The Switch is innovative in two different ways, one is because it is a handheld dab rig, and the other is because it uses induction technology. Handheld dab rigs are extract vapes that can be held in your hand like a bong but which provide an intense extract vaping experience. They are still relatively rare, and currently, the only other products in this category are the Puffco Peak and the Focus V Carta.

As for induction heating, that is even rarer. It’s an advanced heating method that uses electromagnets to heat up coils, inside of which is placed a receptacle containing the wax. The main advantages of this method are that it heats up extremely fast, the coils don’t get hot, and they never need replacing.

Kit and Accessories

Dr Dabber Switch Kit and Accessories
The kit of the Switch only includes the ceramic nails (left and right), the quartz nail (centre) is an optional purchase.
  • Dr Dabber Switch
  • Glass bubbler
  • One black + one white ceramic induction cup
  • Dab tool/carb cap
  • Silicone wax container
  • Tweezers + ceramic flower filter

Compatibility: The Dr Dabber Switch is compatible with wax concentrates and dry herb.

Official Accessories

Replacements for all of the various accessories included in the Switch’s kit are available from the Dr Dabber website, you can also buy quartz nails from them as well. Additionally, you can buy brand new bubblers and carb caps if you want to give your Switch a fresh, new look. They even sell bubbler bases so that glass artists can create their own unique bubbler designs for the device. Just remember to use the Dr Dabber coupon code whenever you order anything.

Design and Features

Dr Dabber Switch Design
The Switch is quite large for a concentrate vaporizer, but its vaguely hourglass shape makes it easy to hold on to.

The Switch is pretty darn big, far bigger than the other vapes in this category, and much bigger than any dab rig. It’s ten inches tall without the bubbler attached and thirteen inches when the bubbler is connected, which makes it bigger than most water bottles. The Switch isn’t an unwieldy device though, because it has an hourglass shape and a rubberized finish, both of which make it very easy to grip.

The Switch consists of various different pieces which snap together easily, intuitively, and firmly. It has a variety of different heating and lighting modes, all of which are controlled using three buttons and five lights. On the one hand, I like that they want to keep things fairly simple, but on the other hand, that is a lot of functionality for just a few lights and buttons. The result is that using the more advanced features can be a little complicated.

Those advanced features are worth learning because they are pretty impressive. You can access twenty-five different power settings as well as various light shows from the light beneath the frosted glass on the top of the unit. Fortunately, the basic functions are pretty easy, though one complication is that you need the included tweezers in order to put the induction cups—i.e. the nails—inside of the electromagnetic coils. So, make sure you don’t lose them.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Switch isn’t difficult to clean, but it can take a while since it consists of so many different pieces. The Switch itself, it’s induction cups, filters, and glass attachments can all be cleaned using cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that they are all cool before you start cleaning them, and that they are dry before you use them again.

You can also clean the nails via a self-cleaning cycle. This is for when there is particularly stubborn residue in the induction cups. You set the Switch to the highest setting using the plus button and once the maximum temperature has been reached, you continue holding down the button for another five seconds. This will initiate the self-cleaning cycle, which can be stopped at any time by pressing the power button. Note that this cycle is only for the ceramic nails and not the optional quartz one.

How to Use

Dr Dabber Switch How to Use
The inverted tweezers are needed to get the induction cups in and out of the Switch’s heating well.

With Wax

  1. Set the power switch to the oil setting.
  2. Fill the glass bubbler with a few ounces of water then securely attach it to the glass top of the unit.
  3. Use the plus and minus buttons to choose your desired power setting.
  4. Place one of the ceramic nails inside of the coils using the included tweezers.
  5. Scoop up a rice grain sized amount of wax using the dab tool and then press the Go button to start the heating process.
  6. Dab the wax into the nail, cover it with the carb cap/dab tool and inhale from the mouthpiece.

With the Quartz Nail

The optional quartz nail has a separate power setting than the concentrate and dry herb modes. This setting is called crystal mode and is accessed using the following procedure:

  1. Hold down the plus button and flip the switch to oil or leaf.
  2. The LED lights on the front of the unit will light up white to indicate that crystal mode is active.
  3. Follow the rest of the wax loading process.

With Dry Herb

  1. Flip the power switch to leaf mode.
  2. Place a few ounces of water in the glass bubbler and then attach it to the top of the unit.
  3. Choose your power setting using the plus and minus buttons.
  4. Firmly pack one of the ceramic nails with dry herb and place it in the glass receptacle on top of the unit using the tweezers.
  5. Cover the ceramic nail with the ceramic flower filter and press the Go button.
  6. Inhale from the mouthpiece once the desired power setting is reached.

Temperature Range: The switch has a range of 300°F to 800+°F

Performance and Vapor Quality

Dr Dabber Switch Performance
The Switch does an exceptional job vaporizing concentrates, but its performance with dry herb is not quite as good.

Vaporizer Performance: The induction heating technology is no joke as it only takes about three seconds to finish heating the induction cup on the lower temperature settings and just twelve seconds on the higher settings. That’s a significant order of magnitude faster than any other non-induction concentrate vaporizer.

Vapor Quality with Wax: You would expect that an extract vaporizer this advanced and expensive would produce some seriously good vapor. Fortunately, your expectations would be met, if not surpassed completely. The flavor and aroma are excellent, especially at the lower, flavor-optimized settings. 

The higher settings are better for cloud production—though the lower settings aren’t too shabby in that regard—than flavor. At those higher settings, the vapor may not be as flavorful, but it’s not hot and harsh either since the water bubbler does a great job of keeping the vapor cool no matter the temperature. 

Vapor Quality with Dry Herb: The dry herb performance of the Switch will likely get mixed reviews. I thought it was just okay, but it’s not something I would try again. It’s not terrible but it can’t really match the best dry herb vapes. Anyone who hasn’t used a weed vape before might be satisfied, but I doubt that experienced dry herb vapers will be too impressed. I would suggest that you stick to concentrates with the Switch.

Battery Performance: The Switch impresses here too because it can go for up to one hundred and fifty dabs before it needs to be recharged. When it does need to be recharged, it only takes about an hour. It gets even better since pass-through charging is available. So, you’ll be vaping almost non-stop with the Switch.