gold line cbd joint types
The hybrid pre-rolled CBD joint is one of the three available strains.

As the name suggests, pre-rolled CBD joints are basically joints that have been rolled for you using strains of hemp rich in CBD. They’re becoming more and more popular since they offer an easy and familiar way to use CBD.

There’s no learning curve here since even people who don’t smoke know how to smoke. Since there’s little to no THC in these joints, they can be found in convenience stores and online, and can be safely bought and shipped in all fifty states.

Much like other methods of CBD ingestion, like vape oil or edibles, CBD joints can come in a variety of strains and concentrations. In this case the Gold Line CBD Joints are available in concentrations of 270 mg and 300 mg in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. No matter which strain or concentration you choose, you will be getting full spectrum CBD. Now that you know a little more about these CBD joints, it’s time to find out if they are right for you.

Flavor and Effects

gold line pre-rolled cbd joint performance
The effects from the CBD Joints are strong and long lasting.

Effects of the Joints: I guess that I don’t need to describe how these joints look or how to use them, right? So, I’ll just get into how effective they are. The answer is, very. The full spectrum CBD experience of each joint left me feeling pretty relaxed, without getting high, and those effects lasted for a pretty long time.

So even though these look like old school joints, they’re definitely not. I didn’t notice much difference in the effects among the different strains or concentrations, so your preference will likely come down to which strain’s flavor you like the best.

Using the Joints: The joints are tightly rolled and hold together well, so I never had to worry about any of the plant material spilling out. They’re nicely combustible too, so lighting up wasn’t a problem. Each joint burns evenly and inhales are nice and smooth. Pre-rolled CBD joints are certainly effective and they are becoming more common, but they’re not my favorite way to use CBD.

They’re a little too conspicuous for my liking so I can’t use them in public without drawing attention, and I can’t just take a quick hit every now and then like I can with an oil vaporizer. Still, they’re a great choice for old school tokers who want to try the hot new thing in a more traditional way.