Dr Dabber CBD Line Review

Published November 19, 2019 Updated May 15, 2023
Dr Dabber CBD Line Review

Review Summary

The Dr Dabber cartridge has four flavors you can choose: Regular, Citrus, Fresh, & Robust. Each cartridge has an adjustable airflow to set your draw resistance to your likings and has a glass mouth tip that keeps the flavor pure. The battery, on the other hand, has preset temperatures and sesh mode which beginners may find useful. Overall, the cartridges and the batteries are nicely designed products which makes the combo package an appealing choice for beginners.

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MSRP $35


Dr Dabber CBD Vape Review

Dr Dabber usually makes wax vapes like the Dr Dabber Stella (Review) which provide great value in their respective price range. Now, they entered the CBD business and provide a nice selection of batteries and cartridges for their users.

You can choose from four flavors (Regular, Citrus, Fresh, Robust) which you can buy individually ($35) if you already own a 510 battery. If not, then you can just buy the ($50) combo pack. This is pretty good since it benefits all kinds of users whether newcomers or CBD users that have a reusable battery.

Design & Features


Dr Dabber Oil Vape

The Dr Dabber batteries look pretty basic and don’t stand out that much aside from their vivid color selection. It has four different color variants that correspond to the available flavors that add a nice touch of style to the batteries. When you hold it, it feels smooth and doesn’t weigh much which can fit comfortably in my hand or can easily stash inside any pocket/purse.

The batteries are also more functional than some oil vape pens since they have a single button that you can use to pick three different voltage settings rather than a fixed one. It also has a pre-heat mode that heats the oil for 15 seconds which is a useful feature since you don’t have to hold the power button down for longer lung-filling draws. The batteries can last up to 40-50 draws which are enough for 500 mg concentrates.


Dr Dabber CBD Mouthpiece

The box of each cartridge contains a QR code that you can scan by using your phone. It will redirect you to a website that contains the batch testing results for the specific flavor. This is a great feature and I think this should be normalized for all 510 carts to let vapers know what they’re exactly inhaling. This kind of transparency makes users feel at ease since some 510 carts have artificial flavors and other chemicals in it.

Each cartridge contains 250 mg concentrates which should be right for most users. It contains natural terpenes which means you’re just inhaling botanical extracts that are naturally found in a cannabis plant. It also has a glass mouth tip which is nice, this will make the vapor cool and pure. Also, it has an adjustable airflow so users get to set their preferred draw resistance.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Dr Dabber CBD Colors

You can start vaping immediately after pushing the power button but for a better vaping experience, I’d preheat the oils first, and then, take a long steady drag. In this way, I can taste the terps more and get the most out of my CBD cartridge. I prefer setting it on the lowest temp setting which has more flavor and calm vapor which I recommend for beginners. The highest setting might tickle your throat a little bit and make you cough since it produces more and stronger vapor.

The vapor quality depends on the CBD cartridge that you’re using, but overall, I think most casual vapers will be satisfied with the flavor selection. Currently, there are four choices available and none of them have a single dominating flavor note. Instead, they have a nice intermixing of various subtle flavors. 

The blandly named Original, for example, has a nice fruity taste that isn’t overwhelming. Also, the Robust has a pleasant earthy flavor that I’ve never experienced in a CBD cartridge before. I don’t know if anyone buys—or doesn’t buy—CBD cartridges for the flavor, but if they do, then they won’t be disappointed with the flavor selection on offer here.

Bottom Line

Dr Dabber CBD has an average battery life, useful features (adjustable airflow and temperature settings), and produce vapor that you wouldn’t expect from its price range. However, for people who use CBD for medical reasons might find that the concentration is a little low. So, this is geared more towards casual, rather than heavy, CBD users.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent device for its price, and would happily recommend it to anyone who wants to vape oils. No matter what type of user you are, you will like the selection of flavors available because they are a little different from the norm.

In my opinion, having to choose from buying the whole pack or just the cartridge/battery is a convenience that benefits all kinds of users. Other CBD companies make disposable vape pens, Choice CBD Vape Pen (Review) for example, has an all-in-one design but can get expensive to replace. While Dr Dabber CBD Line is more cost-effective since they give users a reusable battery that does not need to be replaced.

Dr Dabber CBD Line

  • Brand Dr. Dabber
  • MSRP $35
  • Product Type 510 Battery
  • Compatibility 510 Carts
  • Warranty 1 Year


Heating Element

  • Temp Settings 3 Levels
  • Heating Method Conduction
  • Heat Up Time 2-5s
  • Battery Type Internal
  • Charge Time 1-2 Hours
  • Charger Type Micro-USB

Overall Score

  • Ease of Use3.3
  • Heat Dispersion3.2
  • Interface3.1
  • Design3
  • Durability2.9
  • Draw Restriction2.9
  • Ease of Cleaning3.3
  • Extraction Efncy3.4
  • Flavor3.8
  • Brand Rep4.9
  • Parts Availability3.4

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