Kit and Accessories

  • AirVape Xs Go
  • Micro USB charging cable

Compatibility: The Xs Go is a purely dry herb vaporizer.

Design and Features

AirVape Xs Go Design
The Xs Go features a curvy, ergonomic design with a well placed power button and a strip of lights that indicate the temperature setting.

General Design: The Xs Go has a nice, curvy, ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels. It has a nice contoured grip that feels good to hold whether you’re right or left handed. It’s a budget vape that’s designed to be very easy to use, so it has a one-button operation and a magnetic mouthpiece that’s easy to remove.

The preset temperatures are indicated by a vertical strip of widening horizontal lights on the front of the device. They are easy to read and are located beneath the power button, which is well placed in the middle of the vape.

It also has the nice feature of a packing tool hidden in a sheath on the back of the device. It’s easy to retrieve and replace, which means that there is one less accessory that you have to worry about. Overall, the Xs Go is a cool-looking, well-designed weed vaporizer.

Portability: The Xs Go is only four inches tall with a slim profile, so it can almost disappear in a clenched fist and it slips easily into any pocket. However, you have to be careful about the mouthpiece when the device is in your pocket. It is not just because it’s exposed to lint and other stuff in there, but because it might snap off accidentally.

The magnet connecting the mouthpiece to the rest of the device could be stronger and more secure, but otherwise, portability isn’t much of an issue. Just make sure that there isn’t any herb in the oven when you pocket it.

Build Quality: The Xs Go is made from ABS plastic that is tough and durable but it has a rubberized, soft-touch coating on the surface that feels good. It also gives the vape a nice two-tone finish that adds a splash of style to the whole device.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You should clean out the herb chamber using a cleaning brush after every few sessions to prevent any residue from building up. Fortunately, the chamber is oval shaped, so there aren’t any hard-to-reach corners that you have to worry about.

How to Use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the oven chamber.
  2. Fill the oven with herb and then replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button three times to turn on the device.
  4. Hold down the power button to cycle through the temperature settings, release it to start the heating process.
  5. Once heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Settings: 355°F | 375°F | 390°F | 405°F | 420°F

Performance and Vapor Quality

AirVape Xs Go Performance
The Xs Go can produce some dense clouds, but the vapor quality is average, even compared to weed vapes in this price range.

Vaporizer Performance: The Xs Go only takes about twenty seconds to heat up, which is very fast for a dry herb vaporizer. The mouthpiece gets a little warm during use but the body stays cool to the touch at all times.

Vapor Quality: This is a budget vape so you shouldn’t expect the same vapor quality you get in vapes that cost two or three times as much. You would expect quality that’s on par with other similarly priced vapes, but you don’t really get that either. The quality is decent for the price but not amazing, personally,I got the best flavor on the middle setting. While the flavor doesn’t impress, the cloud production does, as I was able to get some surprisingly dense vapor from the Xs Go.

Battery Performance: The Xs Go has a 1200 mAh battery, which is about the same as other vapes in this price range. It lasts for less than an hour but recharges in roughly 45 minutes.