AirVape is a recognized brand in the dry herb vaping industry that released one of the thinnest vapes, which is the X (Review | Buy). They also released a high-end weed vape that features a gold-plated heating chamber called the AirVape Legacy (Review | Buy).

On the other hand, the AirVape OM is a pen-style vaporizer compatible with wax and 510 pre-filled carts. It features a Dual Quartz coil, which can be easily removed by unscrewing the magnetic adapter if you plan on vaping oils.

The OM has two cartridge covers to hold standard carts like Dr. Dabber CBD (Review | Buy) or longer carts like Jetty CBD (Review | Buy), so you don’t have to worry about your cartridge being exposed and prone to breaking. It also has a protective cover for the glass mouthpiece if you want to stick to vaping concentrates while on-the-go.

As I’ve mentioned above, the OM is compatible with THC/CBD wax, shatter, honey, and other types of solid extracts. In this review, I’ve used Steve’s Goods CBD Extracts (Visit Store), which is available to ship anywhere in the U.S. The OM retails from AirVape (Visit Store) for $60 (Carbon or Leather) and $70 for the Classic OM, which lies in the category of entry-level vape.

Design & Features

The OM features a stainless steel body with a faux-wooden grip that looks good and feels solid to hold. It’s a slim device that measures 4.5 inches tall and can be easily concealed by my hand. It has a ‘ring’ that allows the device to be attached to any keychains, preventing it from getting lost or misplaced.

It has a clicky button located on the bottom responsible for picking the temperature and activating the device. There’s also a LED light that indicates the three voltage settings and the battery life. On the other end, The mouthpiece has a glass mouth tip, which somehow helped preserve the vapor’s purity. It also has a protective cover, so the mouth tip won’t break whenever you accidentally drop it.

The atomizer & mouthpiece is magnetically connected, which allows for quick and easy loading. It features a ceramic chamber with Dual Quartz Coil, which means it has a fast heat time and can produce intense vapor on higher temp settings. However, since the device is small, the chamber can only hold a pea-sized wax compared to bigger vape pens.

The two variations: the Carbon and Leather, have a magnetic adapter connecting the atomizer or the cartridge to the battery. In my opinion, opting for the two variations is a much more convenient choice since you don’t need to screw the atomizer or the carts directly onto the body. The magnetic adapter allows you to change between wax or oil easier and faster.

Overall, this vape pen is as portable as can be, and the keyring is the dead giveaway here. Once it’s on your keychain, you can bring it wherever you go and have a session outdoors without getting much attention to yourself. However, some vapers might find the keyring inconvenient since you would have to take out your keys every time you want to have a session. If it can be easily removed, then it would have been more useful.

How To Use

The OM is very easy to use, like most vape pens with variable voltage. To use it, you need to:

  1. Remove the outer cap from the device.
  2. Pull the mouthpiece and dab your wax to the coils.
  3. (For Using Pre-filled Cart) Remove the atomizer and attach your cartridge.
  4. Attach the suitable cover cap.
  5. To turn on the device, press the power button five times.
  6. Select the voltage setting by clicking the power button two times.
  7. Hold the power button as you inhale.

Voltage Settings: 2.4V (Blue) | 3.2V (White) | 4.0V (Red)

Performance & Vapor Quality

The wax performance is pretty good considering the small size of the OM. It doesn’t hold a lot of wax, but that doesn’t affect the performance much since it does manage to do a lot with what little wax it can fit.

I got the best result when vaping in the middle setting. That’s the sweet spot for me since the lowest setting is kind of weak and the highest one is a little harsh. The OM extracted the concentrates efficiently, and the glass mouthpiece somehow helped keep the vapor clean and aromatic.

The vapor quality is decent considering the size-to-performance ratio, but it can’t par with standard-sized wax vapes such as the Utillian 2 (Review | Buy) or the Puffco Plus (Review | Buy). With pre-filled carts, I tried using my favorite Bloom Farms CBD (Review | Buy), and it works out fine and better than the proprietary battery when you purchase the ‘combo pack.’

Battery Performance: The OM has a 350 mAh battery that probably won’t last long, especially if you vape at the highest setting. With judicious use in the lowest or middle setting, you can probably get a day’s use out of it. If you plan on using the OM often, then you better have a power bank with you.

Bottom Line

Overall, the AirVape OM is a super sleek vape that’s geared towards wax and oil vapers who tend to travel more than spending time at home. It’s easy to use and certainly functions well for a beginner vape.

However, in my opinion, it lacks the performance to effectively vape the wax since the battery life is relatively weak and won’t probably last long compared to most standard vape pens. So if you only vape wax and not fond of vaping pre-filled carts, I suggest you look for a wax pen with better coils and longer battery life, such as the Dr. Dabber Stella (Review | Buy).

On the other hand, the OM works best with any pre-filled carts, and would likely recommend it for newcomers. But if you want to have a fine-quality battery for oil carts with better temperature calibration and a sleeker design, I’d say you look into the KandyPens Special K (Review | Buy).