Prohibited Vaporizer Review: A Dual Use Vaporizer that’s Cooler than You

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If you want style and in your face attitude mixed with convenient practicality and high (pun intended) performance then you want the Prohibited. The Prohibited vapes herb and wax at an impressive level of quality. It’s also really simple to use and is small enough to carry with you anywhere. So if you’ve still got a rebellious streak but still enjoy modern conveniences, give the Prohibited vaporizer a try.

Prohibited Vaporizer Background

The Prohibited Vaporizer ($199.99 directly from Prohibited) is a dual use vaporizer that brings a lot of attitude to the table with some stylish packaging and rebellious branding. But is there any substance to go with that sass?

The quick answer is yes. This vaporizer for herb and wax works great with both substances. In fact, its performance with wax is good enough to give the Best Vape Pens a run for their money.

For the longer answer, check out the rest of my Prohibited vaporizer review for all the kit, design, and performance details.

Prohibited vaporizer package Review
The Prohibited vaporizer comes in a pretty stylish package with cool artwork for each color. This one is Bone aka white.

Prohibited Vaporizer Kit

The Prohibited vaporizer comes in a stylish package with some cool artwork that corresponds to the color of the device. But you know what they say, “it’s what’s inside that counts.” Here’s what’s inside the package:

  • Prohibited dual use vaporizer
  • One magnetic dry herb cartridge w/ stainless steel chamber + one magnetic wax cartridge w/ dual quartz/titanium coils
  • One magnetic USB cable + one wall adapter
  • Two dab tools + one cleaning brush

Overall, it’s a pretty nice kit but it could use some extra dab tools and storage containers for your wax. That’s where Amazon comes in, they’ve got you covered with a set of premium dab tools and storage containers.

Prohibited vaporizer kit Review
L-R: USB cable w/ magnetic connection, Prohibited vaporizer, cleaning + packing tools.

Key Features of the Prohibited Vaporizer

The clear standout feature of the Prohibited vaporizer is that it can vape herb and concentrates but it has some other notable features, take a look:

  • Compatible w/ dry herb and THC concentrates
  • Magnetic cartridges are easy to remove and replace
  • Simple one button control
  • Three temperature options for dry herb: 390°F | 415°F | 440°F
  • Three voltage options for wax: 3.7V | 4.2V | 4.7V
  • Retails for $199.99 directly from Prohibited
Prohibited vaporizer chamber Review
The magnetic cartridges are both secure and easy to remove from the rest of the Prohibited vaporizer.

Prohibited Vaporizer Design

The Prohibited vaporizer is five inches tall with a really slim profile, so it easily slips in and out of pockets or receptacles. For all the loud branding, the Prohibited vaporizer is actually a subtle, stylish device, it looks good without calling attention to itself.

It also feels nice to hold when you’re vaping or just carrying it around. The mouthpiece feels comfortable, the power button is easy to access and the entire unit has a solid weighty feel. Also, the magnetic connections all feel nice and secure.

One interesting note about the design is that the USB charger uses a magnetic connection instead of plugging into the device. This is pretty convenient since you don’t need to be precise when trying to attach the connector.

Finally, the Prohibited has some of the best color selections I’ve come across, they are:

  • Bone aka White
  • Jade aka Turquoise
  • Struck aka Purple
  • Singed aka Black

Yeah, the colors have the same branding attitude as the rest of the Prohibited but they do look really great.

Prohibited vaporizer for herb and wax Review
All of the Prohibited vaporizer's colors look great, pictured is Bone aka white.

Using the Prohibited Vaporizer

The Prohibited vaporizer is simple to use whether you’re vaping herbs or concentrates, here’s how to get started:

Using dry herb:

  1. Twist off the mouthpiece, fill the exposed herb chamber with finely ground herb, and replace the mouthpiece.
  2. Press the power button 3x to unlock device, press it 2x to cycle through the temps, press it 1x to select desired temp.
  3. Hold down power button until the light encircling it turns red, once it turns green, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Using concentrates:

  1. Twist off the mouthpiece, dab your wax onto the coils, and replace the mouthpiece.
  2. Press the power button 3x to unlock device, press it 2x to cycle through the voltages, press it 1x to select desired voltage.
  3. Hold down power button until the light encircling it turns red, once it turns green, inhale from the mouthpiece.

The Prohibited will automatically cut off after 2.5 minutes so keep that in mind when you start a session. The dry herb cartridge works best with really fine herb so try investing in a grinder like the SLX. It grinds your herb to a consistency that brings out the best in the Prohibited.

Prohibited 2 in 1 vaporizer Review
The herb chamber uses conduction heating and can hold a good amount of herb.

Prohibited Vaporizer Performance and Vapor Quality

Wax Performance

The Prohibited vaporizer handles herb well but the wax performance is the standout for me. The Prohibited uses a unique dual quartz/titanium setup that takes advantage of each materials best qualities.

It combines the fast heat times and pure flavor of quartz with the durability and strong heat retention of the titanium. This means big clouds and big flavor that you don’t have to wait around for.

Dry Herb Performance

The herb performance is good but won’t challenge the best Dry Herb Vaporizers out there. It’s not disappointing or anything, it’s just that the wax performance is sooo good, the dry herb performance can’t really match it.

Both the herb and wax cartridges have really big chambers so you can pack a lot of material in there. With wax, it’s easy to adjust how much of it you use but that’s a tougher task with the dry herb. If you try to pack a looser chamber, the conduction heating system doesn’t work as well.

The battery can last all day and it charges quickly, especially if you use the wall adapter.

Prohibited vaporizer bone color Review
The dry herb vapor quality of the Prohibited vaporizer is good but the wax performance is excellent.

Prohibited Vaporizer VS Similar Vapes

Prohibited Vaporizer vs FocusVape Tourist

The FocusVape Tourist is also a dual use vaporizer that handles herb and wax. It also has a water bubbler for extra flavor. However, it’s a lot bigger and a lot less portable than the Prohibited.

Prohibited Vaporizer vs KandyPens Miva 2

The KandyPens Miva 2 has KandyPens signature style and convenience. It’s a great portable, dual use vaporizer but its wax performance can’t touch the Prohibited’s.

Prohibited Vaporizer vs V2 Pro Series 7

The V2 Pro Series 7 looks really familiar, and you can probably guess that it has a lot of similarities to the Prohibited. The main differences are that the V2 can also vape e-liquids and that it doesn’t include the wax cartridge like the Prohibited does. So, if you only vape herb and e-liquids and want the Prohibited’s style at a lower price ($129.99 directly from V2), the V2 Pro Series 7 is a solid choice.

Remember: Wax cartridge is NOT included in the kit, If you want the wax cartridge you can buy it on V2 cigs website.

Final Thoughts on the Prohibited Vaporizer

The Prohibited vaporizer ($199.99 directly from Prohibited) is great for Herb users who enjoy vaping wax and herb but don’t want to buy two different devices. The herb performance is good but the wax performance is phenomenal, able to hang with the Best Vape Pens on the market.

The magnetic chambers are easy to swap out and they are big enough to make this vape great for group or solo sessions. They’re easy to clean too, just use a dab of rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton to get rid of any excess residue.

The fact that the Prohibited is a stylish, highly portable vape is just icing on the cake. I really dig the attitude and style of the Prohibited but I like its substance even more. Give this vape a shot and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like it too.

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