Design and Features

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer Design
The rubber gaskets make each component easy to remove but doesn’t hold them in place as firmly as a threaded connection would.

General Design: The Flash has flat edges around its circumference that give it a distinct look and a solid grip, plus they prevent it from rolling around when it’s laid on its side, which is a thoughtful feature you don’t always see in vape pens. The one button operation is simple and the temperature settings and battery level are clearly indicated with colored lights on the device.

Ceramic Coil: The coil is very wide and shallow with an airflow hole in the center, sort of like a funnel. It can hold even the biggest dabs, but you don’t have to worry about filling it to capacity all the time because it works with smaller dabs as well. 

Portability: The Flash has a look that is distinct from all the other vape pens out there because of the small, glass tube on top of the device. You can see the ceramic coil through the tube, so you can see your wax getting vaporized, which is a pretty cool touch. The Flash is just four inches tall so it is very portable, but since the mouthpiece is exposed, you’ll want to be careful where you put it if you don’t want the mouthpiece getting dirty.

Ease of Use: The mouthpiece, glass tube, and atomizer are connected to each other using rubber gaskets instead of screws, which has both positive and negative sides. On the positive side, it is very quick and easy to remove the tube from the atomizer for loading or cleaning, the same goes for removing the mouthpiece from the tube. On the negative side, the gaskets are not as firm as a threaded connection, so the pieces tend to move around a little. There is never any danger that the connections will slip off, it’s just that they never feel as sturdy as I would like. 

Battery-to-Coil connection: Unlike most vape pens, the Flash is not 510 threaded. 510 Thread is the standard connection between vape pen batteries and pre-filled cartridges. The Flash uses a proprietary connection between the coil and the battery, meaning that they are only compatible with each other, but not with other accessories. The Atomizer can’t be used with other batteries. And the battery can’t be used with pre-filled tanks. The lack of 510 threading could be a negative for vapers who are looking for a wax pen that can also be used with pre-filled carts.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the ceramic coil and the mouthpiece is a simple procedure. You just need to separate each of those components and clean them with an alcohol wipe. It is a quick, uncomplicated process, so you’ll spend most of your time with the Flash vaping rather than cleaning.

How to Use

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer How to use
The wide ceramic coil makes loading the Flash a quick and easy process.
  1. Remove the glass tube together with the mouthpiece to expose the ceramic coil.
  2. Dab your wax onto the coil and then replace the glass tube.
  3. Click the power button five times to unlock the device.
  4. Once the device is unlocked, press the power button three times to choose a voltage setting.
  5. Heating is instantaneous so immediately inhale from the mouthpiece after selecting a voltage.

Voltage Settings: 2.4V (Green) | 3.2V (Blue) | 3.7V (Red)

Performance and Vapor Quality

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer Performance
The Flash produces impressive clouds and very good vapor quality.

Vaporizer Performance: The Flash heats up very quickly, almost instantly, in fact. Just to give you some perspective, it is one of the faster heat times I’ve experienced in a vape pen, which is a category that isn’t exactly slow when it comes to heating up. Seeing the wax get vaporized in the glass tube is pretty cool too. The coil is very easy to load and can hold a lot of wax, but works just as well with small amounts. Many manufacturers are looking ahead to quartz bowls as the next big thing in wax vapes but Cloud V shows that ceramic bowls still have their place.

Vapor Quality: The vapor quality is very good, not the best ever, but definitely above-average. The glass tube keeps the vapor cool, so inhaling from the mouthpiece never felt uncomfortable, and the ceramic coil keeps the vapor pure and free from contaminants. I had the best experience on the middle blue setting where I got abundant vapor and a nice taste. If you want even more clouds, you can try the red setting but be prepared for a slight degradation in flavor. 

Battery Performance: The battery has a capacity of 420 mAh, which lasts for a while since wax sessions are relatively short and sweet. Another upside to that capacity is that it recharges quite quickly. The Flash uses a micro USB charger, which is my preference over a proprietary charger because that means I can buy a replacement anywhere instead of having to order one from the manufacturer.