Flavors & CBD Contents-

Bloom Farms carry a wide variety of CBD products- Vape carts and Vape pens, as well as a full-spectrum tincture (view on vapor.com). 

The Vape Carts are 510 thread, meaning you can use them with any 510 battery, and they are available as a single cartridge ($45), or as a kit with the pen included ($49). Each cart is 0.5g of uncut CBD oil, with over 250mg of CBD. The only other pen that I know of that has the same 60% CBD contents, and purity is the Phenopen (Comparison below).

The carts do not contain MCT Oil, VG or PG to simulate ideal viscosity. The carts contain 100% natural broad-spectrum CBD oil that is high in cannabinoids (including CBC, CBG, and CBN). 

The flavors include (my fav to least fav)- Natural, Mint, Blackberry, Stone fruit. I always gravitate toward the natural flavors, fruity or sweet flavors just don’t do it for me. 

  • Bloom Farms also donate a healthy meal to a food-insecure individual or family for each CBD products they sell. I always like to buy from brands that give back and care about the environment/ community. Adds a “feel good” element to the purchase.

Purity & Performance-

The Bloom carts are FDA approved & use food-safe materials. They publish independent lab test results (see here), and are completely transparent about their ingredients. 

Overall I really like the vapor quality of these carts. I used them with the vape pen (I suggest buying the kit that includes the pen, it’s only $5 extra), which is draw activated and got amazing results. The vapor felt super clean, and I could taste the terpenes and natural compounds of the plants. 

If you are after natural ingredients and flavor, the Bloom farms carts are your number one option, together with Phenopen (Review | Buy). Both brands have a 60% CBD contents and use 100% natural ingredients. The Phenopen uses proprietary cartridges, vs. Bloom, that uses the standard 510 thread, allowing a bit more flexibility.