Pen Simple VS Easy Grinder


PenSimple VS Easy Grinder Comparison↓

When it comes to choosing a new electronic grinder, the Pen Simple ($69 from Amazon) versus the Easy Grinder ($99 from Easy Grinder) is a worthwhile comparison! These are two of the best automatic grinders on the market today. There is no wrong choice, just the choice that is right for you–so consider this advice on making the right one for your automatic grinder needs ;-). Regarding the differences between the two: the PenSimple is an unconventional e-grinder because the grinder component of the device is manual rather than electric; the electric part is actually the dispenser.

The PenSimple as an electronic weed dispenser is a unique feature that makes it a super applicable choice for vaping and rolling joints alike. Just pop your bud into the chamber, grind, and voila! Out it conveniently shoots in its trajectory path. The Pen grinder combines a grinder, storage unit, and dispenser in one convenient device. The PenSimple provides a level of functionality that other electric grinders cannot compete with. This makes it a great choice for vapers who want an all-in-one e-grinder that they can take practically anywhere.

Pen Simple VS Easy Grinder comparison

The Easy Grinder is a true electric grinder that is attractive and extremely practical–and it works as well as the SLX except it’s automatic! It is easy to use and can grind down herb to whatever consistency you need for smoking or popping in your vape. It works quickly–only a few seconds; and once the grinding is complete, the Easy Grinder’s thoughtful design makes it easy to transfer the herb to your vaporizer. The material just emerges simply from the exit point at the base of the grinder.

Pen Simple compared to Easy Grinder

The battery life is good for quite a few sessions before it needs recharging. For those who love electronic grinders and gadgets or simply want to hurry up and smoke as quickly as possible (we understand you), the Easy Grinder is a solid choice. And the best part–the grinder arrives beautifully packaged and in 4 colors: silver, gold, charcoal, and rose gold–so it will match all the other fancy electronic gadgets you’ve got.

Choosing an e-Grinder: Easy Grinder vs PenSimple

Pen Simple VS Easy Grinder egrinder

As for which one to choose, that depends on your priorities. For sheer practicality the PenSimple ($69 from Amazon) is a solid choice because of its multifunctional design and portability. However, the fact that its grinder component is manual rather than electric could be a factor in your decision. The storage and electronic dispensing component are very handy features, however, and do come in to play in various situations. The Easy Grinder ($99 from Easy Grinder) does exactly what it says and if having an electric grinder is your only priority then this is the best choice.

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