Kit and Accessories

Cloud V ElectroMini Dab Rig Kit
L-R: Cloud V ElectroMini battery + charging base, USB charging cable, wall outlet, titanium nail, quartz nail.

Standard Bundle

  • Cloud V ElectroMini
  • Charging base
  • One titanium nail
  • One quartz nail
  • Side arm water bubbler
  • Charging cable + charging adapter
  • Dab tool w/ cap

Single Perc Terminator and Double Perc Terminator Bundles

These bundles replace the side arm bubbler with special Terminator bubblers that feature a single or double percolator respectively. These bubblers are longer than the standard sidearm and so cool down the vapor even more than the standard bubbler does. The Single Perc Terminator bundle costs $169 and the Double Perc Terminator Bundle costs $179. 

Compatibility: The Cloud V ElectroMini is compatible with wax extracts only.

Optional Official Accessories

Most dab rigs have a selection of elaborately designed glass bubblers and carb caps to choose from and the ElectroMini is no different. You can get a wide variety of replacement bubblers featuring designs like octopi or spiders or dragons, and carb caps shaped like unicorn heads or trees. They work just as well as pieces of art as they do accessories for the ElectroMini. You can also get replacements for all the other accessories in the pack as well.

Design and Features

Overall Design: If you’ve seen an e-nail, then you’ve pretty much seen the ElectroMini. The designs of e-rigs don’t vary all that much for the sake of functionality, so you shouldn’t expect a radical redesign from this one. It does have a cool button bar that doubles as both a display screen and a control button, which is a unique design touch. The ElectroMini is hardly a portable in the traditional sense, but at just nine inches tall without the bubbler attached, you can easily carry it around in its case if you need to take it somewhere.

Ease of Use: Putting the ElectroMini together is pretty simple because the nails and bubbler are easy to install, and since they are the only pieces, you will be set up in no time. The button bar also makes selecting the temperature fast and easy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Glass Bubbler: This part can get really dirty after just a few uses, so you have to clean it fairly often and cleaning it is kind of a pain. After removing the bubbler from the rest of the ElectroMini, clean out any concentrate residue using glass cleaner and rubbing alcohol. You need to slosh the alcohol around in the bubbler and then blow it out when you’re done. Make sure it is completely dry before you use it again.

Nails: Once the nail has cooled down, unscrew it from the battery and wipe down its dish with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any residue. You should also clean the threads connecting the nail to the battery to ensure that the connection between them remains strong.

How to Use

Cloud V ElectroMini Dab Rig
The wide dish opening makes dabbing your wax onto either of the nails very easy.
  1. Select the nail you want to use and screw it onto the battery.
  2. Place the battery into the charging base to keep it stable.
  3. Place the bubbler firmly on to the battery and fill it with water.
  4. Press the power button three times to turn on the device.
  5. Select the temperature using the button bar and then press the power button twice to start heating.
  6. Dab your wax onto the nail and inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Range: 500°F to 1000°F

Titanium Nail Seasoning: Metal can affect the vapor quality in unpleasant ways, so one way to mitigate that is by seasoning the nail before you use it. You do this by first heating the nail close to its max temperature—about 850°F to 900°F—and then coating it with a thin layer of wax. No inhaling! You don’t even need to attach the bubbler, just let the wax evaporate. Repeat this three or four more times, letting the nail cool before you start over. This will get rid of most of the harsh metallic taste when you actually use the nail, and allow the wax to better stick to the surface of the nail.

Performance and Vapor Quality

E-Nail Performance:  As you would expect from an e-rig, the ElectroMini heats up quickly, in just under thirty seconds. After heavy use, it tends to get hot to the touch, but that’s to be expected. If you use it moderately, then that’s something you don’t have to worry about. 

Titanium Nail Vapor Quality: This nail heats up really quickly so it’s great if you want to get high in a hurry, but it’s not the choice if you want the best flavor quality. No matter how much I seasoned the nail, I always detected a very faint metallic taste. I found the ideal vaping temperature for this nail to be about 650°F but this is not my ideal nail for vaping.

Quartz Nail Vapor Quality: Now we’re talking. The quartz nail heats up a little more slowly than the titanium one, and requires a higher temperature setting of about 750°F, but the extra wait is worth it. Unlike titanium, quartz is a neutral material that doesn’t affect the quality of the vapor, so the flavor is pure and pristine. This nail is easily my favorite because of the superior flavor and because there is no seasoning required. I just make sure that it’s clean and I’m on my way.
Battery Performance: The ElectroMini has a powerful 3300 mAh battery that lasts for ages before it needs recharging. That’s a good thing since a recharge takes three to four hours.