Fury Edge Kit and Accessories

Fury Edge Kit and Accessories
Clockwise from left: Fury Edge with protective cover, stainless steel wax pad, USB-C charging cable, O-ring and screen set, glass mouthpiece, wall adapter.
  • Fury Edge
  • Protective Cover
  • One plastic mouthpiece
  • One glass attachment
  • One stainless steel wax pad
  • Wax and cleaning tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Tweezers
  • O-Ring and screen set
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Wall adapter

Compatibility: The Fury Edge is compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates.

Official Accessories

Fury Edge Accessories List
The Fury has a solid set of optional accessories including a water pipe adapter (second from left) and a curved glass mouthpiece (right).

Healthy Rips has a deal where they will give buyers a free accessory when they purchase the Fury Edge from their website. Those accessories are good enough that you will regret that you can only choose one of them. The most notable one is the bent glass mouthpiece which is more comfortable to use than the standard glass mouthpiece because you don’t need to hold the Edge directly beneath you to use it. 

The other interesting accessory is the water pipe adapter which allows you to attach your favorite water pipe to the Edge. It’s not really necessary for the casual user but hardcore users might appreciate it. Nonetheless, the bent mouthpiece is my recommended pick because it’s useful for everyone.

Design and Features

Fury Edge Design and Features
The Edge has a time-tested device that has proven to be durable, stylish, and feature-rich.


The Fury Edge should look familiar if you stay abreast of all the current vaporizers. It looks just like the two previous Fury models as well as the Planet of the Vapes One. The latter is actually a badge-engineered version of the Fury. It’s no surprise that this design is used so often because it offers a lot of features in a nice, compact form. You get precise temperature control, haptic feedback, and a digital display. That latter feature is noteworthy because now it’s possible to invert it depending on how you hold the Edge.

The Fury Edge also includes a nice suite of accessories that includes a glass mouthpiece for cooler, smoother vaping. There are also some nice optional mouthpieces as well, all of which are easy to switch out, which is another reason why this design is so popular. The Edge has a kirksite alloy body so it is a very durable piece of kit. It is a highly portable one as well because it’s small size is very pocket-friendly, at least with the plastic mouthpiece. The Edge comes with a protective cover to keep it safe from any harmful elements, but that cover doesn’t work with the glass mouthpiece, which reduces the portability of the Edge a little.


The glass mouthpiece is the standout feature here since it provides a superior vaping experience to the standard plastic one. It is also a feature that is uncommon in weed vapes in this price range.

How to Use

Fury Edge How to Use
The Edge is an easy to use device that even first-time vapers will be able to get the hang of.
  1. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the chamber with herb and then replace the mouthpiece of your choice.
  3. Press the power button three times to turn on the device.
  4. Use the control buttons to select the temperature.
  5. When heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Edge is a pretty low maintenance device since you just need isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs to clean the oven and either mouthpiece.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Fury Edge Performance and Vapor Quality
The Edge delivers excellent vapor quality and can produce some surprisingly large clouds.


The Edge heats up impressively fast, at just twenty seconds to get to temperature, it outpaces most premium vaporizers. Once it does finish heating up, the body stays cool to the touch, though the plastic mouthpiece can get warm. If you don’t want that, then stick with the glass mouthpiece.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Edge is among the best in this subset of mid-priced dry herb vaporizers. The flavor is very good and cloud production is surprisingly impressive. Naturally, you get a superior experience with the glass mouthpiece since it keeps the vapor cooler and purer than the plastic one does. The flavor peaks in the 370°F to 390°F range, any lower and the flavor isn’t as strong, any higher and it gets too harsh.

The Edge can vape wax concentrates with the included concentrate pad but that isn’t recommended. As with all dry herb vaporizers that can also vape wax, the temperature doesn’t get hot enough to completely vaporize the wax. So, stick to dry herb and stick to your vape pen if you want to use wax.

Battery Performance

The Edge has a 2300 mAh battery which is a good deal larger than the battery of the One. That size is reflected in the performance of the battery since it can last for up to ninety minutes which is about the average for most portable vapes but much longer than the One. The recharge time is about ninety minutes as well, which is also about average for most portable vapes.

Fury Edge vs Planet of the Vapes One

The Fury Edge is a great upgrade to the previous Fury models and a great addition to the platform of vaporizers that includes the Planet of the Vapes One. It actually bests the One when it comes to battery life and matches it when it comes to other qualities like vapor quality and useful accessories. It does cost a little more than the One so you should keep that in mind, but you can’t go wrong with either one of these vaporizers.