Pulsar Barb Fire Atomizer Review

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Pulsar Barb Fire Atomizer Review
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The Pulsar Barb Fire is made of brushed stainless steel. Pulsar claims that this atomizer features flash vaporization that can heat up the coil in as little as 5 seconds. It uses Twisted Kanthal coil which produces some pretty fast and large clouds. Overall, this is a unique attachment with a unique coil that I’ve come across.

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In-Depth Pulsar Barb Fire Review:

If you’re already used to Pulsar Wax Ohm which is made purely from ceramic. Pulsar just invented an atomizer house entirely in stainless steel. Introducing the Barb Fire Wax atomizer. Capable of instantaneous heat that can be screwed onto any regulated mod style battery. Pulsar claims that this attachment features instantaneous heat or “flash vaporization” (which they call), and if that will be true, you would get one hell of a perfect rip. We will strip down and see if this attachment can achieve the same performance and vapor production that a dab rig can.

First Impressions and Features

Pulsar Barb Fire is pretty robust and quality feel. It feels pretty heavy since it is made of from brushed stainless steel. Pulling the stainless steel cap is smooth and flawless without a hitch from its O-rings. This then exposed a ceramic chamber that is both deep and wide, looks like it could hold almost a full gram of concentrate.

Twisted Kanthal Coil

Although its body is made purely from stainless steel, the Pulsar Barb Fire uses a unique and twisted Kanthal coil that sits in a CERAMIC chamber. They called it Twisted Kanthal Coil with a resistance of 0.2 – 0.3ohms. This type of coil delivers fast vaping production of your favorite dab and has much longer life expectancy than some other metal coils like Nickel. It also has a replaceable coil included to give you a satisfying experience that you never experienced with your old wax atomizers.

What we also like about the Twisted Kanthal Coil is how it wicks your wax. With a lot of quartz coiled units like the Kandypens Galaxy, your wax has a huge tendency to just slip off the coil into the chamber without being properly vaporized. With the kanthal coil, because of its twisted nature, wax sticks more to the coil which means you get a more efficient hit, which is nice on your wax material and wallet.

Flash Vaporization

Pulsar claims that Barb Fire features “flash vaporization”, a coil that goes from cold to red hot very quickly. In our tests, we actually found these claims were true with the coil turning red in as little as 5 seconds.

Vapor Quality

The vapor is in no way hot or uncomfortable, but this atomizer is able to produce dense vapor even from a small amount of wax which in turn will probably tickle your throat a bit because of the volume you are inhaling. The flavor from this atomizer is also really good, you will not experience any taste of metal, just the pure flavor of your waxes.

The Barb Fire has four holes that can be closed off or opened individually to give you control over your airflow. I found it worked best with one or two of the holes opened but found there just wasn’t enough restriction with all of them open. Never go fully open.

Final Verdict

If you already have a regulated mod style battery at home, there’s no reason not to get the Pulsar Barb Fire. There isn’t anything like this that I have seen so far. I’ve comes across other attachments but most of them are made of ceramic. This Twisted Kanthal Coil produces some pretty fast and large clouds. I also like the power that you get out of it. I’ll do agree with the Pulsar claims that this attachment has flash vaporization feature. Overall, this is a unique attachment that I’ve come across.

Where to buy the Pulsar Barb Fire Atomizer?

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Pulsar Barb Fire Wax Atomizer

Buy the Pulsar Barb Fire Wax Atomizer at Vape-Smart and use the coupon code TVG10 to get 10% off. Free Shipping


Pulsar Barb Fire Atomizer Preview


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  1. Reply
    Richard Powell June 1, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    Hello I was hoping you can recommend a battery mod to use with this pulsar attachment

  2. Reply
    Jesse June 17, 2017 at 1:21 am

    I’m using an Istick tc40w it works great. just about any mod should do though.

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