The Arizer Extreme-Q is a desktop vaporizer for your dry herb needs. So far, so normal, right? What makes the Extreme-Q interesting is that it can use both a whip—aka a tube—and a balloon—aka a bag—to inhale the vapor. Does that sound familiar? It does if you’ve heard of the recent Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. As good as the Hybrid is, the Extreme-Q actually came first. Of course, now you may be wondering which hybrid desktop vape to get. The Extreme-Q is a whole lot cheaper, but is it better? Keep reading to find out.

Kit and Accessories

  • Arizer Extreme-Q
  • One silicone whip
  • One glass mini whip
  • Two balloons with frosted glass mouthpieces
  • Two glass whip mouthpieces
  • Two glass cyclone bowls
  • One glass aromatherapy dish
  • Stirring tool
  • Power adapter
  • Remote control
  • One spare flat screen
  • One spare dome screen
  • Aromatherapy herb sample

Compatibility: The Arizer Extreme-Q is compatible with dry herb, but it can also be used as an aromatherapy diffuser.

Design and Features


Arizer Extreme-Q Design and Features
The Extreme-Q has a cylindrically shaped stainless steel body mounted on a sturdy base, plus it has a handy remote that allows you to control it from a distance.

The Extreme-Q is a pretty large, somewhat cylindrical device that looks pretty imposing and monolithic in its stainless steel, glossy black finish. It actually doesn’t look like a vaporizer at all, in fact, it looks a little like a home appliance, you shouldn’t be surprised if an unknowing guest mistakes it for a coffee-maker or similar device. It has a digital screen at the bottom that is surrounded by controls for the fan and the temperature on either side of it. The buttons are nice and tactile and the screen is big and clear enough that you can easily read it from some distance. That screen displays useful information about the temperature setting and fan speed so you always know the current status of the device. It is mounted on a disk-shaped base that glows a faint blue color when it’s turned on, which adds a subtle bit of flair to the device.

The controls are simple and intuitive but the Extreme-Q also includes a handy remote that allows you to control the vaporizer without touching it. While the remote is useful, it also shows the age of the Extreme-Q since most modern vapes would use a smartphone app instead. While that would have been preferable for most users, the lack of a Bluetooth connection probably helps to keep the price of the Extreme-Q low, so that offers some benefit to buyers. Just make sure you don’t lose the remote.

Connecting the tube or balloon is simple enough, though you need to take a good look at the instructions before you do so. The biggest flaw of the Extreme-Q is that there isn’t a valve on the balloon, so when it fills with vapor, you need to cover up the opening with your finger to prevent the vapor from escaping. That can be annoying and it feels pretty old-fashioned as well. As with most desktop vapes, the Extreme-Q is all about functionality more than flash, and I’m sure most users will be fine with that.


The main feature of the Extreme-Q is its ability to use both whips and balloons. The ability to be used as an aromatherapy diffuser is a nice bonus, but it’s not the main attraction here.

How to Use

With the Balloon

  1. Load your ground up herb into the black end of the cyclone bowl.
  2. Attach the white end of the cyclone bowl to the device.
  3. Attach the mini whip to the bowl.
  4. Connect the balloon adapter to the mini whip.
  5. Turn on the device and select a temperature.
  6. Once the temperature has been reached, turn on the fan and wait for the balloon to fill up with vapor.
  7. Once the balloon is filled, turn off the fan.
  8. Remove the balloon from the device while keeping a finger over the mouthpiece hole.
  9. Remove your finger from the mouthpiece and inhale from the mouthpiece of the bag to start vaping.

With the Whip 

  1. Load your ground up herb into the black end of the cyclone bowl.
  2. Attach the white end of the cyclone bowl to the device.
  3. Connect the tube adapter to the cyclone bowl.
  4. Turn on the device and select a temperature.
  5. Once the temperature has been reached, inhale from the mouthpiece of the tube.
  6. (Optional) Turn on the fan to push the vapor through the tube and then inhale from the mouthpiece.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You need to replace the bags, tubes, and screens every month or so. However, you need to clean the various glass pieces on a regular basis. You do this by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol for about half an hour and then rinsing them off with warm water. For more stubborn residue you can use a cotton swab that has been dipped in iso alcohol to clean them.

Performance and Vapor Quality


Arizer Extreme-Q Performance and Vapor Quality
The Extreme-Q can use both a whip and a balloon. However, the balloon does not have a valve to prevent the vapor from escaping, so you need to cover up the opening with your finger.

The Extreme-Q heats up quickly but the balloon can take a few minutes to fill up, at least on the lower fan speeds, which are preferable. It is a fairly quiet device so you won’t be bothered by the roar of the fan at any of its three speeds. You won’t have to worry about excess heat either since the Extreme-Q stays cool to the touch no matter the temperature setting.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is very good, especially when you consider how inexpensive the device actually is. It isn’t the best out of the various desktop vapes but it is pretty good. I found temperatures in the 350°F to 390°F range to be the best, but if you’re a beginner, I suggest you start at about 200°F. You should set the temperature to a few degrees higher than you want because the heating element is a little distance from the bowl.

Speaking of which, both the bag and the whip produce great vapor, though if you want thicker vapor, there are a couple of tricks that you might want to try. First, if you are using the bag, make sure that you use the low or medium fan setting to fill it up. That might take longer, but the vapor will end up thicker than if you had used the highest setting. Second, you can pack the herb into the elbow screen of the mini whip instead of the bowl to get thicker vapor. You will need to set the temperature a little higher than you normally would because of the distance from the elbow to the heating element.

In case you were wondering why you would want to get the Extreme-Q instead of one of the larger stay at home vapes like the Mighty or Solo 2, well there are a few reasons. The vapor produced by the Extreme-Q is smoother and denser than what you can get from a portable based vaporizer. Plus you get more vaping options with the whip and the balloon, not to mention a broader temperature range. Not even the top dry herb vapes can offer those options. Granted, they are a lot easier to use, but if vapor quality is your priority, then a desktop will always beat a portable.