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Dabado Bolt Pro Review

Dabado Bolt Pro Review

Dabado Bolt Pro is a bigger, better, and more powerful version from the original and popular Dabado Bolt vaporizer. It sports an 18650 battery with a maximum temperature of 980F. And this unit uses the large Pro XL nails which are twice the size of normal Dabado nails. If big clouds and rich flavor you're looking, the Dabado Bolt Pro Kit is worth the investment.

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$199.99 Dabado
Editor choice Source ORB XL FLOSSTRADAMUS


Source Orb XL Flosstradamus by Source Vapes is a high-powere and portable vaporizer with outstanding airflow and innovative design, it features triple quartz coils made from GR1 titanium and a stainless steel mouthpiece with 30W battery. This vaporizer is the one of best portable wax vape pens on the market in 2016.

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Micro Nectar Collector Review

Micro Nectar Collector Review

Micro Vaped and Nectar Collector have collaborated to bring you the Micro Nectar Collector Kit with a new Switch-Hit Technology. The Micro Nectar Collector can be used as a standard wax vape pen with the included 110V battery, or as a nectar collecter by using the titanium nail tip which then heats up using a torch that allows you to take hits of your favorite wax concentrates. This vaporizer was also designed with pass-thru capability ...
$129.99 Vape-Smart
Focusvape Tourist Review

Focusvape Tourist Review

The FocusVape Tourist Vaporizer is a multi-functional unit that can handle herbs and concentrates with ease. It is a nice and sturdy vaporizer that has an impressive temperature. It uses 2 different attachments to handle herbs and waxes, each with its own water filtration, giving you a unique performance for both herbs and waxes. Although lack of portability due to its hugeness, the design is fairly discreet.
$259 TVAPE
Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition Review

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition Review

The Dr. Dabber Boost is great for frequent dabbers who want a device they can bring with them on-the-go. It features domeless nails that come in titanium, ceramic, and quartz for ultimate customization. The Boost has a long battery life that allows for many sessions on a single charge. It is easy to use and delivers awesome performance and vapor quality.
$159.95 Visit Dr Dabber
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