Phix eCig Review

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Phix ecig review

The Good: Interesting and unique shape | Good, subtle flavors | Long battery life | Recharges quickly

The Bad: Limited flavor selection | Flavors might not be strong enough for some | Only one nicotine level available

The Bottom Line:  I really enjoy how unique and interesting the Phix looks, but I enjoy its vapor quality just as much. It’s more subtle than other e-cigs but it still delivers that strong throat hit you expect from nicotine salts. If you don’t mind standing out from the crowd, then the Phix is a great choice.

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Kit and Accessories

  • Phix e-cigarette
  • USB charging cable

Pod Flavor Selection

Each Phix pod has a 1.5 mL capacity, contains 5% nicotine, and comes in the following flavors:

  • Original tobacco
  • Ice tobacco
  • Hard strawberry
  • Butterscotch
  • Spearmint

Compatibility: The Phix is only compatible with proprietary Phix pods.

Design and Features

phix e-cig design
The Phix has a unique diamond shape that gives it a distinct look, but it is still highly portable and easy to use.

Pod System: The Phix is a closed pod system e-cigarette, which means that it uses custom cartridges that cannot be used on any other e-cig. That also means that the Phix cannot use pods from any other e-cigs, nor can the custom pods be refilled. Once a pod is empty, you need to buy a new one. There are ups and downs to this type of system, the main advantage is that they are very easy to use since you never have to worry about any painstaking refills.

On the other hand, you are limited to the flavors provided by the manufacturer, so hopefully, they have a good selection of flavors that you will like. The Phix has a decent flavor selection that—like most closes pod systems—consists of classic tobacco flavors and more fruity or sweet flavors.

General Design: As for the Phix itself, it is just over four inches long and has a unique shape that is different from other e-cigarettes. Phix calls it a hexahedron, you will call it a flattened-out diamond shape, or a rhombus if you’re kind of nerdy. Holding the Phix and inhaling from its pod can feel a little strange at first — especially. if you’re used to the more standard rectangular shape of other e-cigs, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

One advantage of this shape is that it is easier to stand the Phix upright. The hexahedron shape doesn’t affect the portability in any way since the Phix is just as easy to carry around as any other e-cigarette. The pods have a 1.5 mL capacity and are attached to the Phix battery via magnets. The connection is firm and secure even though the pods slip on and off the battery very easily.

Build Quality: The body of the Phix is made from anthracite ceramic, so it’s quite durable and feels comfortable and secure in the hand. If you want to add some style to your vaping and don’t mind standing out, then you can get the Phix in a variety of different colors.

How to Use

Simply attach a Phix cartridge to the battery and then inhale from the mouthpiece of the cartridge.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Phix E-cig Performance
The Phix pods use nic salts so they deliver a strong throat hit even though their flavors are a little milder than the norm.

E-cig Performance: The Phix is draw activated and has a low resistance, so it is easy to use for even first-time vapers. You also don’t have to worry about any leaks or spills while you’re vaping or while the Phix is just sitting there. During my time with the Phix I never experienced any dry hits so that’s a plus as well.

Vapor Quality: The vapor from the Phix pods is flavorful but also a little lighter than what you get in other e-cigs and e-liquids. I liked the gentle flavors, but if you are used to more intense flavors that hit you instantly, then you might be a little disappointed. The Phix pods use nicotine salts, so they have a strong throat hit, which makes them more suitable for mouth to lung vaping.

The nicotine hit is strong, so if you’re not used to high nicotine levels, then you might find the Phix pods a bit too much to handle. The vapor produced by the Phix isn’t too dense, so it is better for discreet vaping than for cloud chasing.

Battery Performance: The Phix battery has a 280 mAh capacity and is good for over two hundred puffs for each charging cycle. That is good for over a full day of regular vaping. Even better, it only takes about forty-five minutes to recharge.

Phix E-cig vs KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL

The JUUL is, of course, one of the most famous—and most infamous—e-cigarette brands in the world. It is also a closed pod system that uses nicotine salts exclusively. However, it has a smaller battery, though it does have a greater variety of flavors. The Rubi is an open pod system, so it can use whatever type of e-liquid you want. It can also vape oil extracts if you wish but bear in mind that it and the JUUL are more expensive than the Phix.

Phix E-cigKandyPens RubiJUUL
Pod SystemClosedOpenClosed
Battery Capacity280 mAh280 mAh200 mAh
Number of Puffs per Charge230250200
WarrantySeven daysLifetimeOne year limited
Price$32 from Vapor DNA$50 from KandyPens$50 from JUUL Vapor

Bottom Line

Phix ecig review
9.1 Total Score
The Phix eCig Review Review Bottom Line

The Phix is one of the more distinctive looking closed pod system e-cigs. It’s also one of the better ones because it is just as easy to use as the competition, but has a more robust battery. It also has more subtle flavors that are like a gentle caress to the throat rather than a solid punch. If you’re into nicotine salts, then the Phix is one of the better e-cigs that you can try.

Who is it for: Anyone who enjoys the combination of a strong nicotine hit and light, gentle flavors. 

Who is it NOT for: Vapers who can’t handle the intensity of the high nicotine levels. Anyone who wants stronger flavors.


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