The Ghost MV1 is an on-demand vaporizer, which means that you can vape a single bowl at your own pace. You can vape all of it at once like with a regular vaporizer, or you can vape as little as you want, set it aside, and continue your session whenever you want. You can do this until all your herb is used up.

On-demand vaporizers have near instant heat times, which is why they are so accommodating. Even so, they are fairly rare in the vaporizer world, which is too bad because they are some of the most convenient types of vapes there are.

Kit & Accessories

Ghost MV1 package
The package of the Ghost includes a set of useful accessories (top left) and a USB charging cable (bottom left).
  • Ghost MV1
  • One crucible, i.e where you place your wax or herb
  • One concentrate pad for using wax concentrates
  • Three picks
  • Three alcohol wipes + three cleaning tips
  • USB charge cable
  • User manual

Compatibility: The Ghost MV1 is compatible with both dry herbs and waxy concentrates.

Additional Official Accessories

Ghost MV1 Review crucible dispenser
The crucible dispenser is a convenient and efficient way to store pre-loaded crucibles.

The MV1 has an impressive range of accessories that—while not absolutely necessary—make the MV1 much more convenient. They even offer a bundle that includes their best accessories for $100 more than the base MV1.

Fast Charger: As the name says, this accessory greatly decreases the charge time of the MV1, which normally takes a few hours.

Spare Battery Pack: If you don’t want to worry about charging at all, then just pop in the spare battery while the other one charges.

Crucible Dispenser: The loading process takes longer than it does with other vapes because instead of putting your herb directly into the oven, you need to place it in a crucible, open the latch on the front of the vape to get access to the oven, and then place the crucible in the oven.

Design & Features

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

The Ghost MV1 is easily one of the more distinctive looking vaporizers out there, people have described it as looking like anything from a spaceship to some sort of art installation. Whatever you think it looks like, it certainly stands out, but there’s more to its design than just an attention-grabbing look.

It has a glass mouthpiece that keeps the vapor cool and pure, plus it retracts when not in use. The somewhat top heavy design means that it easily tips forward, so be careful where you store it. The extra weight comes from the fact that the mouthpiece sits in the heatsink. This is an interesting design because the heatsink absorbs the excess heat produced by the oven. This keeps the MV1 cool while it’s in use and, since the mouthpiece is in the heatsink, it helps to keep the vapor cool too.

The loading process takes longer than it does with other vapes because, instead of putting your herb directly into the oven, you need to place it in a crucible, open the latch on the front of the vape to get access to the oven, and then place the crucible in the oven. It’s not a complex procedure but it is a lengthy one. Even putting your herb in the crucible can be finicky because the lids don’t snap onto the crucibles as you would expect. At least if you have multiple crucibles to pre-load, allowing you to start the whole process a little faster.

The MV1 is one of those vapes that is just a little too large to be truly portable. The retractable mouthpiece helps, but ultimately, the large size and semi-complicated loading process make it a little too inconvenient to take with you. This one is for the indoor vapers.

Ghost MV1 matte black
The matte black version of the MV1 looks just as good, but feels a lot better, than the other versions.

Ghost MV1 Improvements: The mouthpiece of the launch versions initially had an issue where they would make a scraping sound when they were being extended or retracted, but it has since been resolved. The heat sink has also seen an improvement and the action of the crucible chamber door feels a lot better. Furthermore, it has received a firmware update that improved its operating efficiency.

Matte Black Stealth: The basic Ghost MV1 colors of nickel, rose gold, black chrome, and satin silver all look great, but they are notorious fingerprint magnets. The new matte black color prevents any fingerprints from showing up. Plus, it doesn’t just look different from the previous glossy finishes. It feels different too, since it seems grippier than the shiny finishes. Personally, I prefer how the new matte black version looks and feels, though it would be nice to have some more matte colors.

Chamber Capacity: The crucibles of the MV1 can hold 0.12 grams of herb. That may seem small, but it is the perfect size for an on-demand vaporizer.

Smartphone App

Like a lot of the pricier vapes, the Ghost MV1 has an accompanying smartphone app. Aside from updating the MV1 with the latest firmware upgrades, it can also be used to select precise temperatures between 300°F and 470°F. You can also save and edit those settings using the app.

That is a great option for anyone who prefers exact temperatures to presets—that includes me. You can also use the app to lock down your vape and to check its battery level. These are all great features, but it would have been nice to see some of them on the device itself.

Convection Heating

The Ghost MV1 uses convection technology to heat up the herb. This is the heating method most vapers favor because it creates the purest vapor. The reason is that the herb never touches the heating element, instead, it is suspended above the heating element and hot air passes over it, releasing the vapor.

Since the plant material never touches the heating element, there is no chance of combustion occurring. That is a good thing since combustion releases harmful smoke byproducts, whereas convection heating convection heating only releases THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, aka the good stuff.

How to use

Ghost MV1 how to use
Preloading the crucible makes the loading procedure go much faster.
  1. Place your herb in the crucible, put the lid on the crucible, and then put the crucible in the chamber.
  2. Hold down the power button until the LEDs light up, release it then click it 3x to turn on the MV1.
  3. Choose the temp by holding down the power button to enter heat setting mode, click the button to choose one of the four temperature settings.
  4. Hold down the firing button on the back until the unit vibrates. That means you’re ready to vape.
  5. Hold down the firing button while you inhale from the mouthpiece.

Heat Time: Since the Ghost MV1 is an on-demand vaporizer, it heats up almost instantly.

Temperature Options: The MV1 has three preset temperatures: 340°F | 365°F | 390°F

As I mentioned earlier, the smartphone app can be used to select temperatures between 300°F and 470°F. Of the preset temperatures, I preferred 365°F and 390°F, but when it comes to choosing my own temperature with the app, I usually go for settings in between those two ranges.

Ghost MV1 heat sink
The mouthpiece of the MV1 sits in its heat sink. This helps to keep the vapor and the device cool.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Ghost MV1 has a lot of different components, so cleaning it is a pretty involved task. Or to put it more frankly, cleaning this thing is a chore. For one thing, if you have one of the models with a high gloss finish, you have to regularly wipe it down with a dry cloth to remove those pesky fingerprints.

The MV1 also requires high maintenance compared to other portable vapes. As for the innards, you need to remove the mouthpiece apparatus, separate it into its various components and then dip them in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol. You then need to use a q-tip dipped in iso to clean out the crucible chamber. Of course, when you’re done, you have to put the whole thing together again. It’s a tedious undertaking.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Vaporizer Performance

The MV1 can take some time to load if you don’t prefill the crucibles, so my advice is to do so well before you’re ready to vape since it will save you a lot of time, which is why I think that the crucible holder is the only optional accessory that is absolutely necessary. The on-demand feature works perfectly, ensuring that there is never any downtime as you wait for the vape to heat up. It is always ready when I am.

Vapor Quality

Dry Herb:  Once you get it set up, the MV1 produces some very tasty vapor that never feels too hot or harsh despite the relatively high-temperature settings. The glass mouthpiece is one of the reasons why, because it creates a long, pure airpath that keeps the vapor cool. I took full advantage of the on-demand feature and vaped the same bowl over the course of a few hours and the flavor stayed at the same high level the whole time.

Wax Concentrates: The MV1 only has a single preset setting for wax vaping, which is not ideal. You can customize some more settings with the app, but that really shouldn’t be necessary. As for the wax vapor? It’s decent. But the average vape pen has more temperature settings, is easier to load, and is a lot cheaper. This makes the MV1 a less-than-ideal concentrate vape. That is why I recommend getting a vape pen for your extract vaping.

Battery Performance

The battery lasts for an impressively long time. I estimate that I must have got between fifty and one hundred hits before I needed to recharge it. Which is a good thing because a recharge can take a few hours. I’m not crazy about it, but that is the price you pay for these high capacity batteries.