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Pulsar Hand e-Nail Review

Pulsar Hand E-Nail Review

The Pulsar Hand e-Nail makes dabbing super easy and efficient. It uses a titanium dish that heats up quickly and a water filter attachment for superior vapor quality.

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The Pulsar Hand e-Nail is a an e-Rig style vaping device for wax and concentrates. It features a glass percolation chamber as well as a magnetic stainless steel carb cap with a multi-functional dab tool. If your looking for an Electric Oil Rig, the Pulsar Hand e-Nail is your All-in-One Solution that will not break the bank.

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In-Depth Review of Pulsar Hand e-Nail

The Pulsar Hand e-Nail has a lot to offer to vaping enthusiasts who love their concentrates and waxes. It is a simple device on the outside and highly sophisticated on the inside. This means the usage is easy and the vapor produced is of high quality. This is a rare combination that Pulsar has managed to put together.

Pulsa Hand Review

On the outside, you get an elegant design that enables you to carry the vaping device anywhere at any time. The magnetic stainless steel carb cap gives a lot of convenience to the user with its multi-functional use. The three click on/off function makes the Pulsar Hand e-Nail a pretty safe vaping device. The fact that the e-Nail is capable of reaching temperatures as high as 980°F means that you can vape all sorts of concentrates and waxes with this device. The Titanium heating plates ensure that your wax is vaporized most evenly. It is powered by a strong 2500mAh Li-Ion battery to give you long and uninterrupted vaping session. The glass pipe attachment is pretty simple and promises to satisfy the most demanding of vaping enthusiasts. The package looked pretty impressive on paper, so I grabbed the first opportunity to try it and write a review.

Pulsar Hand E-Nail In-Depth Review


It comes in an impressive metal case with all the components placed smartly inside. This means to carry the e-Nail safely would not be an issue at all, especially for those who are travel a lot. There are proper slots for every part of the e-Nail which makes assembling a child’s play. The battery has a sleek and compact design which fits easily with the magnetic stainless steel carb cap. The glass pipe attachment serves as a perfect mouthpiece for taking big hits. The design of the mouthpiece is simple but elegant. Even the quality of the glass used is superior and leaves you with a feeling of reassurance.

Pulsar Hand E-Nail Review

Battery and Warranty

The Pulsar e-Nail uses a potent 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery to power all your vaping sessions. It supports the longest of your vaping sessions without a single hiccup. The kit comes with a USB charger which means that you can charge the battery anytime and anywhere. Pulsar provides a full one year warranty.

PulsarWhile Using

I am pretty impressed with the convenience offered by the Pulsar e-Nail when it comes to assembling the device. All you have to do is just open the box, put the magnetic stainless steel carb cap and fit the battery in it. After this fitting, the glass mouthpiece to the device becomes very simple. Once the setup is ready, you can simply switch on the device, set your preferred temperature and you are ready to vape. The dab tool provided with the kit comes in handy while vaping. Simply dip the dab tool in the concentrate and insert it in the atomizer and the vapor starts building up almost instantly.

Pulsar Hand E-Nail

Vaping Experience

Talking about the vaping experience with the Pulsar e-Nail, I must share a few unique things about vaping with this device. It has an uncanny ability to draw the very best flavor from all sorts of concentrates. While the vapor generation is instant, the flavor stays consistent from the start to the end of the dab. If you can use the dab tool efficiently, you can enjoy the flavor even while taking big hits. A novice may take some time to get used to the dab tool, but once that is done, you can be rest assured of a great vaping experience every time you use the Pulsar e-Nail.

Pulsar Hand E-Nail In-Depth

I personally felt that the best taste comes around at 750°F, but with thicker waxes, you may have to increase the temperature to the maximum. In my opinion, the Pulsar e-Nail is an absolute must in the collection of a seasoned vaping enthusiast.

Where to Buy?

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Pulsar Hand e-Nail

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    joe November 26, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    the only down side to this hand e-nail is that the metal nail isnt thick enough to contain heat long enough for a generous sized dab, when using this the operator has to keep in mind that too little will be incinerated an too much will simply cool the nail down too quickly. so one really has to get their own groove with the different setting and find thier own liking with this item. personally i would like to just be able to hold the button an receive heat as needed and not have preset settings that arent true to the heat stated.

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