PCKT One Plus Review

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PCKT One Plus Review

The Good: Excellent build quality | Very long battery life | Voltage adjusts to ohm output of the cartridge | Voltage settings are higher than usual | Dual draw mechanism allows you to choose how big you want your hits to be

The Bad: Power button is placed in an inconvenient location | Can only hold carts up to 11.5 mm wide

The Bottom Line: I really like using the PCKT One Plus because of how good it looks and feels. The aluminum construction makes it feel more premium than most other batteries. I also appreciate that I could choose how big I want each hit to be by using the power button. The PCKT One gives me more vaping options than I get from other 510 batteries.

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Kit and Accessories

  • PCKT One Plus
  • Short magnetic adapter
  • Tall magnetic adapter
  • USB charging cable

Compatibility: The PCKT One Plus is compatible with pre-filled CBD and THC cartridges.

Design and Features

PCKT One Plus Design
The PCKT One is pocket-friendly and solidly constructed, but the power button is set too low to be used comfortably.

General Design: Normally, even the best 510 batteries tend to look very similar to each other, but the PCKT One Plus manages to stand out. It has a wide oval shape with no right angles. That gives it a look that is distinct from the more boxy looking batteries. It feels good to hold too, but my main gripe is that the power button is located a little too low on the device. That makes it awkward to use whether you’re turning it on or selecting the temperature.

Adaptable Voltage: The PCKT One Plus is equipped with a RCKT chip that has the ability to read the oHms of your cartridge and give you the right amount of voltage output for your specific cart. Meaning it can go much lower than the 3.7V setting in the low power mode. The 3.7V “temp setting” is just referring to the Maximum output available in low power mode. It’s the same way for the medium and high power modes as well.

This is a nice compromise between having a single voltage setting and a fully adjustable one, and makes the One Plus a great 510 battery for first time vapers who may not know how to choose the right voltage settings.

Ease of Use: Like most conceal vaporizers, it is very easy to use because of the magnetic adapters. However, it is not be able to fit cartridges wider than 11.5 mm in diameter.

Portability: 510 batteries are pretty easy to carry around, but even so, the PCKT One is easier to carry around than most. It is just under four inches tall, so it fits neatly in the palm of your hand, but it has a much slimmer profile than other batteries. So, it slips in and out of the pocket much more easily. However, as with a lot of these conceal vaporizers, there is a little bit of rattling when you use a cart that’s smaller than the chamber.

Build Quality: The PCKT One Plus is CNC (computer numeric control) machined from a solid block of aluminum. That means it only consists of two pieces, the main body and the end plate on the bottom. That type of construction gives the battery an impressive level of solidity. This is easily one of the firmest feeling batteries I’ve ever held.

How to Use

  1. Attach your cartridge to the adapter of your choosing and then slip it into the cartridge chamber.
  2. Press the power button five times to turn on the battery.
  3. Press the power button three times to select the voltage setting.
  4. While holding down the power button, inhale from the mouthpiece. You can also inhale without holding down the button.

Voltage Settings: The voltage setting adjusts to the ohm setting of the cartridge.

Performance and Vapor Quality

PCKT One Plus Performance
The PCKT One Plus has higher voltage settings than most other 510 batteries, so it can give users a potentially more intense vaping experience.

Vaporizer Performance: The PCKT One heats up very quickly and is very easy to use. The magnetic adapters make loading a breeze, so sessions can get started without much delay. The choice to use the button or not also gives you the choice of how big you want your hit to be. Holding down the button gives you a bigger hit, while inhaling without it gives you a more moderate hit. This is a nice option that you don’t get from other 510 batteries.

Vapor Quality: I used this battery with Medix CBD cartridges, as well as a variety of other brands, and I got the full flavor of each cartridge every time. I especially enjoyed the extra customization I got from the voltage selection and the ability to choose how big I want my hits to be. That’s a combination you don’t get from other batteries and it was much appreciated here. The voltage settings go higher than they do with other 510 batteries so this is a great choice for anyone who likes more intense vapor from their cartridges.

Battery Performance: The PCKT One has a 660 mAh battery that lasts and lasts and lasts. Seriously, you could go for up to a week before needing to recharge the battery, so there aren’t any problems there.

PCKT One Plus vs Yocan Uni vs KandyPens C-Box

The Uni and C-Box are two similarly sized vapes with some great features. The UNi has an adjustable shutter that allows it to use wider cartridges without them rattling around in the chamber. It is also the cheapest of the three batteries. The C-Box has the smallest battery here, but it also has four voltage settings, which is more than the other two.

PCKT One PlusYocan UniKandyPens C-Box
Compatible with510 cartridges510 cartridges510 cartridges
Battery Size660 mAh650 mAh390 mAH
Number of Voltage SettingsThreeThreeFour
WarrantyOne yearFifteen daysLifetime
Price$59.95 directly from Pcktvapor$39.99 directly from Yocan$44.95 directly from KandyPens

Bottom Line

PCKT One Plus
9.2 Total Score

The PCKT One Plus is a stylish, sturdy vaporizer that anyone into vaping CBD or THC cartridges will like. Especially those people who like a more intense vaping experience, because it goes to higher voltage levels than most other batteries.

Who is it for: Anyone who likes a stronger vaping experience with their pre-filled cartridges. Vapers who want a tough, well made battery for a reasonable price. 

Who is it NOT for: Vapers who like to use wider cartridges. 


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