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The much-anticipated PAX 3 review covers the fine-tuning PAX has implemented to this premium dry herb vaporizer. The PAX 3 may look similar to its predecessor but it was redesigned from the ground up with innovative features and hardware upgrades. The new features include- 15 sec heat up time, smartphone app, and twice the power of the PAX2. The PAX3 is a "dual-use" vaporizer and includes a concentrate oven insert. I especially liked the PAX 3 for Dry Herb, and it impressed me in all aspects. Seems like the Best Vaporizer in the world just got better with the PAX 3. Highly recommended.

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In Depth PAX 3 Review ↓

PAX 3 Background

We are stoked to present the Pax 3 from PAX Vapor – because this dry herb vaporizer sets the industry standard for quality. The Pax 3 vape is a dual use (dry herb and concentrate) portable vaporizer from PAX Labs that was released alongside the PAX Era. PAX Labs, one of the most popular manufacturers of vaporizers, recently released this 3rd generation PAX, a flagship vaporizer that they are well known for. While the PAX has not changed much in appearance, after using the PAX 3 for a few days, I have noticed that PAX Labs has brought back their vaporizer packed with smarter features, an updated design, and better vaping quality.

PAX Labs, one of the most popular manufacturers of vaporizers, recently released this 3rd generation PAX, a flagship vaporizer that they are well known for. While the PAX has not changed much in appearance, after using the PAX 3 for a few days, I have noticed that PAX Labs has brought back their vaporizer packed with smarter features, an updated design, and better vaping quality.

Based on my experience, the PAX 3 is one of the best vaporizers money can buy which I’ll go into detail in this review. The PAX 3 vaporizer currently sells for $275 which you can buy directly from the PAX website. If you are interested in picking up the

If you are interested in picking up the PAX 2, they have recently dropped the price from $280 to $199. The PAX 2 is still a solid vaporizer and is still a good deal at this price.

In this review, we will take a look at the PAX 3 and the accessories it comes with, the various features such as functionality, temperature settings, battery life, portability, cleaning and maintenance, and PAX 3’s newest feature – the PAX Vapor smartphone app which allows you to control temperature settings on the vaporizer.

I’ll also give a quick overview of how to use the PAX 3 with both dry herbs and concentrate and give you my experience of using both. Afterward, I’ll give you my final thoughts on the PAX 3 weed vape and my overall score.

pax 3 vape

PAX 3 Key Features

  • Works with dry herb and concentrate
  • 10-15 seconds heat up time
  • Haptic Feedback (vibration), Lip-Sensing Technology, Internal Accelerometer
  • Smartphone App – free for IOS and Android

The Pax 3 kit comes with:

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer unit
  • 3 Oven lids: half-oven, full-oven, and concentrate insert.
  • 2 Mouthpieces: flat and extended.
  • Charging cable+ magnetic dock
  • Maintenance kit,+ multi-tool+ 3 replacement screens

The PAX 3 kit comes with several accessories such as different mouthpieces and three chamber covers. Out of the box, the PAX 3 is already fitted with the flat mouthpiece that sits flush on the device while there is also a larger mouthpiece that sticks out slightly from the unit. I like the flat mouthpiece; I think it is more convenient to draw from and it looks better on the PAX. It is very discreet as well.

Two of the chamber covers are used for dry herbs – making this a great dry marijuana vaporizer – and one is used for concentrates. The kit also includes a multi-tool for packing your herbs, a cleaning kit, charging cable with magnetic dock, three replacement screens and a replacement ring for the concentrate insert.

The PAX 3 runs the gamut as far as features are concerned: LEDdisplay, haptic feedback, motion detection, and a well-designed smartphone app are just the beginning to this smart device’s capabilities.

pax 3 review

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PAX 3 Chamber Covers

At the bottom of the PAX 3 is an oven or heating chamber. This is where you would insert your dry herbs or concentrate. The PAX 3 comes with three different oven lids or chamber coverstwo are for dry herbs, and one is for concentrate.

  • Dry Herb Oven Lids – The PAX  comes with two different dry herb oven lids. There is the “full oven” and the “half oven.” The difference between the two covers is the thickness of the inserts. The half oven still gives you a great experience even if you are just using a small amount of dry material. The option of full or half oven is ideal as you are able to better control the amount of material you’d like to expend – making the Pax3 a great weed vaporizer. Even when you consider the hefty vape price, you have to take into consideration that the half-oven allows for less material usage, thus greater long-term cannabis conservation.
  • Concentrate Oven Lid – The third oven lid is specifically for concentrates. Attached to the cover is a canister where you would place your concentrate. The bottom of the cover is a little thicker than the dry herb oven lids and does not sit flush with the lower part of the device. When you open up the canister, there will be a space with two air holes where you would place your concentrate. You only need to put a small amount of concentrate into the canister; be careful not to get any wax in or near the air holes. Then, you would close up the cartridge and place the insert inside the oven.

PAX 3 comes with three oven lids: full (herb) oven, half (herb) oven, and concentrates.

The Pax 3 is no replacement for your wax pen, but it is wax + concentrate-compatible.


pax 3 oven lids

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In my opinion the Pax3 works incredibly as a weed vaporizer, and although it can amply accommodate your concentrates, it is not substitution for your oil pen or wax pen. Due to the sleek design however, you can comfortably transport this device to-and-fro, and if you are looking for the best vape for sale–the Pax 3 is a stark competitor for any weed vape or vape pen out there.

PAX 3 Design

Build Quality

As far as build quality, there is not much difference between the PAX 2 and PAX 3. Features such as the heating chamber and the mouthpiece have remained the same across both devices. The only real difference between the PAX 2 and PAX 3 is the finish. Instead of sporting a brushed aluminum finish, it now has a glossy coat. The only downside to changing the PAX 3’s appearance would be that the gloss finish is prone to attracting fingerprints. You are almost guaranteed to print it up straight out of the box.

PAX included a new half-pack lid that lets you get the same vaping experience while using fewer herbs. PAX also added a new cover that is just right for concentrates – a new feature that wasn’t present on the PAX 2. PAX labs have most certainly made an effort to include multi-functionality into the PAX 3. The wax does take a little longer to heat up inside the concentrate insert, and it can require a bit more effort to clean afterward due to stickiness. As I mentioned earlier, this oven lid sticks out slightly from the bottom of the device.


Both the PAX2 and PAX 3 are some of the best portable vaporizers out right now. It’s compact enough to fit in your pocket, and it’s very useful if you want to be discreet with your vaping. A new feature on the PAX 3 is a stealth mode. This mode allows you to have a more “private” vaping experience by dimming the logo light and cooling the oven between draws to reduce the smell. You can also interchange this mode with a low-temperature setting to reduce odor.

Most vaporizers today emit a large cloud of vapor when used and the PAX 3 is a nice change for people who want to be able to control their “detection factor” by vaping in public without drawing attention. In comparing the Pax3’s portability with that of other cannabis vaporizers – like the Firefly 2 – it can be said that the Pax 3 is on another plane in terms of stealth and its inconspicuous nature. While the Firefly 2 outperforms the Pax 3 in efficiency, the Pax 3 is undoubtedly the best stealthy vape for sale on today’s market.


Using the PAX 3 is very easy and user-friendly. On the top of the device in the center of the mouthpiece is the power button. Push it once, and the device will turn on and begin to heat up. The LED will flash purple while it is heating up and once it’s ready, the LED will turn green. To power off the device, push the power button one more time.

Another great thing about the PAX 3 is the convenient magnetic charger that easily snaps in place.

No small micro USBs to plug in the dark. Super convenient.

Pax 3 Charging Unit

Battery Life and Charging Unit

With the PAX 3, PAX has stepped up on battery life by increasing the battery from 3000 mah to 3500 mah. The difference in battery size shows by adding an extra session or two before the battery is depleted. Overall, the average use time (depending on the length of sessions and single/group sessions) is around an hour and a half.

When the unit is completely drained, it takes around 100 minutes for it to charge fully. To see how much battery is remaining, only shake the PAX 3, and it will be displayed on the LEDs. 1 LED is low and 4 LEDS is fully charged.

PAX 3 Performance and Vapor Quality

Dry Herb

Preparing the PAX 3 for dry herb use is relatively easy. First, though, it’s worth mentioning that before you prep your vaporizer, you should invest in a good grinder. You will see a noticeable difference in the quality of your vapes by properly preparing your flower. I have been using the non-stick  SLX Ceramic Grinder for months, and it gets the job done. The movement is smooth even after months of intense use, and I highly recommend it. You can buy it on Amazon for around $60.

Pro-tip: Packing dry herb

When you pack your dry herb, you want to pack it tightly but still allow air flow into the oven. You can do this by using the Multi-Tool that comes with the PAX 3. Keep in mind that you do have two options to use – the half oven and the full oven. The half oven still gives you that unique experience but with less flower. Once you’re done packing the oven, only close it with your oven lid of choice, and your PAX is ready for use.

Dry herb use: Pax 3 versus Firefly 2

PAX vapes have a legendary track record of best in class vapor quality with dry herb, and the PAX 3 is another step in the same direction. Everything from the amount of vapor to the flavor was everything I expected and more. Playing around with the app and the heating profiles provided customized and personalized sessions. PAX 3 won my vote when it comes to performance with dry herb – which is no small feat considering how highly I regard the Firefly vaporizer as a weed vape. Anyone looking for a vape for sale should consider the Pax 3 or the Firefly 2 depending on their needs.

At the end of the session, the herb in the vape’s chamber was completely exhausted, and the vape did an excellent job in extracting the vapor from the bud’s every terpene. Examining the wasted material that I extracted from the oven following the session, I can say that the heat distribution in the oven was even and consistent.

The performance of the PAX 3 with dry herb was ideal and the oven is simple to load, but the experience with concentrates was somewhat lacking.

pax 3 vaporizer review

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To fill the concentrate insert with wax, open the cover of the concentrate canister, and place a little bit of concentrate at the bottom of the piece, right between the air-holes, but making sure no wax goes inside the air-holes. Next, close the lid and insert back into the oven. The concentrate insert is now ready to use.

Next, click the power button to turn the PAX 3 on, and set it to the highest temperature. Once the LEDs are green, and the PAX gently vibrates, it is time to vape.

My Personal Experience using the PAX 3 With Concentrates

When using with concentrates, the PAX 3 performed well, although I was not as impressed as I was from usage with herb. In that respect, the Pax 3 is truly a competitor for best dry herb vaporizer. I was able to produce significant amounts of vapor with concentrates, and the flavor was probably 8.5 out of 10 if I had to rate it, but something just didn’t feel right.

Maybe I got used to using a more powerful vape pen that usually comes standard with ceramic or quartz chambers. Or maybe it is because I was so impressed with its performance as a cannabis vaporizer that I had super high expectations. Again, the performance with concentrate did satisfy me, just did not blow me away.

Pax 2 VS Pax 3 Comparison

There is not much difference between the PAX2 and PAX 3, save a few features. The PAX 3 is slightly taller than the PAX 2, and instead of having a brushed aluminum finish, it comes with a glossy finish. The production of vapor and flavor when using the PAX 3 are similar to the PAX 2, but there is noticeable differences in airflow when drawing and heat distribution. The PAX 3 allows for more even heat distribution with each session. You notice it after cleaning the bowl and see that there is a consistent color across the discarded flower. The airflow has considerably improved allowing for a lighter, smoother draw.

Pictured from left to right are the Crafty, Arizer Solo 2, the DaVinci IQ, Pax 3 – some of the best dry herb vaporizers in the world. 

Arizer Solo 2 vs pax vs crafty vs davinci

Pax 3’s flat design with no protruding pieces makes it the easiest vape to carry in your pocket or purse.

The PAX 3 did get an improvement in battery life with an extra 500mah included bringing it up to 3500mah compared to the 3000mah with the PAX 2. There is also the option of customizing a fifth temperature setting and the integration of the new PAX Vapor smartphone app. The PAX 3 is more expensive than the PAX 2, but if you are looking for cheap vapes and don’t need some of these extra features, you can still grab the PAX 2 for a good price.

PAX Smartphone App

One of my favorite features, which is new for the PAX line, is the PAX Vapor smartphone app. The app is available for free to download on IOS and Android. The app allows you to have more precise control over temperature settings, lets you play games and comes with some unique heating modes for a more well-rounded vaping experience.

The PAX 3 connects to the app through Bluetooth. The app comes with several features such as built-in games, locking your device and manually adjusting the heating temperature of the unit. This can be done by touching the up or down arrows on the app.

The PAX 3’s dedicated smartphone app is one of the smartest there is.

Just connect the Pax 3 to your phone via Bluetooth and shake the device to pair; Pax indicates successful pairing by vibrating.

pax 3 smartphone app

Another feature of the app that adds to the vaping experience are the four predefined heating modes – Boost, Efficiency, Stealth, and Flavor.

  • Boost – For someone who wants a quick session, this heating mode will increase the heating temperature while you draw and will reduce the cooldown time when you are not using the unit.
  • Efficiency – This heating mode will steadily increase the heating temp by 1 degree while you are drawing.
  • Stealth – This mode is ideally for those who want to vape discreetly. This mode dims the light from the logo and dramatically cools down the heating temperature to keep odor reduced.
  • Flavor – This mode helps to preserve the flavor of the herb and to reduce waste. After the unit heats up, every time you take a draw, the temperature will increase rapidly, and once you are done, it will cool down quickly.

PAX 3 Bottom Line

The Pax 3 vaporizer is an overall, really great dry herb vape. It is easy for beginners, and vaping vets will appreciate its user-friendly, intuitive interface and stealthy composition. Pax Vapor turns out classic timeless designs, that are both functional and reliable – as evidenced by the product’s 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Pax 3 is an uncontested competitor for the best overall dry herb vaporizer currently available. The Pax 3’s features make it the ideal gadget to both literally and figuratively pair with your smartphone. It both looks and feels great – and it works like a champ. You won’t actually want to go out without it.

Where to buy the PAX 3

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PAX 3 Vaporizer

Buy directly from PAX Vapor to get the full 10 year warranty.


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        The OP is most likely on point, but the fact remains if you have to pull the screen then it is no longer convenient which is the sole edge of PAX. PAX3 seems like PAX2 with smartphone interactivity and the half-pack/wax addons are afterthoughts from the original product, and not engineered to work in a truly evolutionary fashion. I would argue the keychain packer and half chamber magnetic end-piece are actually worse for the PAX then helpful, I would never attach a blunt object to my keychain that smelled like sour diesel everywhere i went.

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