Kit and Accessories

  • KandyPens C-Box Mini
  • Two magnetic thread adapters
  • Micro USB charging cable

Compatibility: The KandyPens C-Box is compatible with prefilled 510 cartridges.

Design and Features


KandyPens C-Box Mini Design and Features
The C-Box Mini has the same basic design as the C-Box and even includes two different sized magnetic adapters to give users some extra customization.

The KandyPens C-Box Mini looks like a mini version of the C-Box. Big surprise huh? Okay not really, but at about two and a half inches tall, the Mini is the right size for anyone who thought the C-Box was too big. That can’t be too many people since the original C-Box is only three inches tall. However, the small size of the Mini offers extra convenience despite the smaller set of features.

The Mini doesn’t have the multiple voltage settings of the C-Box and it’s draw-activated, so you can take a hit from it whenever you want without any preamble. So, extra convenience, extra portability, and a lower price are what you get from the Mini, and that is sure to appeal to a lot of people. You also get the aluminum alloy body of the original C-Box, which means that the Mini is a pretty durable device in spite of its smaller size.


The C-Box is one of the better 510 batteries around, so having its great design and most of its features in a smaller package is the main appeal of the C-Box Mini.

How to Use

  1. Select the magnetic adapter you want to use and then screw the oil/CBD cartridge onto it.
  2. Place the adapter and cartridge into the cartridge receptacle of the battery.
  3. The C-Box is draw-activated so all you need to do is inhale from the mouthpiece of the cartridge.

Performance and Vapor Quality


The Mini heats up just as quickly as the original C-Box, which isn’t surprising since it has the same sized battery. However, the drawback of the smaller size is that the Mini gets a little warmer than the C-Box while it’s in use. That’s always the case when you have big power in a small package, so keep that in mind when using the C-Box Mini.

Vapor Quality

The C-Box is one of the best 510 batteries, so the Mini is pretty good as well. Despite only having one voltage setting, the Mini does a great job of bringing out the flavor of any cartridge you use with it. The Mini also produces some decent clouds as well because its only voltage setting is 3.7V. That is slightly higher than the second-highest voltage setting of the standard C-Box, which means that the Mini strikes a nice balance between big clouds and big flavor. Of course, that is bad news if you lean towards one or the other, but if you like being in the middle, then the C-Box Mini might be for you. 

Since the Mini also includes two magnetic adapters, you have a choice on how far the mouthpiece of the cartridge sticks out of the battery. Since the Mini is a smaller device, the mouthpieces do stick out more than they do in larger vapes, but not so much that it ever becomes a problem. So, whether you use Gold Line or Hemp Bombs cartridges, the Mini is a great companion for them.

Battery Performance

The Mini has the same 390 mAh battery as the C-Box and its performance is very similar, but more consistent because it only has a single voltage setting. That means it can last for about a full day of vaping before it needs to be recharged.