KandyPens Amber Rose Vape Pen Background

When you already make some of the best vape pens on the market, how do you make them even better? KandyPens decided that the best way is to collaborate with some of the coolest celebs around. That’s a natural path for the company considering how popular they are with the It Crowd, they’ve already done a collaboration with A$AP Rocky, and now they’re doing one with Amber Rose.

This vape pen has a unique color scheme and a very stylish case featuring the logo of Amber Rose herself. So, the extract pen looks great, but it’s also versatile since it can vape both wax and THC or CBD oil. Furthermore, it is 510 threaded for even more versatility, so the Amber Rose Vape Pen is the total package as far as portable extract vaping is concerned. There’s more to know about this extract vape, so keep on reading.

Inside Its Kit

KandyPens Amber Rose Kit
L-R: Carrying case , USB charger, Amber Rose vape pen, oil cartridge, quartz coil, alcohol wipes.
  • KandyPens Amber Rose Vape Pen
  • Dual quartz coil + quartz bowl
  • Oil cartridge
  • Dab tool + alcohol cleaning wipes
  • USB charger
  • Carrying case

How It Looks

The Amber Rose Vape Pen is as good looking as the rest of KandyPens’ wax vapes, it is curvy and ergonomic so it feels as good as it looks. However, the new champagne color with the gold accents—complete with the Amber Rose logo on the base—give it that extra visual oomph to make it stand out. The same thing goes for the sleek carrying case, which blends practicality and style, much like the vape pen it holds.

This pen stands out no matter what, so any low-key, covert vaping is unlikely, particularly with the bright power button and the light on the base. As with the majority of KandyPens’ wax vapes, this pen is draw activated and features one button operation, so it’s very easy to use, especially with the quartz bowl since it’s easier to load.

The 510 threading adds versatility to the whole package since it means that you can attach other mouthpieces to the battery and vice versa. So, you can attach pre-filled CBD or THC cartridges to the Amber Rose Vape Pen’s battery, which means that you can enjoy pretty much every type of extract vaping available.

How It Performs

Wax Performance: Since quartz is an inert material that doesn’t have any effect on the flavor of the wax, you’ll get great vapor using either one of the coils—I know I did—but there are some differences between the two that will affect the vaping experience. The dual quartz coils heat up very quickly and produce more harsh, intense vapor at any of the four temperatures, which are 300°F, 350°F, 390°F, and 430°F. The flavor is great but it might be too intense for beginning vapers.

Those vapers are better served by the quartz bowl, which is both easier to load and provides a smoother, less intense vaping experience, while also delivering impressive flavor. If it’s big clouds you want, then the dual quartz coils are for you, but if flavor is more important, choose the quartz bowl.

Oil performance: The Amber Rose Vape allows you to vaporizer oil extracts in two different ways, you can use the oil cartridge and fill it with your oil of choice, or you can attach a pre-filled, 510 cartridge to the battery. In either case, this vape pen gives a top-tier performance, though the better the quality of the vape oil, the better the performance. So, regardless of which type of extract vaping you’re into, the Amber Rose Vape Pen will serve your needs.