PenSimple Grinder Review

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Pen Simple Grinder Review

The Good: Feels solid and well constructed | Holds a decent amount of herb

The Bad: Grinder performance is weak | Only a small amount of herb gets dispensed | Grinder chamber needs to be cleaned after every grind | Too large to be easily portable

The Bottom Line: I was pretty disappointed with the PenSimple even though it’s a great idea. I like the idea of an all-in-one device for grinding, storing, and dispensing but it’s bad at everything but the storage. Stick to a manual grinder instead.

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Kit and Accessories

  • PenSimple Grinder
  • One storage cap
  • One large storage tube + one medium storage tube
  • Loading funnel
  • USB charging cable

Optional Accessories

You can get replacements or extras for all of the various accessories that come with the PenSimple. However, if you want to get something similar but in a smaller package, then you can try the PenSimple Direct. It’s about half the height of the standard PenSimple but without the storage functionality.

Design and Features

PenSimple Design
The PenSimple is constructed from aluminum and feels well made. However, it’s too big to be considered a true portable.

General Design: As the name suggests, the PenSimple is pen-shaped, but it is definitely not pen-sized. It’s a pretty large device, but that’s understandable since it’s meant to be a storage container, as well as a grinder and dispenser. It can hold about 1.2 grams of ground herb and the grinder can accommodate about 0.2 to 0.3 grams of herb. Even though it has three different functions, it is pretty easy and intuitive to use.

Portability: Like I wrote above, the PenSimple is pretty big. At seven inches in height and with a pretty wide girth, it won’t comfortably fit into any pants pockets. If you want to take it with you , then it’s jacket pockets, purses, or backpacks only.

Build Quality: The PenSimple is made from high-quality aluminum and feels pretty solid. It doesn’t look all that impressive, but it feels solid and well-made when you hold it.

How to Use

  1. Remove the top and put your herb in the grinding chamber.
  2. Replace the top and twist it back and forth to grind down the herb.
  3. The herb has been fully ground once the motion decreases in resistance.
  4. Press the button to dispense the ground herb into the receptacle of your choosing.

How it Performs

PenSimple Performance
The grinder of the PenSimple is fairly poor and it dispenses only a small scattering of herb after each grind since a lot of it gets stuck in the chamber.

Despite being a cool idea, the performance of the PenSimple is sub-par for the most part. Most of the ground herb gets stuck in the grinding chamber, so when you dispense, only a small amount of your bud gets released. And I mean a small amount, there’s barely enough there to fill the chamber of even the smallest weed vaporizer.

This also means that the herb chamber is a pain to clean since semi-ground herb gets stuck in the grinding teeth. Of course, this also means that you need to clean it after every use. So let’s run things down: It doesn’t create enough herb to fill a vaporizer chamber, which means that you have to grind multiple times. Plus, you have to clean it after each grind. Does that sound like a useful device to you? I didn’t think so.

PenSimple vs Easy Grinder

The Easy Grinder is another electric grinder that can also store and dispense your weed. You can get a closer look at how these two electric grinders compare to each other in the PenSimple vs Easy Grinder Comparison. For now, here’s a quick summary.

PenSimpleEasy Grinder
Herb Capacity1.2 grams2.5 grams
Grinding ActionManualElectric
Dispensing ActionElectricManual
Price$70 from Amazon$38 from Amazon

Bottom Line

Pen Simple Grinder
6.8 Total Score
PenSimple Review Bottom Line

The PenSimple is a great idea on paper, who wouldn’t want a device that grinds, stores, and dispenses your weed? Unfortunately, the performance on every level is below average. The only thing it is good at is storage, the grinder performance is well below any manual grinder and only a small amount of herb gets dispensed. Unless, you really need the storage, I suggest you stay away.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants a decent sized storage container for their herb. 

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who wants to use it for the other two functions. 


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  1. I used the product and found it entirely useless for its intended use. It’s grinder gums up on even “properly cured” dank. The dispensing system gums up spitting balls of what you can get past the impotent grinder.
    My budget says anything over $60 that doesn’t live up to the hype gets One Star and no recommendation to purchase.

  2. I agree with the comments from Mike here. This unit is really poor. I don’t get the benefit of it given its size and functionality. I was unlucky enough to order one before their production run. Took forever (no problem) then when shipped I had to pay $30 equivalent customs. Have the guys producing it ever heard of global customs I wonder….. I did contact them but they really couldn’t care less. Waste of money. After using it a few times, it is more hassle than using a traditional method. The thing is so huge that you can’t take it out unless you are a girl and carry a hand bag. Pen in the name is so misleading. Be warned – it’s rubbish.

  3. Hi.. I just got my grainder and love it … it help me a lot…
    Thank you very much!!!

  4. The grinder is just OK. It doesn’t really grind down medium sized nugs but smaller nugs are ok. My major concern is that the pen actually stopped working. It doesn’t dispense properly. I have contacted the manufacturing company twice, but they still haven’t got back to me. Very disappointed!!!

  5. The grinder is a great idea if you are vaping as you can direct the contents directly in the device or pipe or paper your using. and the added fact you can store as well as grind. Thinks is pretty neat. 🙂

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