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The PenSimple pulls off the combination of a grinder, storage container, and an electric dispenser for your favorite dry herbs into a sleek, affordable all-around performer. It helps store your ground herbs and when you’re ready to load up a bowl or vape, you can just at the push of a button dispense your herbs neatly and tidily into your device of choice.

Pen Simple Background

The PenSimple electric herb dispenser + grinder ($69.00 from Amazon) allows you to conveniently grind, store, and accurately dispense your favorite ground herbs in a simple pen shaped device. While many people these days are looking for an e-grinder, few have taken on the task of distributing your herbs neatly as well. That’s a tall order for one device to fill, and JAEB Design’s first device is one of the first of its kind–see how it holds up.

Swing by our favorite herb grinders to see how the Pen Simple grinder stacks up against our top picks–both e-grinders and manual ones. Such an innovative grinder like the Pen Simple e-grinder that incorporate several of these chores into one convenient device is sure to join the ranks of our favorite life-simplifying devices 🙂

In the PenSimple Grinder Box

The PenSimple has some really premium packaging which makes the unboxing experience akin to that of an Apple product–it’s nice opening it and definitely sets the mood for the convenience of the product within. Easily ground and distributed buds coming our way.

Pen Simple electric grinder review
The grinder/dispenser is presented on top, with an easy-fill funnel and a USB charging cable included. The quickstart guide will help get things started too.

Cool Features of the PenSimple Electric Herb Dispenser

The Pen grinder attempts to combine three usage scenarios into one intuitive experience, including an herb grinder, a storage container, and an electric dispensing function.

Pen Simple Grinder
Here you can see the PenSimple all field-stripped, showing the individual parts and how you can remove / add certain sections. Also shown is the easy-fill funnel included.

Thus, you can remove the grinder section and load already-ground herbs for easy dispensing. If you are looking for a straight-up, electronic weed grinder that will simply grind up your bud electronically, you may want to check out the Easy Grinder. The Pen Simple, however, incorporates the weed grinding and electronic dispensing mechanism into one device.

PenSimple Grinder Design Features

The Pen Simple grinder, though not a standard electric weed grinder, definitely has innovative features. The Pen Grinder has an intuitive vertical design, and the travel path of the herb from top to bottom makes it pretty intuitive too. It kinds of looks/feels like an oversized novelty pen or pencil in the hand. It’s made out of aluminum and has a nice soft-touch finish on the black paint, which makes it comfortable to grip.

It’s also easy to use with one hand once the herbs are loaded into the grinder / storage chamber. The single button on the lower portion of the electric grinder/dispenser does all the work. There’s also a micro-USB port to the right of the button, which is where you plug in the charging cable that’s included.

The PenSimple is about 7 inches in length by one in in diameter, so it’s not too hard to slip into a backpack or jacket pocket for on-the-go use. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum with its sleek anodized finish, the PenSimple is feels lightweight without feeling cheap or flimsy.

Using the PenSimple Electric Herb Dispenser

The PenSimple has no screens and only one button making it extremely easy to use. Just double-tap the button to turn it on, and a pleasant gentle vibrate will confirm that you turned it on. Likewise, two presses of the button will turn it off again.

Pen Simple cannabis Grinder

To load your herb into the PenSimple, you pull off the magnetic grinder lid at the top and load a few small nugs of your favorite herb, and replace the grinder lid. Gently press down and twist back and forth to grind your herb like you would in any other grinder. It automatically falls into the storage chamber, where it stays until you dispense it.

Pen Simple best Grinder Review

After turning it on, press and hold the single button on the device to dispense the ground herb through the tip of the device, where your finely ground herbs will be ejected. No more sticky herb-finger situations. Also, you can remove the grinder plate to turn it into a storage and electric dispenser, which brings the storage capacity up to about 3 grams from 1 with the grinder.

best grinder for vapes

How well does the PenSimple perform?

Using the PenSimple is easy and fun too. When loading the grinder I stuck to roughly 0.2-0.3 gram sized herb nugs to grind up, any larger and I found that the grinder was a bit tough to turn. But the grinder works well, leaving you consistent and finely ground herbThe storage container in the PenSimple holds roughly 1.0-1.2 grams of ground herb.

I found really convenient having a nozzle for my ground herb so I could easily refill bowls and vape pens, without having to pinch my bud and have it spill around whatever I was trying to put it in, as it always does. While it may not be a true e-grinder, this product definitely has its own space.

best automatic grinder

The battery in the PenSimple is not removable, but you just plug it in with the included cable to charge it like a cell phone. I’m not sure exactly how long the battery lasts, but, it lasted me about 7-8 smoke sessions, where I was reloading my vape a few times before it conked out on me. It’ll definitely last a camping trip or road trip or a night at a friends house type of situation without you needing to bring the charger.

PenSimple Electric Container / Grinder Recap

The Pen Simple really did put all three jobs – Grinder, Storage and Dispenser – all into one convenient, simple device. It feels great in the hand, has a handy grinder, and can store a bit of herb. The dispenser is nifty and kept me from spilling herb everywhere and getting my fingers sticky.

I use it most in those situations, and I find myself using the dispenser function more than the grinder, as to maximize the capacity of ground herb. This is a great grinder–convenient and well-priced for the functionality.

Pen Simple Grinder for weed

Where to buy the PenSimple Grinder?

PenSimple Grinder

Buy the PenSimple Grinder at Amazon--the most trusted e-commerce website in the world

$69 $89

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  1. I used the product and found it entirely useless for its intended use. It’s grinder gums up on even “properly cured” dank. The dispensing system gums up spitting balls of what you can get past the impotent grinder.
    My budget says anything over $60 that doesn’t live up to the hype gets One Star and no recommendation to purchase.

  2. I agree with the comments from Mike here. This unit is really poor. I don’t get the benefit of it given its size and functionality. I was unlucky enough to order one before their production run. Took forever (no problem) then when shipped I had to pay $30 equivalent customs. Have the guys producing it ever heard of global customs I wonder….. I did contact them but they really couldn’t care less. Waste of money. After using it a few times, it is more hassle than using a traditional method. The thing is so huge that you can’t take it out unless you are a girl and carry a hand bag. Pen in the name is so misleading. Be warned – it’s rubbish.

  3. Hi.. I just got my grainder and love it … it help me a lot…
    Thank you very much!!!

  4. The grinder is just OK. It doesn’t really grind down medium sized nugs but smaller nugs are ok. My major concern is that the pen actually stopped working. It doesn’t dispense properly. I have contacted the manufacturing company twice, but they still haven’t got back to me. Very disappointed!!!

  5. The grinder is a great idea if you are vaping as you can direct the contents directly in the device or pipe or paper your using. and the added fact you can store as well as grind. Thinks is pretty neat. 🙂

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