After much anticipation and speculation, Dr. Dabber (visit homepage) released their new flagship wax pen, called the Stella. Dr. Dabber has been one of the most dominant players in the dabbing scene. With unique releases such as the Switch dabbing rig (Review | Buy) which is the first vape to use conduction heating technology. The Switch is an amazing vape, but it huge, bulky, and not portable. So.. What if you want to vape out of the house? Enter- The Stella.

The Dr. Dabber Stella is a $100 portable dab pen, that is compatible with any THC or CBD wax, extract, shatter, or honey. It is not 510 thread so it is not compatible with CBD carts, and it only works with Dr. Dabbers compatible coils which retail for $30 from Dr. Dabber.

Design & Features

The Stella is shaped like an ordinary vape pen, but it is on the thicker side, similar to KP Crystal (Review | Buy) and the Utillian 5 (Review | Buy.) It is eclosed in an all-black stainless steel shell that feels sleek and futuristic. The Stella is solid and durable and feels well made compared to similar products in the price range.

The pen is made of three main components:


The Stella battery may look simple but it packs some cool tech under the hood. It uses a technology called TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance) which allows the

battery to adjust the voltage based on the designed temperature of the heating coil. So instead of having a constant stream of power to the coil, the battery automatically adjusts to make sure that the coil stays in the precise temperature.

This is a huge improvement over comparable vape pens as it ensures that the heating element will not get too hot and “burn” the extracts. It allows the coil to work with a spectrum of power instead of the simple on/off we’re used to.


The Stella features a ceramic “floating coil” that minimizes the contact points between the coil and the body of the pen. This design reduces heat transfer and prevents the device from getting uncomfortably hot to hold.

Temperature levels: The Stella has three temp settings between 460 to 775 degrees Fahrenheit, plus a “pre-heat” function. This is a wide range that will satisfy beginners looking for soft and mild hits, to advanced users that are looking for strong and aggressive vapor.


The Stella features an upgraded mouthpiece over the prev gen Aurora. It is larger and feels more sturdy. It features a unique Vortex airflow that cools down the vapor while keeping a good draw resistance.

Bottom line

The Stells is a hit. We’ve been waiting for a premium dab pen under $100 I think we just got it. It’s simple, with no unnecessary bells and whistles, just a low-key design and top-shelf performance. Without a doubt, Stella is one of the best vape pens of year.

In-depth review coming soon!