Atmos Kiln RA Kit Background

The RA in Atmos Kiln RA stands for rebuildable atomizer, so what does rebuildable atomizer stand for? Well, in this case, it means that the ceramic coil is easily, and cheaply—just $20!—replaced. That makes this wax vape one of the more cost effective around since you don’t have to replace the whole chamber.

That, along with the great vapor quality, makes the Kiln one of the best vape pens around. It’s great for beginners since there’s no temperature control, while seasoned vapers can use it to build their own advanced vaporizer or attach the atomizer to a more advanced battery. Well, that’s it for my Atmos Kiln RA review, you’ve got all the info you need. Wait, you want more? OK, fine, I’ll give you some more details.

Contents of the RA Kit’s Kit

  • Atmos Kiln RA
  • Allen wrench and screwdriver for removing the atomizer
  • Spare rubber bands + spare screws
  • Dab tool + cleaning brush
  • USB charger


Atmos Kiln RA Review

Convenience is the name of the game here, at just over four inches tall, the Kiln can fit nearly anywhere, and with no temperature settings, you can fire it up without worrying about any fiddly adjustments. And then there’s the 510 threading, which allows you to use it with other mouthpieces or batteries, perhaps with those fiddly adjustments some people want. Basically, the Kiln is super easy to use.

That ease extends to the replaceable atomizer, removing it is simple since the tools are included in the kit. Filling is also easy since all you have to do is unscrew the mouthpiece when you’re ready. In terms of design, the mouthpiece feels good and you’ll likely enjoy vaping from it even when it’s attached to a different mod, though it does feel good when attached to the Kiln battery. The battery looks decent and comes in a bunch of different flashy colors, which are very much an eye of the beholder thing, they’re a little garish to me, but some might like them. The plain, glossy black and white color schemes are good enough for me, but they’re fingerprint magnets.

How it Performs

atmos kiln ra performance
The ceramic coil delivers pure vapor that tastes great.

The vapor quality of the Kiln is quite good despite the lack of temperature settings, the airflow isn’t adjustable either but it’s also pretty good. Overall, this is a very well calibrated vape. It might be a little hot for some newcomers but that’s a relatively minor problem. A bigger problem is that the fast heat time sometimes cause a splatter in the heating chamber, it doesn’t affect the vaping experience and it’s easy to remove with the included cleaning tools, but it would be better if it weren’t an issue at all.

The versatility of being able to pair the Kiln atomizer with other mods is great but you should be careful with the settings. If you’re using a variable wattage battery, then the ideal range is between five and fifteen watts. For temperature control batteries, you should set them between 300°F and 400°F, any higher, and the heating element might become damaged, yes it’s easy to replace, but you don’t want to do that, do you?