Puffco Peak Review: How Does This Extract Vaporizer Stand Up to the Hype?

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The Puffco Peak is here to change the extract vaping game by combining the ease of use of a vape pen with the power of an e-nail. Did they succeed? They sure did, this is the perfect vape for anyone ready to move on from vape pens but not quite ready for e-nails just yet. Extract vets will like it too, but it might not replace their rigs or nails. If the price isn’t too much for you, then take the Peak for a ride, you won’t be disappointed.

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Puffco Peak Background

It’s been a long time coming, but the Puffco Peak ($379.99 from VapeActive) review is finally here. So, was it worth the wait? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: That’s what this review is for.

But first, a quick recap for those who have been living on the Moon for the past few months. The Puffco Peak is a futuristic dab rig that is nothing at all like the Best E-nails out there. It’s simpler, sleeker, and more user-friendly. Now, with the recap out of the way, it’s time for the full Puffco Peak review. Let’s do this thing.

Puffco Peak Kit

  • Puffco Peak
  • Carrying case
  • Silicone atomizer cover
  • Carb cap + extra ceramic bowl
  • Cleaning swabs + dab tool
  • USB cable

Don’t let a lost dab tool or missing storage container ruin your session, get extra tools and storage jars from Amazon.

Puffco Peak kit
Clockwise from left: Glass bubbler, Puffco Peak base, silicone atomizer cover, ceramic bowl, atomizer.

Puffco Peak Key Features

  • Compatible w/ wax extracts
  • Automatic temperature calibration
  • Fast heat time
  • Haptic feedback
  • Four temperature settings: Blue – 450°F | Green – 500°F | Orange – 550°F | White – 600°F
  • Retails for $379.99 from VapeActive
Puffco Peak carrying case
The carrying case makes traveling with the Puffco Peak much easier.

Puffco Peak Design

Where to even start with this rig? First of all, it’s 7 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide at the base, and perfectly optimized for one-handed vaping. The power/temperature select button on the front of the Peak is easily accessible while you’re holding it. Despite the futuristic, space-age look, it’s a pretty accessible device.

It’s about the simplest rig you’ll ever use, since loading is fast and easy and you just need a single button to toggle the temperature presets. Haptic feedback adds to the thoughtful design, a subtle vibration indicates when heating is complete, along with the cool LED light strip on the front of the device.

Puffco Peak silicon atomizer protector
The atomizer protector allows you to touch the bowl even when it's still hot.

My only problem with the Peak’s design is that the glass carb cap is fragile and will break if you’re not careful. A carb cap made from sturdier material would have been welcome, fortunately, the Peak performs just fine without it. The silicon protector for the atomizer is a thoughtful touch, it allows you to handle the bowl while it’s still hot.

It’s hardly a portable, but the carrying case makes the Peak more travel-friendly than most e-nails. As the icing on the cake, the Peak is pretty low maintenance. The ceramic bowl is easy to clean, and so is the glass bubbler. So, don’t worry about sharing it with your friends, after the party, the Peak will be the easiest thing to clean up.

Puffco Peak extract vaporizer
The small size of the Peak makes one-handed operation very easy.

How to Use the Puffco Peak

  1. Remove the glass bubbler from the base and fill it with water to just above the air holes.
  2. Attach the bubbler to the base, then hold down the power button for three seconds to power it up.
  3. Click the power button to cycle through the temperature presets.
  4. Dab your wax into the bottom of the ceramic bowl then cover the bowl with the carb cap.
  5. Double click the power button to start the heating process.
  6. The Peak will vibrate and the LED light will blink 3x to indicate when heating is complete.
  7. Inhale from the bubbler to start vaping.
Puffco Peak dab
The wide ceramic bowl makes loading easy for each session.

Puffco Peak Performance and Vapor Quality

The Peak delivers great flavor for such a simple to use device. Technically the temperatures are supposed to correspond to the size of the dabs, but you can use any temperature setting with any sized dab you want, who’s going to stop you? I got the most satisfaction from the middle green and orange settings, but you get the biggest clouds from the highest setting.

The Peak gives a subtle vibration to indicate that it is about to automatically shut down, but you can keep the party going by initiating sesh mode. Double click the power button when you get the warning to extend the session by 15 seconds. This is perfect for group sessions since you can activate sesh mode and pass the Peak to the next person in line.

Puffco Peak glass piece
The water in the glass never leaks or bubbles up into your mouth.

Sesh mode is also great for hardcore vapers since you can keep activating it until the wax is used up. But, in general, is the Peak great for hardcore vapers? They’ll love the convenience since it’s easier to use than most e-nails and dab rigs, but they might have a problem with the ceramic bowl being the only option. It produces great vapor, but if their preference is quartz or titanium, then they’re out of luck.

The battery is good for about 20 to 30 dabs depending on the temperature settings, and it charges in roughly 2.5 hours. Overall, the Peak is perfect for extract vapers of all experience levels, but beginners and intermediates will appreciate it the most. Veterans will enjoy it too, but it might not replace their e-nails or rigs.

Puffco Peak ceramic nail
The flavor from the ceramic bowl is very good, especially at the middle settings.

Puffco Peak vs Similar Vapes

Dr Dabber Switch vs Puffco Peak comparison

Puffco Peak Review: Final Thoughts

So, was the Puffco Peak ($379.99 from VapeActive)worth the wait? That would be a big yes. It revolutionizes extract vaping in terms of convenience and design, combining the ease of use of a vape pen with the power of an e-nail.

It’s great for beginner and intermediate vapers who want a stronger experience than a vape pen, but aren’t ready for the intensity or complexity of e-nails or dab rigs. Veterans won’t be disappointed with its performance, but they might lament the lack of nail options and granular temperature control.

The price may be intimidating but the Puffco Peak isn’t. It’s more user-friendly than the Best E-nails and is one of the best party vaporizers around. Thanks for reading my Puffco Peak review, needless to say, the hype was worth it.

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A huge proponent of the vaping lifestyle who would love it if everyone who smokes makes the switch to vaping instead. Loves CBD and would like to see it infused into everything. Aside from the world of vaping, he also loves reading, health & fitness, gadgets & technology, and culture, both the pop and regular kind.

  1. Seems your top picks are only those that offer you a discount? Strange!

    How can you give the Peak a score of 8 if you never tried it?

    I am quite concerned about your ability to be a credible source of information. I will look forward to your comeback.

    • Hi Nick, the reason that most products on our lists have coupon codes, is because we negotiate with manufacturers and stores and get these coupon codes to provide value to our readers.
      If you are implying that we get paid if you use our coupons (or our links)- you are absolutely right. We do get paid a small commission fee that we roll back into maintaining this website. And the customer saves- sometimes up to 25%. This is very common with review websites, this is how they stay alive since no products are being sold. All of this is stated in our affiliate disclosure by the way (link in the footer). In our case, we are also basically ad-free. Do you see an annoying pop-up pushing an ad to your face when you visit our website? Nope. Pretty uncommon, isn’t it?
      As per the Puffco Peak- this is an initial preview, and we ranked it based on our impressions (from the CES 2018), and Puffcos prev products. This score is going to change once we receive and test a unit.
      Thanks for writing in, and I appreciate any feedback that can help us improve our website.

  2. I can vouch for this well written review being accurate. I have nothing but good things to say about the Peak and as an added bonus their customer service couldn’t be better. I had a small problem and they fixed me right up. No wonder they sell out of these things.

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