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The Qloudup Nexus Pro is an upgrade to an already great vape pen. It keeps the great flavor while upping the convenience and comfort factors via a glass mouthpiece and magnetic connections. Those features and the selection of comparatively low temperatures make the Nexus Pro a great vaporizer for beginners.

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Qloudup Nexus Pro Background

We’ve got a followup to one of our favorite vape pens, the Qloudup Nexus Pro ($79 directly from Qloudup, use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%) is an improvement to the Qloudup Nexus, one of the Best Vape Pens around. So, the Nexus Pro has a lot to live up to.

It’s safe to assume that the Pro has everything you liked about the original, like the sleek design, deep chamber, and multiple atomizer choices. So, what does the new version bring to the table? That’s what this Qloudup Nexus Pro review is here to tell you, so keep reading to find out if it’s worth getting the upgrade.

Qloudup Nexus Pro Kit

  • Qloudup Nexus Pro
  • Dual quartz atomizer
  • Ceramic atomizer
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • Dab tool

The kit includes a nifty dab tool but it doesn’t include a nifty storage container, you can find a quality selection of both at Amazon.

Qloudup Nexus Pro kit
L-R: USB charger, Qloudup Nexus Pro, dab tool, dual quartz atomizer.

Key Features of the Qloudup Nexus Pro

  • Compatible w/ wax concentrates
  • Convenient magnetic connections
  • Includes dual quartz and ceramic atomizers
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Four temperature selections: 330°F | 390°F | 420°F | 490°F
  • Retails for $79 directly from Qloudup, coupon code TVG15 gives you a 15% discount
Qloudup Nexus Pro atomizers
The Nexus Pro includes a ceramic atomizer (L), and a dual quartz atomizer (R), both of which hold 0.5 grams

Qloudup Nexus Pro Design

The original Nexus was one of the slicker looking vape pens, and the Pro is no different, but it actually manages to improve on the original design.

For one thing, all the connections are now magnetic, so assembly is literally a snap. I love the magnetic connections. Most vape pens use threads that can clog or get sticky and get stuck at some point. The magnetic connections definitely help to solve that problem. The Pro also has a glass mouthpiece, which is more comfortable than the original’s.

There is one thing to keep in mind. The charger is also magnetic, and you will need this specific charger to charge the pen. Which is another charger to carry around when you are away or traveling = no fun. I wish this pen would have used an ordinary Micro USB. But this is not a deal breaker, especially being that this is pretty much the criticism I have about this pen. Overall it is very well designed and has a high built quality. It feels solid and balanced.

The Pro stands a mere 4.5 inches tall, so portability isn’t a problem, though you should be careful about the glass mouthpiece if you’re putting it in your pocket. The Pro is only available in the stainless steel finish, which may be disappointing to those of you who enjoyed the range of colors of the original Nexus. However, that stainless steel gives it a very classy, high-end look and feel.

Overall, comfort and convenience are what you can expect from the Nexus Pro.


Qloudup Nexus Pro magnetic connection
The Nexus Pro's magnetic connections make it very quick and easy to assemble.

How to Use the Qloudup Nexus Pro

  1. Attach your choice of atomizer to the battery, then dab your wax onto it.
  2. Attach the mouthpiece to the atomizer.
  3. Press the power button 5x to turn on the device, press it 3x to select the temperature.
  4. Once the temperature has been reached, inhale from the mouthpiece.
Qloudup Nexus Pro ceramic coil
The ceramic chamber holds 0.5 grams, which makes it very easy to load.

Qloudup Nexus Pro Performance and Vapor Quality

One of the notable things about the Pro—and the original Nexus too, in fact—is that it has a selection of temperatures that are lower than those found in many other vape pens. Other wax vapes can go up to 600°F but the Pro maxes out at 490°F. That’s actually a good thing, since you can enjoy the flavor without worrying about the harshness of higher temperatures. As a result, both atomizers work great on any temperature setting, it comes down to personal preference.

The ceramic coil is easier to load and clean, and offers a smoother, more flavorful experience. The dual-quartz coil gives you a more intense experience and is more difficult to clean, so it’s better for the expert vapers. The glass mouthpiece makes the vaping experience even better. Normally, it would be used to cool down the vapor, but since the vapor never gets uncomfortably hot, you end up with some of the coolest and smoothest vapor around, especially when you use the ceramic coil.

Qloudup Nexus Pro glass mouthpiece
The glass mouthpiece feels comfortable and produces cool, smooth vapor.

You Nexus fans will notice that there is no longer a single coil quartz atomizer included, but it’s not a great loss really. It always seemed like an unnecessary intermediate option between the ceramic and dual quartz coils. That is because both the original Nexus and the Nexus Pro are more beginner-friendly wax vapes, rather than transitional or hardcore vape pens.

The relatively low temperatures give the Pro a pretty impressive battery life, you can get 50 to 70 draws per charge, and it charges up in just one hour.

Qloudup Nexus Pro magnetic charger
The USB charger uses a magnetic connection and charges up the Nexus Pro in one hour.

Qloudup Nexus Pro Review: Conclusion

The Qloudup Nexus Pro ($79 directly from Qloudup, use coupon code TVG15 for a 15% discount) is a great upgrade to one of the Best Vape Pens. It retains all the great things about the original Nexus, while cutting the fat, and adding some much appreciated new features. The two things I like the most are the built quality and the flavor. On low tempretures, with the Ceramic coil, the vapor is super-pure and flavorful.

The glass mouthpiece and magnetic connections add comfort and convenience, respectively, and the number of temperature selections have been increased to give users more options. Those temperature selections remain low compared to other vape pens, making the Pro a perfect wax vape for beginners.

Thanks for reading my Qloudup Nexus Pro review, it’s one of the best ways to get started on your extract vaping journey.

Where to buy the Qloudup Nexus Pro?

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