable Airflow Yes

Heating Element

  • Included Coils Quartz
  • Temp Settings 4 Levels
  • Heating Method Conduction
  • Heat Up Time 5-10s


  • Battery Type Internal
  • Battery Capacity 2600mAh
  • Charge Time 1-2 Hours
  • Sessions Per Charge 12-15
  • Charger Type Micro-USB

Overall Score

  • Ease of Use3.7
  • Heat Dispersion3.9
  • Interface4
  • Design4.1
  • Durability4.3
  • Draw Restriction4.1
  • Ease of Cleaning4.4
  • Extraction Efncy4
  • Flavor4.2
  • Brand Rep4
  • Parts Availability3.8

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