Kit and Accessories

KandyPens Oura Kit and Accessories
The kit of the Oura includes two different atomizers, a ceramic one (left) and a quartz one (right).
  • KandyPens Oura
  • Quartz crystal atomizer
  • Ceramic atomizer
  • Carb cap + tether
  • Dab tool
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Four Cotton swabs
  • Carrying bag

Compatibility: The KandyPens Oura is only compatible with wax concentrates.

Design and Features


KandyPens Oura Design and Features
The Oura is a small, lightweight device that is easy to hold in one hand. The bulbous shape of the bubbler helps to keep the airflow low.

The Oura is the latest portable dab rig and these types of extract vaporizers are so ubiquitous that by now most vapers should be familiar with their basic design. The Oura follows the basic portable dab rig design pattern, but KandyPens put their own unique spin on it. The water bubbler has an interesting bell shape that looks different from the other rigs out there. The base has the heating coil attached to the front and the atomizer slips in and out of it easily. There is a tether that attaches the coil to the carb cap so that the latter is conveniently held in place whenever you are ready for a refill. 

Instead of a button, there is a handy touch sensor located below the heating coil on the front of the device. If you’re worried about a lack of feedback from the sensor compared to a button, don’t be. There is an LED light band encircling the base that illuminates in different colors, each of which indicates the temperature setting. In addition to that, there is haptic feedback as well. That means that operating the Oura is extremely simple.

As with the other portable dab rigs, the portable part means that you can hold it in one hand and carry it around the home, not that you can take it with you wherever you’re going. The Oura is about seven inches tall, so it’s small and light enough to be comfortably held in one hand while you vape. The Oura has a big, wide base that gives it impressive stability when placed on any surface, so you never have to worry that an errant bump or jostle will knock it over.  The build quality is solid too since the base is made from a zinc-alloy mix.


KandyPens Oura Heating Coil
The convenient sesh mode keeps the coil heating continuously for one minute.

The Oura has a sesh mode that keeps it on for one minute, but you have the ability to change temperatures while this mode is active. It also has an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the Oura after four minutes if it has not been used. That’s a great feature that helps to preserve battery life.

How to Use

KandyPens Oura How to Use
The intake hole of the bubbler and the air vent in the base should be aligned when the Ora is being assembled.
  1. Carefully attach the bubbler to the base of the Oura, making sure that the intake hole lines up with the atomizer vent.
  2. Pour water into the bubbler and make sure that the intake holes are covered.
  3. Place your choice of atomizer into the heating coil.
  4. Place the carb cap and tether around the heating coil.
  5. Tap the touch sensor five times to turn on the device.
  6. (Optional)Tap the sensor twice to engage sesh mode.
  7. Tap the sensor three times to select one of the preset temperatures, once temperature selection is complete, tap the sensor twice to start heating.
  8. Once heating is complete, place a pea sized dab of wax into the atomizer, and then cover the atomizer with the carb cap.
  9. Inhale the vapor from the bubbler.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Oura is a very low maintenance device because cleaning the atomizers is very easy. You just need to dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and wipe it around the atomizer while it is still warm. For a more thorough cleaning, you can just soak the atomizers in iso alcohol. You will occasionally need to clean the bubbler as well, but that is simple too. Pour some iso alcohol into the bubbler, swish it around, and then rinse it out with warm water.

Performance and Vapor Quality


KandyPens Oura Performance and Vapor Quality
Each atomizer of the Oura can hold a good sized amount of wax, but you should stick to a smaller amount the first time out.

One characteristic of portable dab rigs is that they heat up quickly and the Oura definitely does. It only takes five seconds to heat up to the lower temperature settings, but it takes about twenty for the highest one, which is still a very good time. That means heat times are on par with other portable dab rigs. The bell shaped bubbler helps to keep the draw resistance low as well, so you won’t have a hard time inhaling the vapor.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Oura is excellent and can easily match—or exceed—the vapor quality of any other dab rig out there. Aside from the flavor, the density of the vapor is quite good as well. You can get some thick clouds from the Oura, but only at the higher temperature settings. It also helps if you wait until heating is complete to place your dab on the atomizer. If you place your dab while it is still heating, the clouds won’t be as big.

Both atomizers produce great vapor, but the quartz is the clear winner in my book. The vapor from it tastes a little purer and is a little denser as well. The ceramic takes a little longer to heat up, but it produces great tasting vapor and nice clouds as well. My preferred temperature settings were the two middle ones since I got the best quality flavor from them. I don’t mind that the vapor clouds they produce aren’t as substantial because I’m here for the flavor. 

Battery Performance

KandyPens Oura Quartz Atomizer
Both the ceramic and quartz atomizers produce nice vapor but the quartz has the edge because it heats up faster.

The battery of the Oura is one of the more long-lasting out there because it can go for nearly thirty of the one-minute sessions before it needs to be recharged. It can last even longer if you don’t use sesh mode and choose lower temperatures. Thanks to the USB-C charger, recharging the Oura takes less than an hour. Even better, pass-through charging is available so you can vape while the Oura recharges, though it needs about ten minutes’ worth of charge before you can start using it.