Design & Features: 


Dryonic II is a dry herb vaporizer manufactured exclusively for O2Vape (Visit Store), so we haven’t seen a similar design elsewhere. Unlike other portable dry herb vapes, usually square-shaped like the Zeus Arc GT (Review) or the Uttilian 620 (Review), the Dryonic II is uniquely designed in a long cylinder shape, typically seen in vape pens.

It is a little over 6inches high and weighs 110 grams, making it quite portable yet not as discreet as a vape-pen. Still, thanks to its cylindrical shape, it’s comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand.

Its exterior shell is made of some type of soft silicone material and feels slim and smooth when holding it. It has a hidden OLED screen that indicates the temperature level, battery life, and a flame icon. The Flame icon indicates when the device is heating (flashing flame) and when it reaches the desired temperature (solid flame).

Glass mouthpiece:

The Dryonic II highlight is a tube-shapes glass mouthpiece, a great manufacturer decision right here. The glass mouthpiece keeps the herbs’ flavor pure and neutral and is preferable over a plastic one that usually interferes with the vapor taste—kind of like glass-bottle soda that tastes 100 times better than a can or plastic ones.

The mouthpiece sits on top of the heating chamber and can be pulled in and out with gentle pressure. It is designed with a small pin on the bottom that pinches in the chamber, allowing the user to stir the herbs during sessions, to extract the most out of the precious flowers, and make sure it’s cooked evenly.

Temperature range:

Dryonic II temp range can be set through the rotating ring located on the LED screen’s bottom. By revolving it, the user can set the desired temperature anywhere between 200°F and 430°F.

Even though O2Vape officially states a precise temperature control, it can only be set with a 5 degrees increments. I didn’t see that as an issue; choosing 215°F instead of 213°F isn’t a big deal to most users I know, but stating it ‘precise temperature’ is not exactly accurate.

Convection oven:

Dryonic II ceramic oven can hold up to 0.5 grams, although I don’t recommend overloading it as it will lead to a strong draw-resistance.

Despite its relatively low price, the Dryonic II uses a convection heating method that supports even heating and produces tastier flavor. Convection vaporizers use hot air rather than direct heat to cook the herbs and are typically pricey compared to conduction vapes. Some popular convection vaporizers are Firefly 2+ (Review) and Uttilian 722 (Review). You can read more about convection vs. conduction heating methods to understand the main differences.

Performance & Vapor Quality


The Dryonic II takes between 40 to 50 seconds to heat up, depending on the set temperature. The glass mouthpiece did a pretty good job cooling the vapor, but the top of the device got warm, especially at the upper temp levels. 

Vapor Quality: 

The combination of a convection oven and a glass mouthpiece has achieved an impressively pure flavor and rich taste, especially at the beginning of the session. Yet the vapor quality cannot be compared with other dry herb portable vapes such as Solo 2 (Review)  or Mighty+ (Review) / Crafty+ (Review). I found the best vapor quality somewhere between 380°F and 390°F since it retains more flavor from the herbs, but wasn’t too harsh for beginner vapers.


The Dryonic II battery life is one of its drawbacks. It’s powered by a 1200mAH battery that averagely lasted for 40-50 minutes of usage and took not less than 4-5 (!) to recharge.

Bottom line

Dryonic II is a good option for beginner vapers looking for a convection device at a friendly price. Its notable features are the glass mouthpiece and unique design; however, the built quality and battery life is not the best I’ve seen. For experienced vapers looking for a more powerful device and better vapor quality, I suggest taking a look into Uttilian 722 (Review) that is also using a convection heating, or the Arizer Solo 2 (Review) that provides a great value under $200.