Caligo Opus is a super-stealthy 510 cartridge vaporizer with a distinctive design appealing to the eye and the hand. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I keep getting an enthusiastic response from friends and family. 

It is the brand's first vape, so I didn't know what to expect, but I have to say that this has become one of my favorite 510-thread batteries. The cartridge is completely concealed inside the device, and no one around will know what you are vaping. 

It retails for $60 from Vape-Smart, and you can use coupon code TVG10 for 10% off. 

Design and features

The devices are shaped like a flat ellipse and have a smooth texture. The front has an LCD screen and one activation button. The magnetic mouthpiece sits on top and can be pulled out to insert the cartridge. The bottom has a USB Mini charging port. 

The vape is tiny and sleek. It easily fits in my palm or slides into my pocket. 

Unlike vapes such as KandyPens C-Box or the Kind Breezy, where the tip of the cartridge is sticking out with the Caligo, the cart is completely concealed inside the device.

The mouthpiece has a hole where the cart is plugged, and the tip is not visible outside the device. This makes it look more like an eCig than a cartridge vaporizer.  

LED Display 

The LED display on the front of the Caligo Opus displays your current session information, and that includes the following:

Inhale Timer & Puff Counter: Get a better clench of your consumption with these two details. The puff counter resets when the device is turned on/off or when you've reached 99 draws. On the other hand, the timer shows the time for 5 seconds after each draw.

Battery Level Indicator: This one tells you how much battery life is remaining in your device and an estimated time of use based on current usage.

Smart features

Dual-Activation: Caligo Opus can be used in a draw-activated mode or by pressing the button when you take the hit.

Haptic feedback: The vape vibrates to indicate when heat is active. If you press the button or inhale, the vape vibrates throughout your entire draw, at different lengths, and when the power is low. This feature can be disabled. 

Complete Cartridge concealment: Regardless of your cart size, .500mL and 1mL cart, it'll fit comfortably inside the device, shielded from UV, lint, and debris. The kit contains two magnetic adapters and two mouthpieces to accommodate all shapes of carts. 

Voltage settings: the Caligo Opus features three voltage settings: Low at 2.4 (V), Medium at 2.7V, and high at 3.4V. Just click the power button three times rapidly to toggle voltage settings. 

Bottom line

Caligo and PCKT Two

After using this device for a month- I'm a fan! The Caligo Opus is a compact, affordable vape battery with a dual-activation system. 

My favorite feature about Opus is how discreet it is. It has everything you need for a perfect session- three voltage levels, button/draw activation, and a sleek shape. It lasts days without recharge and has become my favorite battery.