Pax 3 Artist Series

It seems that Pax just can’t stop improving on something that is already close to perfect. First they gave us the brand new Pax 3 app update that improves functionality. Now they’ve come out with three stylish new laser engraved designs for the Pax 3 and Pax Era. These designs are by the muralist and street artist known as APEXER aka Ricardo Richey, designer and illustrator Jayde Fish, and painter and printmaker Casey Gray. This article gives you all the info about these new designs so keep reading.

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Pax 3 Artist Series

The Pax 3 gets three cool new laser engraved designs


Pax 3 Summary

If you need a quick reminder why this vaporizer is a modern classic, check out the Pax 3 review. You’ll get all the details on this vape’s user friendliness, different vaping options, awesome vapor quality, and stylish looks. Those looks are now a lot more stylish thanks to the new designs, so let’s get into them!

Pax 3 New Designs

These designs are laser engraved onto the front and back of each vaporizer. Laser engraving is great because it produces a permanent, precise design that won’t get smudged or faded. Now let’s take a closer look at each artist’s design.

APEXER aka Ricardo Richey

pax 3 apexer design
APEXER’s diamond inspired design.

This minimalist, diamond-based design is by APEXER, a muralist and street artist from San Francisco. He uses spray paint to create his murals and street art, which have been displayed in San Francisco, various American cities, and across the world. He uses diamond shapes in a lot of his work and that aesthetic has been successfully recreated here.

Jayde Fish

pax 3 jayde fish design
Scrimshaw by Jayde Fish.

If you prefer a design that stands out a little more, there’s “Scrimshaw” by Jayde Fish. This design is inspired by the images ancient mariners would carve onto pieces of bone or ivory and send to their families back home. Her work was recently featured in the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show so the Pax 3 is in rarified company with her design.

She is known for her fluid linework, acute eye for detail, and love of nature. All those qualities are on full display with this design that features different nature-inspired images on the front and back.

Casey Gray

pax 3 casey gray design
Still Life of Flowers by Casey Gray.

“Still Life of Flowers” by Casey Gray is inspired by still life flower paintings of Flemish Baroque artists from the Dutch Golden Age. A brief look at his work will show you that he is really good at painting psychedelic floral-inspired artwork. This design is inspired by his trippy artwork, “Still Life with Flowers No. 35”. Casey Gray is an accomplished artist and his work has been featured in various magazines and exhibited in multiple art galleries.

Pax 3 Artist Series Pricing and Availability

The designs are available for the Pax 3 and Pax Era but only with the matte black color scheme, which is fine because they really pop with that color. They are available now for the following prices:

Matte Black Pax 3 Kit (device only) – $219.99 from Pax Vapor

Matte Black Pax 3 Complete Kit – $269.99 from Pax Vapor

Pax Era – $39.99 from Pax Vapor

Final Thoughts

The Pax 3 is already on our list of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers and if we had a list of Most Stylish Dry Herb Vapes, they’d be on it too. With the app update and the new designs, the Pax 3 is smarter and more stylish than ever. If you were ever on the fence about the Pax 3, it’s time to get off it because you’re missing out on one of the best vaporizers around.

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