Hemp Bombs 510 Battery Design
The notches in the 510 connection help to ease the airflow and lower the draw resistance of the pre-filled cartridges.

Background: The 510 Battery has a basic vape pen design, and though it might be simple, this type of design has also proven to be highly effective. So, basic isn’t necessarily a bad thing here. Especially since I’m guessing that you aren’t looking for flash when you’re buying an inexpensive battery for your pre-filled THC and CBD cartridges. One advantage of the pen style design over the box design is that it can hold any sized cartridge since there is not a chamber in which it has to fit. 

General Design: The battery has small notches cut out of the 510 attachment that help with the airflow of the  pre-filled cartridges. That is because many of them have the airflow on their base or within their threads. So the airflow doesn’t feel tight or restricted when using this 510 battery. It has a single button to control the three voltage settings, much like many other 510 batteries. Like I said, basic, but functional. 

Build Quality: This 510 Battery is made out of steel, so it’s pretty durable and can stand up to abuse. At least by itself, you should already know that you shouldn’t subject it to any rough treatment while a cartridge is attached.

How to Use

  1. Screw the cartridge onto the battery.
  2. Press the power button five times to turn on the battery.
  3. Press the power button three times to choose a voltage setting.
  4. Once heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Voltage Settings: 3.7V | 3.9V | 4.1V


Hemp Bombs 510 Battery Performance
The 510 Battery can go for days before it needs to be recharged.

Battery Performance: The notches in the connection to the cartridge give the 510 Battery a very smooth airflow, so using it with my Hemp Bombs and Medix CBD cartridges is always a pleasure. The choice of voltage settings wasn’t something I expected in a $20 battery, but it is appreciated, even though the settings have a fairly narrow range. I usually stick to the lowest one, since I’m more interested in flavor than blowing huge clouds, so that’s where I got the most satisfaction.

Battery Duration: This battery has a 400 mAh capacity and can last for a while. I use it regularly and only have to charge it every two or three days. If you use it less frequently, it can last even longer. Recharge times are pretty fast too , so you won’t be without it for too long. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this battery, it offers a lot of the same features as bulkier box style batteries, but in a more easily portable form.