Puffco Pro Wax Pen Review

Puffco Pro Wax Pen Review

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The Puffco Pro Wax Pen brings a lot of freshness in terms of design and performance. It is a sleek vaping device that can easily be used on the go. Each part of this Vape Pen is made of quality meta that also makes the Puffco the sexiest-looking Wax Pen.

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In-Depth Review of the Puffco Pro Wax Pen

Puffco Pro Design

Puffco Pro VaporizerGenerally, the vape pens are dull looking with very little to offer to your senses. But the Puffco Pro happens to be an exception and that to a pleasant one. All the three parts, the battery, the atomizer and the mouthpiece come together as one sleek monolithic structure. Unlike other vape pens the Puffco Pro is quite a head turner. It catches your attention with its subtle curves and sleek finish. The one thing that I like the most about the design is precision with which all the part fit with each other. I loved fixing and dismantling the vape pen – it is so smooth that you feel like doing it time and again. Every single component of the Puffco Pro is made of quality metal and you can feel the quality of the material use by the sheer touch of the vape pen. There is no use of plastics in the design which I find really commendable. When the Puffco Pro is switched on the little cloud logo lights up and adds to the beauty of the vape pen.

In my opinion, the Puffco Pro has the biggest heating chamber that a vape pen can have; it can hold up to 3 grams of wax. The fact that it is wickless all ceramic atomizer further enhances the overall appeal of Puffco Pro.

Puffco Pro Features

The Puffco Pro Wax Pen comes in a cool hard shell case that you can carry in the pocket of your jeans without getting noticed. Unlike most of the vaporizers, the Puffco Pro has been specially designed to vape concentrates and waxes. On the inside, it offers some really cool features like a wickless all ceramic heating chamber, a strong battery. It offers three temperature setting that can be cycled through with a single button. On the whole, it looks like a wholesome package tempting enough for a vaping enthusiast like me. So, when I got the opportunity to try the Puffco Pro, I was more than willing to do so. And having used it, I can say that this is the best concentrate vape pen that I have seen in a long time.
Here is a detailed look at the features and vaping experience offered by Puffco Pro Wax Pen.

Using the Puffco Pro Wax Pen

As I mentioned earlier, it is a sheer pleasure to assemble and dismantle the Puffco Pro. So, using this vape pen is pretty convenient. The mouth piece comes out of the atomizer with a single pull and it only takes a few smooth twists to attach the atomizer to the battery. Loading the wax or concentrate, however, may be a tough task for you if you want to fill it to its capacity. I suggest you keep the wax under 2 grams for best results. Though it is the biggest chamber, it might not take the whole of 3 grams of wax as the size of the dab increases with the weight. It has a standard five push on/off functionality for your safety. To cycle through the three temperature settings, all you have to do is press the start button four times. The temperatures are color coded:

  • Green for the Lowest
  • Blue for the Middle
  • Red for the Highest temperature setting

So, it is a pretty simple and convenient vaping device to use.

Puffco Pro Wax Pen Vaping Experience

With a .3g dab, I could get about 70 draws of 4 seconds each. The number of draws goes up on the lower heat setting. This performance is rather commendable for a vape pen of this size. Puffco Pro AtomizerThe quality of vapor is very good and better than a lot of vape pens in its class.   The taste is pretty much acceptable and stays consistent irrespective of the length of your draws. I could feel a bit of draw resistance especially when I tried to take big rips. I also noticed some clogging issues in between some sessions. However, I could easily get rid of this issue by pulling strongly for a few times and tapping the power button simultaneously. I got the best results while vaping on the middle (blue) temperature setting. I did not notice any difference in the speed at which the coil heats up between the different settings, but the coil glows a tad brighter on high heat.

Puffco Pro Wax Pen Battery

The battery of the Puffco Pro is pretty small compared to most full-size pens but gives a powerful performance nonetheless. The battery charges up in just about 3 hours or so, and it does last through quite a bit of usage before it dies. It’s hard to say exactly how long because usage styles vary widely between users, but compared to other pens it is much better.

Where to buy?

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Puffco Pro Vaporizer

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  1. I ordered the Puffco + because I have enjoyed my Puffco Pro for about a year. The battery that I received wouldn’t take a charge so I sent Puffco a message. They are now telling me that I have to send the battery back so they can send it to their manufacture and let them diagnose the problem. Once they determine the battery is faulty they will send me a replacement. I have never seen such a ridiculous RMA procedure and I have working in electronics for 20 years. As much as I hate to say this, I would not buy this pen because of their RMA policy. There are many wax vapes out there and this one just isn’t that good. The Pro produces better hits, but does get a weird taste after a few months of use.

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