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Release date: September 29 2016

pax era review

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The PAX Era is here and it aims to change the game. With THC extracts beoming increasingly popular, PAX is getting in on the action. PAX is known to change the game as the did with the original PAX for herb and with the later JUUL for liquids. The Era will only work with pre-filled cartridges, available in marijuana dispenseries in legal states.

Recommended store: Buy directly from PAX official store.

pax era vaporizer

The new PAX Era is very similar to the JUUL eCig, also made by PAX.

PAX Era just announced!

PAX Labs, which manufactures the most popular vaporizer in recent years (by far), just announced their latest flagship Oil Vaporizer- the PAX Era. Together with the PAX Era, Pax Vapor also announced the PAX 3– a dual-use portable vaporizer. The PAX Era is a Concentrate only Vaporizer that is made to work ONLY with the PAX Era Pods. Pax Era pods will initially be available in Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and California. So to actually use the PAX Era, you will have to have access to a dispensary that sells the PODS. Good news is, that PAX has solid distribution channels and retail locations so if you are located in a legal state, you should be able to buy one.

More about the PAX Era

The Era is the first Vaporizer from PAX, designed specifically for Oils and Extracts. The Era is Temperature controlled, sleek and lightweight. It has an anodized aluminum shell, full-color LED, and supports gestural controls. Just like the JUUL and the PAX 3, the Era is equipped with lip-sensing technology.

More about PAX Era Pods

pax era pods review

PAX Era is only compatible with special Pods, available in marijuana dispensaries in legal states.

So as I mentioned the Pods are expected to be available in Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado and California. The Pods are Leak and Clog-proof and are made using food grade polycarbonate. The Pods “Click” into the PAX Era, and are disposable. Pods are expected to be available in a variety of strengths, flavors, and strain type. This means you can have multiple Pods and quickly change them. The PAX Era takes the successful JUUL concept and brings it life with THC oils. Once again- Pods sell separately.

Bluetooth Enabled

The PAX Era is Bluetooth enabled and can connect to the PAX Vapor App to customize vapor volume, flavor, and temperature settings (down to a single degree!). Users can also customize LED Color themes, access interactive games, and lock / unlock their device. The PAX Vapor App will keep your Era’s firmware up to date with over-the-air updates, making your PAX Era smarter with every firmware release. The Pax Vapor App will be available for iOS and Android on September 29th.

pax era smartphone app

PAX Era comes with a Free Smartphone app, allowing to change device settings.

PAX Era Features:

  • Works only with Era Pods (available in dispensaries). Pods are pre-filled with a variety of THC oils and extracts.
  • Temperature controlled
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Customizable full-color LED interface
  • Bluetooth enabled, Free app
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • Price: $59.99 from PAX Labs.

Note: This is a Preview of the PAX Era. A Full Video review with hands-on usage coming very soon.

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PAX Era Vaporizer

Buying directly from PAX vapor is the safest option and will ensure that you get the full warranty.


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