Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA Review

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Psyclone Entheon RDA Review Bottom Line

The Entheon RDA is one of the best RDA right now, this will fall into the category of high-end atomizers. This RDA is capable of bottom feeding with the included extra positive squonk pin. A unique angled airflow system in and out for a maximum flavor satisfaction. A Large clamp poles for easy coil rebuilding that can fit larger gauge resistance wires.

Background: Psyclone Entheon RDA Review

The Entheon RDA ($87.99 directly from VaporDNA) is probably the improved version of the famous Hadaly RDA from Psyclone Mods, this RDA is very popular especially for Squonk/ Bottom Feeder fans, like me 😛

They have a very similar design but I like this better with the newer version. For me, the included 24.5mm extension ring makes the Entheon RDA looks 100x better, a simple ring design gives this RDA a huge boost on overall aesthetics. I’ve seen a bunch people talking about the leaking issue of the previous version which is the Hadaly RDA. .With this improved version, would the leaking issue be resolved?.

Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA Review Background
The Entheon RDA will match any Box Mods with its Stainless Steel Color

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Psyclone Entheon RDA Package?

  • Entheon RDA
  • 24.5mm SS Extension Ring – (Beauty Ring)
  • Psyclone Neoprene Case
  • 2x 510 Shorty Drip Tip
  • 2x Widebore Drip tip
  • Spare Parts
Psyclone Entheon Review Package

Key Features of the Psyclone Entheon RDA

  • Bottom Feed Capable – Positive pin for bottom feed is included in this package, you can use it for your Squonk/ Bottom Feeder Box Mods.
  • Included 24.5mm Adapter – Psyclone Entheon RDA has a 22mm diameter size, a 24.5mm adapter is great to use for 24-25mm size Box Mods to make it flush. Also, this adapter provides the Entheon RDA for a more appealing look, this is also called as ‘Beauty Rings’.
  • 2 Large Poles – Large building poles for easy and hassle-free of putting your customize resistance coils, larger gauge wires will have no problem with this RDA.
  • Unique Air hole Design – This is what I am always looking for to an RDA, a great airflow design to maximize the flavor of e-liquids.
  • Deep Juicewell – A very deep juice well design to cater a good bottom feeding system, it will lessen or probably remove the possibility of leaking.
  • Customizable Drip Tips – There different types of Drip Tips included in this package, sizes of 510 to 810. With this option you can also use other aftermarket drip tips to make your Entheon look better.
Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA Review Features
Large Poles and Deep Juice well of Entheon RDA

Design of Psyclone Entheon RDA

A simple overall design with a stainless steel construction is excellent. The Psyclone Entheon RDA has a portable size of 22mm in diameter and 2.5 inches in height, 24.5mm extension ring will fit nicely on wider Vape Mods.

I also like how the little overhang on top cap/ drip tip blends well on the overall design, adding more points on its awesome and simple look. Using a stainless steel material is good, silver will match any color combination of the variety of Vape Mods/ Box Mods that are available in the international market.

Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA Review Design
Entheon RDA on top of our Best Vape Mod of 2017

Performance: Psyclone Entheon RDA

As expected the overall performance of Psyclone Entheon RDA is great, those large poles with clamp style seem to be a good design to hold larger gauge wires and has a better connection. Custom Sub-Ohm resistance builds will have no problem with this RDA, it will only take a short time to rebuild a new coil on this.

The improved airhole system with an angled design is impressive. The airhole inside focuses on the center of the coil, then dividing it into two holes and back again into a single air hole on the exterior top cap, this design can provide more flavor for an RDA.

Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA Review Performance
Huge Amount of Vapor with just a Single Coil Build

Psyclone Entheon RDA VS Similar RDA

What is the key difference of Entheon RDA to others?

  • Geekvape Athena Squonk RDA vs Psyclone Entheon RDA – Both has large poles for building you custom coils and both can produce a good amount of vapor. Entheon will have an advantage of catering gigantic gauge of custom wires because of its clamp system on its poles.
  • iJoy COMBO RDA vs Psyclone Entheon RDA – Both are good for custom Sub-Ohm builds, but Psyclone Entheon will have a big advantage on maximum flavor it can produce because of its unique air flow system design.

Final Thoughts on Psyclone Entheon RDA Review

The overall experience has been great on my Psyclone Entheon RDA Review. Compared to their previous version which is the Hadaly RDA, performance is on the same level, both RDA can provide quality and thick vapor on a custom Sub-Ohm resistance build. About the leaking issue on its previous version, this new Psyclone Entheon RDA it will now be minimal to none leaking, because of its improved design and a very deep juice well of 8mm.

The Psyclone Entheon RDA ($87.99 directly at VaporDNA) has a lot of included accessories, it was like buying 2-3 different kind of atomizer style in a single package. This RDA can definitely compete with our Best Atomizers of 2017.

Where to buy the Psyclone Entheon RDA?

Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA

Get the Psyclone Entheon RDA directly from VaporDNA and save $10

$87.99 $97.99

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