Choice CBD Background
The Choice CBD vape pens are all draw activated, so you can take a hit from them whenever you want.

The Choice CBD vapes are disposable vape pens that are each based on a particular mood that the user wants to feel. Each pen also has its own unique flavor as well, so they offer a decent level of choice to whoever uses them.

They all use all-natural, full-spectrum CBD so you can be certain that each pen is completely pure. That makes them a great choice for a wide variety of users because they are guaranteed to find at least one pen—if not more—that suits their needs. So, if you are curious about CBD and want to know the best way to use it, then give the Choice CBD vape pens a try.

Mood and Flavor Selection

  • Play – Blueberry
  • Chill – Lavender
  • Focus – Peppermint
  • Lift – Lemon Zing
  • Recover – Mimosa

Performance and Vapor Quality

Choice CBD Vape Pens Flavor Selection
Lavender is one of the five tasty flavors available in the Choice CBD vape pens.

 The flavor of each pen closely matches the flavor on its label and they all taste pretty good. The aroma produced by each pen is nearly as impressive as the taste, you can definitely detect more than a hint of some of your favorite strains of weed in there. As for the purported effects of each pen, that is a little more subjective since I’m not certain what play or recover are supposed to be, but I did feel better after trying each one, so they are doing something right. 

The pen itself feels good to use, even though it is disposable it doesn’t feel like something that you would want to throw away because it feels quite solid and well put together. It is small enough to fit anywhere of course, and since it is draw activated, you can take a hit whenever you want. Each pen lasts a long time as well, I can’t tell you exactly how long because none of the ones I’ve used has run out yet. However, I estimate that each one can probably last up to a week or more. That’s good because each pen is pretty expensive.