Delta 8 Hemp Vape Carts Review

Lastest update June 10, 2022
Delta 8 Hemp Vape Carts Review

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The Delta 8 Hemp Vape Cartridges carts are handcrafted in Denver CO. A single cartridge contains a full gram of active ingredients. They are 73.1% Delta 8 THC and are available in various flavors.

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MSRP $20

Background – What is Delta-8 ?

Delta 8 Hemp Vape Cartridges

Delta – 8 is a cannabis compound that has risen in popularity because of its similarity to THC- the main compound in cannabis that users love for its “high” effect. THC is best known for euphoria, happiness, symptom relief, and so much more. Large amounts of THC are found in a majority of cannabis strains that are available today.

Most of the Delta-8 available on the market today is made from hemp-derived CBD, and Colorado-based hemp and CBD distributor Industrial Hemp Farms (visit store), has just included a new Delta 8 Hemp Vape Carts in their product line up. Available in various flavors, this new vape cartridge is an alternative for users who are looking to test something new or something much milder than the usual THC.

**The legality of delta-8 is currently debated in some areas, so please be vigilant and check with your local state laws before purchasing.


There are over a 100 cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant – the most common and abundant of them being delta-9 THC and cannabidiol. Delta-8 is a secondary or minor cannabinoid that has a different molecular structure.

The resulting feeling when using Delta-8 is unarguably more relaxed and peaceful than the “high” associated with THC, which is why more and more users are making the switch. Delta 8 Hemp Vape Cartridges consist of 92% hemp derived Delta-8 THC and are currently available in tropical flavors such as mango, guava, watermelon, and Piña Colada.

While the compound is less active than THC, Delta-8 users report many of the same effects; mild euphoria, happiness, uplifting feelings and relief from pain symptoms. Delta-8 has also gained popularity as a sleep-aid (in lieu of THC).


Delta 8 Hemp Vape Cartridges with 510 battery

Delta 8 Hemp Vape Cartridges is a great alternative to THC and is mellow enough for daily use or for vaping during a day of work.

The flavors are bold, refreshing, and don’t overpower the usual taste of THC that I’m used to. It’s a great alternative to THC and is mellow enough for daily use or for vaping during a day of work.These cartridges are 510 compatible and work with each of the devices on our best of 2022 list.

Delta 8 Hemp Vape Carts

  • Brand Industrial Hemp Farms
  • MSRP $20
  • Product Type Portable Vaporizer
  • Compatibility 510 Carts


Overall Score

  • Ease of Use3.9
  • Heat Dispersion3.8
  • Interface4.1
  • Design3.8
  • Durability3.8
  • Draw Restriction4.1
  • Ease of Cleaning4
  • Extraction Efncy3.9
  • Flavor4.1
  • Brand Rep3.9
  • Parts Availability4.3

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