DynaVap 2021 M Review

Published March 30, 2020 Updated May 15, 2023
DynaVap 2021 M Review

Review Summary

DynaVap’s line of Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs) is definitely different from the usual vaporizer - especially since you need to add a torch to the mix. There might be a slight learning curve here but once you get the hang of it, the DynaVap M is great for microdosing and delivers good quality vapor that’s heavy on flavor. It definitely feels a lot like an ode to the good old’ joint and it’s definitely recommended if you’re still transitioning from that to vaping.

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MSRP $75


DynaVap 2020 'M' Analog Vape

DynaVap (visit store) is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer that specializes in making the analog-vaporizer or what they call Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs). Analog vaporizers don’t use batteries or electricity to heat the herbs. Instead, you need to light it up the old-fashioned way- with a butane torch or lighter. Since opening in 2015- they’ve released four TED models – the M, OMNI, VONG, and BB’s. 

The first DynaVap M was released in 2016, and the brand has been steadily releasing a new and upgraded version of it every year since. Regardless of its release date and improvements, the price has remained at $75. The DynaVap M 2021 sports a redesigned chiral airport, a more narrow hourglass body for easier rotation and control, and a ridged crown/tip that secures the cap in place.

Compatibility: The DynaVap M 2021 is compatible with dry Cannabis herb, I tested this product with CBD herb from InHemp, which can be legally shipped throughout all 50 US States.

Design & Features

DynaVap 2020 'M' Manual Vape

The DynaVap M 2021 is made out of stainless steel that’s about 4″ tall and about as slim as your average pen. It’s definitely pocketable (but the butane torch you’ll need might not be).  The device has a slight dip in the middle, right under the Chiral Airport. This new hourglass shape made it easier to figure out where my fingers should be as I’m holding it, and it also helped in maintaining a firm grip while heating. 

An interesting thing about this device is how simple it looks at first glance, and yet has really intricate and functional details that you’ll definitely make a difference when you start using it. It’s also made for microdosing- the bowl’s capacity can be adjusted to 0.1g to 0.5g.  This is a nice feature especially if you’re conserving herb or just want one or two hits. If you’re doing back-to-back sessions on this device- it’s also pretty easy to load; simply stick it into your finely ground herb, twist, and turn.


DynaVap 2020 'M' Adjust-A-Bowl

The tip of the device or the Vapcap is where you’ll have to position your torch while you’re continually rolling it. It usually takes about 10 – 15 seconds for it to reach the optimal temperature of around 300-340 degrees Fahrenheit, and once it gets that hot, you’ll hear an audible click and that’s the signal to start vaping. 

The tip has a new look and a crown that DynaVap has named “Septa”. The ridges that keep the Captive Cap in place now have a faceted pattern that’s much better than what used to be on 2020 M. The addition of alternating grooves better secure the cap and make it less likely to slip off by accident.

This new cap also allows for stronger clicks, making it harder to miss the clicks when they happen. Being able to hear a very audible “click” is key to using the M at its best since heating the device for too long will definitely burn your herb. 

Chiral Air-port

DynaVap 2020 'M' Air-ports

The M 2021 features a new “next-generation” Chiral airport which looks like an “M”. On the 2020 M, it was a single hole that you could cover with your finger, but now it’s separated into two sections. It’s also carved into steps or layers on the inside of the device- somewhat controlling the movement of air that comes in to mix with the created vapor. 

The short airpath on the device itself means you’re bound to get some harsh, hot hits. So, it makes total sense that the airport is engineered to serve the goals of increased airflow complexity and more effective mixing of the cool air with the warm vapor that comes from the heated herb.


DynaVap 2020 'M' Analog Vaporizer

The tapered mouthpiece design hasn’t changed since the M 2019, but in 2020, a slight adjustment was made to make it fit into a 10mm female stem.  I used a rig from Higher Standards to test it out. Being able to use this device with water means you’ll get cleaner, denser, and more importantly- cooler vapor.

How To Use

Dynavap M with lighter

Since the M is a Thermal Extraction Device (TED) aka analog vaporizer, using the device isn’t as straightforward as your usual dry herb vape. There might be a lot of variables at play here, but it’s nothing that can’t be learned. 

  1. Remove the Cap.
  2. (Optional) Twist the bowl to change the bowl’s capacity.
  3. Load 
  4. Replace the cap.
  5. Start heating the cap with the lighter.
  6. When you hear a second click, inhale from the mouthpiece.
  7. (Optional) Cover either side of the Chiral Airport or cover the whole thing to control the airflow.

Note: You can continue heating just a second or two after the 2nd click for a more intense hit.

Performance & Vapor Quality

DynaVap 2020 'M' Adjustable Bowl

The DynaVap M 2021 heats up in about 15 seconds, and despite the lack of precise temperature indicators, there is still a fair amount of control that’s dependent on your torch technique. To an extent, you get to decide what sort of hits you want with the M.

The clicks help you know when to take a puff, and you have the option to heat it up for a second or two longer for a more intense hit. And if what you want is vapor with more flavor and density, then you can start inhaling right after the second click.

There’s quite a difference in the draw resistance between the M 2021 and 2020  – the extra bit of space between the cap and the tip on the M 2021 allows for more air to come in. So the vapor is slightly thinned out, but it is definitely more flavorful. If you’re a user who wants to get thick clouds out of this device then simply adjust your inhalation method to a more long and slow draw. 

Analog vaping definitely has a slight learning curve, but once you get used to it- using the device becomes second nature. Note that you need to use a butane lighter or torch (buy on amazon), using a regular lighter will take too long and you’ll probably end up melting the lighter before you can even take a hit- be cautious here. 

Bottom Line

DynaVap 2020 'M' Manual Vaporizer

The DynaVap M 2021 is definitely an upgrade over its predecessor. It has better airflow control, produces more flavorful vapor, and is a lot easier to grip. If you’re someone who’s looking for a different kind of vaporizing experience or you’re transitioning from the old pipe and joint – then the DynaVap “M” is definitely recommended. 

It’s definitely a niche product that works great and the adjustable bowl makes it possible to microdose. But don’t expect discretion here, the device might fit in your pocket- but a torch will not. If you’re looking to ditch the torch completely and use a battery-powered device- I’d highly recommend the Yocan HIT (review), a mid-tier vaporizer like the K-Vape Pro (review), or better yet check out our list of the best dry herb vaporizers of 2022.

DynaVap 2021 M

  • Brand DynaVap
  • MSRP $75
  • Product Type Portable Vaporizer
  • Compatibility Dry Herb
  • Released DateJune, 2021
  • Warranty 1 Year


  • Body Material Aluminum
  • Oven Material Stainless Steel
  • Oven Capacity 0.5gr
  • Heat Up Time 10-20s

Overall Score

  • Ease of Use4.6
  • Heat Dispersion3.3
  • Design3.1
  • Durability3.3
  • Draw Restriction3.4
  • Ease of Cleaning4.2
  • Extraction Efncy4.7
  • Flavor4.8
  • Brand Rep4.5
  • Parts Availability2.5

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