KandyPens Feather Background

The Feather is the first e-cigarette from KandyPens, they’ve since gone on to make the Rubi, which is easily one of the best e-cigarettes available, so clearly they know what they are doing. The Feather is a little different from the Rubi, and most other e-cigarettes, because it is specially designed to use nicotine salts, though you can use it with regular e-liquid if you want.

However, it is similar to the Rubi in that it is also an open pod system, which means that it can be used with any brand of nicotine salts you want. Nonetheless, the Feather is a more specialized kind of e-cig than most others because of the nic salt specialization, its unique design, and the huge vapor clouds it produces. That’s what makes it stand out, now let’s get into more detail in the rest of the review.

Contents of the Kit

KandyPens Feather ecig Review

The KandyPens Feather’s kit comes with the battery (L) and the mouthpiece (R). The e-liquid is sold separately.

  • KandyPens Feather
  • One refillable 2 mL tank
  • Micro-USB charger

How It Is Designed

KandyPens Feather Review

The KandyPens Feather has a stylish, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand.

The Feather has an interesting and unique design compared to all the other USB stick styled e-cigarettes. Instead of that standard shape it looks more like a rounded parallelogram, it really stands out and it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand since it’s just under four inches tall. The small size and the unique shape of the Feather make it one of the more pocket-friendly e-cigs out there.

Vaping from the Feather does feel a little strange at first because it doesn’t have the intuitive cigarette design of other e-cigs. Both holding and inhaling from the Feather don’t feel natural because of the unique shape, but it does feel good once you get used to it. The learning curve isn’t high, but it does take some getting used to. Fortunately, filling up the tank is a simple affair that doesn’t take too long.

How It Performs

KandyPens Feather e-cig Review

The sub ohm resistance of the Feather means that it produces clouds that outclass other e-cigs.

The Feather really brings out the flavor of any type of nicotine salt you use, and if you enjoy the big nicotine hit they give you, then you’ll love the Feather. If you’re a cloud chaser, then you’ll definitely like the Feather because its sub ohm resistance of 0.8 ohms produces impressive clouds, far bigger than other e-cigs and approaching vape mod quality. Even though the Feather is discreet, the vapor it produces is not, so choose your vaping spot carefully.

At 380 mAh, the battery of the Feather is among the biggest around so you can vape for quite a while before you even need to think about a recharge.