Puffco Plus Review

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Puffco Plus Review

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Puffco Plus Review Bottom Line

The Puffco Plus delivers a combination flavor and discrete vapor of your concentrates because of its all ceramic coil-less chamber. The chamber has no coils nor dish at the bottom meaning it gives that an efficient use of your waxy material. The multi-purpose dart mouthpiece minimizes splashbacks and can use as a dabbing tool, perfect for on-the-go sesh.

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In-Depth Puffco Plus Review:

Puffco Plus ($99.98 from Vape-Smart) is a completely new design from last year’s Puffco Pro. Looking at this two vape pens now feels totally different and Puffco Pro seems really outdated, the mere fact that I reviewed it not too long ago. The Puffco Plus gets a big evolution and really surpasses its older version not just on the outside design but much more on the inside. In this review, let’s see exactly what are the changes between this two vape pens.

Puffco Plus Design and Features

  • Dart Mouthpiece

Puffco Plus Dart

Dart Convection Cap Shown

Unlike the Puffco Pro that happens to have four main parts – the battery, the atomizer and the two-part mouthpiece. The new Puffco Plus design come as one sleek monolithic structure. But what makes the Puffco Plus unique is its multi-purpose mouthpiece which sits directly over the heating chamber. Underneath its mouthpiece is a ceramic tool, that Puffco calls it the “dart”.

The dart serves two main purposes. One is it can be utilized as a dabber, it is made of ceramic so you can easily pick up small pieces of wax and load them easily into the chamber. The second purpose is it can minimize spit backs and keep the wax where it needs to be.

  • Enhanced Airflow

The airflow design on the dart and chamber controls and seals the vapor  recreating a somewhat like conduction/convection heating, giving you smooth and satisfying clouds. Cool feature right?

  • Sesh Mode Feature

Another nice feature of this device is its 12-second heating time that Puffco calls it “sesh mode”. Just double click the power button, and the sesh mode activates. This keeps on an even heat and gives you a slightly longer time for drawing. Pressing the button once will exit sesh mode. Keep noted that the Puffco Plus automatically shuts off after 8-seconds if not used on sesh mode.

You can also utilize the sesh mode while cleaning the device. Just remove the mouthpiece while holding the device upside down and the residue will run out, be sure to do this with a paper towel (for it might get messy). Afterward, wipe the chamber thoroughly with cleaning swabs especially the air holes on the chamber to prevent clogging. You can also try to soak it in an ISO alcohol for a couple of seconds. Although, Puffco doesn’t recommend this technique. It works for me in any coil heads of my vape pens plus it saves me time on cleaning. I’m quite lazy when it comes to cleaning my atomizers after use (can’t help it it’s in my nature).

  • Puffco Plus coil-less chamber vs Puffco Pro coil

Left: Puffco Pro single coil, Right: Puffco Plus coil-less chamber

Left: Puffco Pro single coil, Right: Puffco Plus coil-less chamber

Speaking of coil heads, the next we need to tackle is the Puffco Plus atomizer or what they called it the “chamber”. Between the two atomizers from this two vape pens. You can see immediately the differences in design and performance. In the old Puffco Pro coil, it uses a single coil in a ceramic rod which the coil heats up and burns right away the material. Hence, it gives you that thick and nice clouds, and great flavor, but harsh and inefficient vapor.

On the other hand, the Puffco Plus chamber has no coils nor dish at the bottom meaning the entire bottom of the chamber heats up. Giving that essential and efficient use of your waxy material.

By the way, the coil needs to be replaced after three months of regular use. Replacement coils can be purchased from Puffco or any Authorized Dealers, and they recommend using Puffco replacement parts for best performance.

Performance and Functionality

The cloud-shaped control button turns the unit on and off when you click it five times. A color-coded LED is built into the cloud button to indicate temperature settings and battery life indicator. When the unit is on, click the button four times to toggle between the three color-coded temperature settings. Push the cloud-shaped button to move from low to medium to high settings.

The Puffco has three tremendous difference of temperature settings: 3.6V – 4.2V

The Puffco has three tremendous difference of temperature settings: 3.6V – 4.2V

Regarding its battery, although this device is an upgrade version of the Puffco Pro. The battery life of it is reasonable since it uses voltage and it needs a lot of extra power. Puffco says the battery life depends on how you use it, with an average battery life for about 50 hits. Well just expect that the battery life is a little bit lower than the Puffco Pro does.

Charging this unit is easy. Using its USB charging cable with 510 threading. Just plug it into any USB power source and screw the battery into the charger. The light on the charger is red when the battery is low and charging, and it turns green when fully charged and then automatically turns off when the battery is completely charged.

What’s in the Box?

When you buy the unit it comes with an elegant black box but a little disappointing since the Puffco Pro has that traveling case included. Inside the box, the unit sits on top and it’s the first thing you see when you open it. Also, it includes four (4) cleaning swabs, one (1) extra chamber with silicone line cap which is very neat, one (1) USB charging cable, and one (1) instruction booklet.

Final Verdict

At first, I thought the dart mouthpiece is just a gimmick but I found it very handy especially if you’re on-the-go and you are having a hard time finding a dab tool or you forgot to bring one. The device is pretty awesome in any types of concentrates may it be waxy, snap shutter, crumble, budder, or oil. It is also worth mentioning that the Puffco added a free extra chamber, which is an awesome offer. Kudos Puffco for giving us this neat offer at the low price. You can feel free to check out my top picks for best vape pen.

Where to buy the Puffco Plus:

I totally recommend purchasing the Puffco Plus at Vape-Smart, they’re processing and shipping time are fast. Use the coupon code TVG10 to save 10% on your entire purchase.

Puffco Plus Vaporizer

Buy the Puffco Plus at Vape-Smart and use the coupon code TVG10 and get 10% off.




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