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Normally, manual grinders are the way to go if you want the best and most vaporizer-friendly grind, not to mention if you want to catch that super-potent kief. However, the PenSimple (Review | Buy) and the Easy Grinder (Review | Buy) are two electric grinders that aim to show people that they have some desirable features that manual grinders can’t match.

In addition to the expected grinding function, they can both be used for storage and dispensation purposes. That gives them a greater degree of versatility than even the best manual grinders. Of course, versatility is great, but what really matters is the quality of the grind. So, let’s find out which of these is the superior grinder and whether either one is good enough for you to ditch that manual grinder forever.


Pen Simple VS Easy Grinder Design
The Easy Grinder (L) is shorter than the PenSimple (R), but it’s also a little wider. Both are attractive well-constructed devices.

PenSimple – The PenSimple is certainly named correctly since it’s shaped a lot like a pen, albeit a really big one. It’s about seven inches tall and made from high-quality aluminum that makes it pretty durable and scratch-resistant. It’s only available in the gunmetal finish, but it’s a good looking finish, so there shouldn’t be too many complaints about how it looks.

Easy Grinder – The Easy Grinder is a little shorter than the PenSimple but it is a little wider. It also has more of a rectangular shape that allows it to lay on any of its sides without rolling away. One minor quibble is the location of the power button. It’s high up on the device and seems well placed at first.

The problem is that you need to hold the Easy Grinder upside down while it grinds, which means the power button doesn’t feel as comfortable as it does when the device is right side up. The Easy Grinder also comes in a variety of different colors so you can choose a color that matches your personal style. If you have one.

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Herb Capacity

PenSimple – It can hold 0.2 to 0.3 grams of unground herb and 1.2 grams when the herb is ground up.
Easy Grinder – It can accommodate 2.5 grams of ground herb

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Grind Quality

PenSimple VS Easy Grinder Grind Quality
The Easy Grinder (L) produces a more thorough grind than the PenSimple (R) does.

PenSimple – It should be noted that, despite being listed as an electric grinder, the grinding action of the PenSimple is actually manual, it’s the dispensing action that’s automatic. That being said, the grind of the PenSimple is pretty mediocre. That’s because most of the herb gets stuck in the teeth of the grinder, which means that only a small fraction of the herb gets dispensed. That means a lot of it goes wasted.

Plus there is the fact that using the grinder doesn’t feel comfortable because the cover of the grinder is too small. Manual grinders are normally much wider, so you can use your whole hand to twist the grinder back and forth, unlike with the PenSimple where you only use a few fingers. At least it has a knurled surface to help make gripping it a little easier.

Easy Grinder – This one is a true electric grinder and a pretty good one at that. The herb comes out fluffy or powdery depending on how long you hold down the power button, which is another reason why it is so good. You can decide how fine or how dense you want your herb to be by pulsing the power button or by holding it down.

It has a manual mode as well, but it’s not as good as the manual one as you would probably expect. The handle used to twist the grinder back and forth is very small so grinding takes a while and it’s harder to determine the consistency of the herb. The manual mode is more of a bonus or backup mode, so the fact that it isn’t too great isn’t too big of a deal.

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Dispensing Quality

PenSimple and Easy Grinder Dispensing Quality
The PenSimple (R) has a narrower nozzle than the Easy Grinder (L) but the latter allows you to adjust the size of the opening.

PenSimple – This grinder has an electric dispenser so this aspect of it is pretty easy to use. As I stated earlier, only a small smattering of the herb gets ground up which means that only a small amount of it gets dispensed. Nonetheless, the PenSimple has a pretty narrow opening, which makes it easy to dispense the miniscule amount of herb into whatever receptacle you like. That can be anything from a joint to a vaporizer. Just be prepared to grind often and use up a lot of your supply if you want to fill whatever you plan on smoking or vaping from.

Easy Grinder – This grinder has a much wider opening than the PenSimple, but that is offset by the fact that it has a magnetic cover than can swivel out of the way in whatever increment you want. That means the opening can be as wide or as narrow as you need it to be, so you can control how much herb you want to distribute. This makes the Easy Grinder great for use with any type of marijuana paraphernalia. Whether you’re into vapes, bowls, or joints, the Easy Grinder works.

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How to Use


  1. Remove the top and put your herb in the grinding chamber.
  2. Replace the top and twist it back and forth to grind down the herb.
  3. The herb has been fully ground once the motion decreases in resistance.
  4. Press the button to dispense the ground herb into the receptacle of your choosing.

Easy Grinder

Easy Grinder how to use
The Easy Grinder is extremely easy to use whether you use it in the electric mode or the manual mode.

Electric Mode

  1. While holding the device upside down, unscrew the dispensing tip, place your herb in the grinding chamber, and replace the dispensing tip.
  2. Press the power button three times to turn on the device.
  3. Keep the grinder upside down, or sideways, and press the power button intermittently or hold it down to grind the herb to the consistency you desire.
  4. Once you are finished, turn the grinder right side up, slide the magnetic door open, and pour the ground herb into the receptacle of your choice.

Manual Mode

  1. Remove the body—which consists of the battery and motor—from the rest of the device.
  2. Attach the replacement grinder blade to the inside of the top cap.
  3. Attach the cap + grinder to the top of the storage case.
  4. Remove the magnetic dispenser tip, put your herb into the storage case, and reattach the dispenser tip.
  5. Twist the handle on the lid of the cap until the herb is ground down to the consistency you want.
  6. Open the sliding magnetic door, and pour your herb into a receptacle of your choosing.

The Easy Grinder lives up to its name as its the easier grinder to use, at least in electric mode, which is how most people are going to use it. You do have to hold it sideways or upside down as it grinds because the blades don’t reach the bottom of the grinding chamber. It’s not particularly inconvenient, but it is a little counterintuitive at first.

In manual mode, the PenSimple is a little easier to use than the Easy Grinder because it has a slightly wider grip. Of course, this is offset by the fact that the PenSimple only has a manual mode, while the manual mode of the Easy Grinder is just an alternative or secondary mode.

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