Puffco Pro 2 Review

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Puffco Pro 2 Review
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The Puffco Pro 2 houses a large ceramic chamber free of glues, fibers, and plastics. It brings the same functionality from the last year’s Puffco Pro but with a slim and sleeker design inspired from Puffco’s other wax pen line, the Puffco Plus. It’s the smallest vaporizer yet from Puffco and it has sesh mode session now that generates 12 seconds of continuous vapor. With enhanced battery life the Pro 2 packs a punch.

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In-Depth Puffco Pro 2 Review:

Puffco Pro is back with an all-new version, the Puffco Pro 2 ($74.99 from Vape-Smart). It brings the same functions from last year’s model but redesigned into a much slimmer and sleeker vape pen like the Puffco Pro. The large capacity ceramic chamber of this unit has been redesigned. Now with Sesh mode feature, this sleek and slim unit packs a punch. No Glues, No Plastics, No Fibers.

Puffco Pro 2 Design

Let me start with its durable stainless steel chassis, Puffco Pro 2 was been redesigned with noticeably thinner and smaller than its predecessor. For just 4.5″ in length and 0.5″ in diameter, this lightweight vape pen can slip easily into anyone’s pocket for on-the-go use.

The Pro 2 consist of three parts (mouthpiece, chamber and the battery). The mouthpiece is now free from 510 threading and features snap-off design for that quick and easy opening of chamber. In addition, the Pro 2 has Splash guard feature that prevents concentrates and wax from splashing during sessions.

Pro 2 Splash Guard Mouthpiece

The splash guard is made from food-safe silicone for added protection.

Although it’s a little bit outdated considering on today’s vape pen technology. The chamber of Pro 2 still features large ceramic oven with a single ceramic coil that really produces tasty and large clouds of vapor that coil-less and dish type chamber can’t really re-create.

Pro 2 Quartz Ceramic Coil

The Puffco Pro 2 houses a large capacity ceramic chamber free of plastics, glues, and fibers. This coil based system utilizes a special ceramic blend to enable enhanced vapor production. The tapered bowl design ensures minimal waste and easy cleaning.

Puffco Pro 2 Performance

The battery life plays a major role on Pro 2’s performance. Puffco increases the battery life of the Pro 2 which allows you to explore for days, even if you’re using the highest setting. When this pen finally drains out, simply screw on the USB charger and plug it into any USB ports. Within an hour your battery will be fully charged.

Pro 2 Vaporizer

The Puffco Pro 2 is now built from durable stainless steel and it includes a thread free mouthpiece, shock absorbent silicone bottom cap, and a removable splash guard.

Unlike Puffco Pro, Pro 2 has no glowing lights on its bottom when fired up. It only has that cloud-shaped button which controls the device. I believe they get rid of the flashing LEDs to save battery performance with this newer version.

Cleaning this vape pen requires on a REGULAR BASIS since its made out of brushed stainless steel and it can be slippery at all times. Also, this ensures that it will continue to produce great tasting vapor, session after session. Heating the chamber for 10 seconds and wiping with a cotton swab is all it takes to keep the Puffco Pro 2 clean.

How to use the Puffco Pro 2

Using Puffco Pro 2 is really easy– simply press 5 times to power it on or off and press 4 times to toggle through the temp settings (green=low, blue=medium, white=high).

A really cool feature which stands out for me is Puffco’s highly acclaimed Sesh Mode. This allows the user to activate the chamber without holding down the cloud button. Double tap the cloud button to enable Sesh mode in 3 temperature heat setting. This will instantly generate 12 seconds of continuous vapor. Pass to a friend or savor the sesh solo!


Puffco Pro 2 combines better battery performance with a larger ceramic chamber for a superior vaping experience. With upgraded features and a reasonable price point, I was very impressed with the new Puffco Pro 2. It seems that Puffco took everything that worked with their past models and put it in one smaller and slimmer version.

Where to buy the Puffco Pro 2?

I recommend purchasing it from an Authorized Dealer like Vape-Smart. They’re processing and shipping time are fast. Use the coupon code TVG10 to save 10% on your purchase.

Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer

Buy the Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer at Vape-Smart. Use the coupon code TVG10 to save 10% off



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  1. I’d advise caution with Puffco products. The battery casing on my pen came apart in my pocket a couple weeks ago and started to spark when I tried to put it back together. I bought a Puffco in the first place because I’d heard so much about how they stand behind their product, but when I contacted their support they tried to sell me another pen. The people at the store I took it to were very clear that it was a manufacturer’s defect and the pen should not come apart that way.

    I feel a little guilty because I’d planned on letting it go if they’d honored their commitment to stand behind their product, but it’s probably good for others to know when an electronic device we keep in our pockets has the potential to fall apart and start sparking. I realized it and could cut the wires to the battery before anything bad happened, but I was lucky because it’s these types of things that lead to vaporizer batteries catching fire or exploding.

    The pen was awesome when it was working! But with the combination of a dangerous defect and poor customer service, I decided it was a better idea pay the extra money for an Indigopro. I’m sure there’s a danger with all vape pens, but no exposed wiring or sparking with the Indigopro so far! So off to a good start.

  2. Horrible experience. My first vape pen, got great reviews, and didn’t work – it would never charge regardless of where and how long I tried to charge it; and yes, I cleaned the battery connections. A total rip off because the place that sold it to me says to send it to the manufacturer. Great, I’ve now got to purchase something else. Screw this, I’m going with a rig – at least I know it’s fool proof. I’m out $90 and will never use another product from this company.

  3. DO NOT BUY. Total piece of garbage. Only worked 3 times before completely failing; it won’t turn on at all. Customer service is horrible. Took the $80 hit and threw it out.

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